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Panther and his love

Panther and his love



Noah is the youngest and a handsome CEO in the history of the business world. Meanwhile, he is a true workaholic, cold, and ruthless. No one dares to offend him, except Carissa. Carissa is a pretty and spoiled princess. But she has a shortcoming, very carefree and wild. She is the type of girl Noah hates the most. However, her father is a friend of Noah's father. So Noah is assigned to take care of Carissa. So Noah offers Carissa a job and gives her piles of work. Gradually, Noah eventually knows the fact that being cheerful and acting touch is a shield. She uses it to protect herself. Every night she fights with the demons inside her as the horrible night from the past keeps hunting her. Will Noah be able to help her in winning the fight with her own self? And make her love him?
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●Author's Note:

Hello there. I wanted to tell you, this is my first work, I know I am not perfect and I am trying my best to learn. I have edited this book. Still, if you find any kind of flaw than I hope you will understand my mistakes and will highlight them in a positive way. I will improve more in the future. Thank you for reading my book.

Secondly, I have started another book with a title "Caged by the King". Don't forget to try it and please do leave your reviews.●


Noah's introduction:

Noah Whites, 30, is the CEO of White's Empire. He is the world's youngest CEO in corporate history. He began his business career at the age of 18 and was named CEO at the age of 20.

He's really attractive. Black hair, dark eyes, slightly tanned skin with a touch of fairness, and tall at 6.3 feet. Noah is the wealthiest man in the country, and he is one of the top five wealthiest men in the world. He has everything in the palm of his hand. He's a real workaholic who is cold and ruthless. To put it another way, he is the king.

Only hearing his name causes people to break out in a cold sweat.No one would dare to offend him.

Every girl desires him. A sought-after qualifying bachelor. However, he has no desire to marry.

Carissa's introduction:

Carissa Zak is the daughter of a business owner. She is 26-year-old daughter.

Her father is also well-known in the real estate industry. They have real estate all over the world.

She is not as wealthy as Noah, but she comes from a prominent family in the region.

Mr. Nathan, her father, is a close friend of Mr. Adam

Noah's father


Carissa is stunning.

Fair skin, short black hair that reaches her shoulders, taller than most of the girls, green eyes, and rosy pink lips.

However, she has a short coming, and she is really carefree and wild.

Noah despises this kind of girl the most. She is the princess who has been spoiled.

At white’s residence:

Noah was sitting in the living room, watching the television, when his father arrived.

“Noah, I have something to talk to you about.”

“What exactly is it?”

His gaze was still fixed on the television.

“Nathan would like you to do anything for him.”

“Why?” he asked his father for the first time.

Isn't he capable of doing it himself?”

“He shouldn't be asking you if he should do it himself.”

“I am amused to know that there is something that he cannot do,” Noah smirked.

Well what is it?”

“Do you know his daughter?”

Something raced through his mind when his father mentioned Mr. Nathan's daughter.

His face darkened and became cold.

He actually met her a year ago. Mr. Nathan invited Noah to a party at his home.

He was hesitant to go at first, but his father persuaded him to go, so he eventually caved and attended the party.

Noah dislikes parties and crowded areas so he prefers to maintain a low profile.

He was bored at the party, so he went to the garden to get some fresh air. He was taking a leisurely walk when he noticed something funny.

She was climbing the wall and fleeing the home.

Noah doesn't meddle in other people's affairs, but he couldn't help but wonder what she was up to.

“Where are you going?” he asked from behind in a deep voice.

Carissa turned to face him, he was shocked for a moment, and her face turned pale.

Her eyes widened. Carissa felt she was committing a great crime because everyone was busy at the party and no one would notice her.

She had no idea she'd be caught by a ghost.

“Why does it matter to you?” she reasoned.

Noah smiled and nodded, "it doesn't bother me, but I think it would have a big effect on you if I tell your family."

Yes, once her family finds out, they will lock her up and never let her out.

Carissa told her father last time that she would never do anything like this again.

Otherwise, they are free to do whatever they want with her.

Carissa tried to keep her word, but her adventurous nature won.

Her mates were going skydiving in Dubai.

She hadn't done it in a long time, but it was so much fun that she decided to do it again.

Finally, she decided and was off to Dubai to go skydiving.

She had no intention of telling him where she was headed.

“You definitely live up to your name.”

She was squatting against the wall when she spoke. The wall was fenced in, and the blades were hurting her; her pants were torn in many places, and he could see the bloody stains on her clothing.

She, on the other hand, was unconcerned about them.

“And what is it?” he asked, his eyes narrowed.

“So, there is something the mighty CEO Noah does not know,” she exclaimed.

She laughed again, "Find it on your own, it's your homework."

It will not be difficult for you to locate it.

I'll ask you when I'll be back.”

She winked at him and looked at her wristwatch, saying, "I'm running late."

“Goodbye, Panther.”

She jumped outside, waving her hand at him.

She has effectively irritated him.

Carissa understands that he is a very proud man, and that hurting his ego was the best way to conquer this challenge.

The air around him began to frost.

His secretary, Aaron arrived and looked at his boss's face, sweat began to drip from his brow.

Everything had gone horribly wrong.

His instincts told him.

“Aaron, what do people call me?” Noah asked his secretary.

‘What in the world is this?'

Aaron pondered.

Why is he asking him such a question?

If he tells Noah, he will be killed right then and there.

How does he deal with this crisis?

He was racking his brain at breakneck speed.

Maybe it was a smart idea to tell him something he already knew.

Aaron had to take a chance.

“Boss, you're a little stone-hearted.”

His voice was barely audible.

Noah glared at him, saying, "If I ever find out you gave me the wrong answer, I will give you to Snake Island in Brazil."

Then he took long steps forward.

Aaron's legs gave out.

It's the most dangerous spot on the planet.

teeming with venomous snakes

A one-square-kilometer area is home to nearly five snakes.

Despite the fact that the Brazilian government has banned tourists, Noah will take him there.

It really is the end of his life.

He sighed and trailed behind him.