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Finally Found You.

Finally Found You.

Author:Iqra Mohammad


Lisa Mathew worked as a receptionist in a 3-star hotel. She cherished this job very much as a widow with a six-year-old son. One day, she met a dashing hot guest named Augustus Carlos. She didn't recognize that he was the new boss of their hotel. All her colleagues believed she had annoyed their new big boss and would be fired. But Augustus weirdly forgave her and promoted her as the vice manager?! More astonishing, the man said he had a secret crush on her for over six months and proposed. But she had never met him before! She should refuse, but her mouth had already spoken yes...
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It’s the start of the month of October. It’s usually warm in the daytime and cold at night in Rome, Italy. A beautiful woman with a height of 5’9 ft was jogging in Villa Ada Park. She used to come here since her husband died and her life became a mess.

She kept herself locked and started to get depressed. When her best friend, Sasha saw her like this, she took her to Villa Ada Park to cheer her on and encourage her to start her life again.

Not for her but for her son. Then, she started to walk in that park every morning and slowly her mind started getting clear and she started to look for a job.

As she was young when she got married. She didn’t have any qualifications to apply for a job. But, by her appearance, she looked well qualified. The way she spoke to people impressed them immediately.

She didn’t have any choice for a job so she applied to be a receptionist in many hotels, restaurants, and parlors. She was not really confident about getting a job. But, one day out of the blue, after a month of her interview. She has been called from a Hotel named Hotel Colosseum, a 3-star hotel. Asking her to start the job as a receptionist.

It was totally unexpected for her, she said yes immediately and started her job as a receptionist, two months ago. It was not a big salary but at least she has taken the first step towards her new life.

As usual, she was jogging in high spirits without noticing a powerful gaze on her. For the last 3 months, that gaze was constantly on her. But she never looked at him as if he’s invisible to her.

He had been exercising in this park for a long time. But, nobody was able to get his attention except her.

When he first saw her, she was so skinny, pale, and looked pitiful sitting on a bench, thinking of something and crying for half an hour. He used to see her crying quietly but never tried to console her.

He wanted her to come over from it. And one day, he saw her walking instead of sitting at her regular place. She was walking with headphones on, still not interacting with people. But at least, she is not crying now.

He used to follow her on walks. As usual, she didn’t notice him at all. After exercise, she turned all sweaty and her skin became red like a tomato. For other women, being sweaty means ugly but she looked more beautiful after being exhausted.

Now, her skin is not pale anymore. It’s getting her color back and though now her body shape is also going back to normal. After finishing her walk, she gets back to her home. And he headed back to his home.

He didn’t follow her after that, he just used to see her in the morning at the park. It’s the main purpose of his coming to this park. He didn’t follow her further nor did he know her name at all.


After Lisa Mathew reached her home, she took shower, ate breakfast, and headed to Hotel in her working clothes. When she reached the hotel, everyone was discussing something and suddenly one of her colleagues pulled her aside and told her shocking news.

“Hey, do you know that the owner of the Hotel was caught red-handed by his wife? She has taken everything from him. He is left with this hotel only and he’s going to sell it to survive. I don’t know if the new owner would bring his own staff or let us continue this job.?”

After listening to it, she got really nervous. It’s just been two months, she started her job and now someone can kick her out just like this.

Just when she was feeling grateful, Life again shows her there is no peace without any hardships.

Just as she was lost in her thoughts, her colleague pulled her back by saying, “See, your newcomer but still you feel disappointed, and what about us.? We have been working for more than 5 years. I swear if they kick us out. We are going to protest about it.” As she said it, another colleague also nodded in agreement.

As Lisa had just started this job, she never gossiped about her colleague. And never got herself in the workplace politics. She managed an apologetic smile to her colleagues and went straight to her desk. Till afternoon, she did her work ignoring the gossip around her.

While she was working her head down, a man tapped into the desk. She looked up and saw a man wearing a black colored suit and black sunglasses looking like a spy or serial killer.

“Hello.! How can I help you.?” She asked politely.

“Hello.! I forget my card inside the presidential suite. Can I get another one.?” He asked with a straight face.

She searched in her computer for a presidential suite to verify the man before handing the key. She saw that it was booked by the name of Augustus Carlos.

So, she asked him, “Are you Mr. Augustus Carlos.?”

He replied, “No”

She said, “I’m sorry sir, the suite is booked by the name of Augustus Carlos. I can only hand him the card, not anyone else except him.”

“What.?” The man got angry and shocked. “Do you know who I am.?” He asked.

Lisa gave him a polite smile and said calmly, “Sorry sir, Rules Policy.”

While the man was staring at her, a hand approached from behind him calmly said in a low voice, “Go, I’ll handle this.”

Lester saw his boss and a look of fear appeared on his face. He tried to apologize to him because that Stupid woman is not handing him the card. His boss would think of him as a useless man, who couldn’t even bring a room card for him.

He ignored Lester and stood in front of the desk. “Hello.! I am Augustus Carlos.”

Lisa looked at him from her screen. His face looked mixed-race, she couldn’t tell if he was Italian or AmAugustusan. His body looked well built in his three-piece dark blue suit, long legs, and cheetah-like physique. He was about 6’3 ft tall. He was wearing blue-colored branded glasses in which she can see her face.

After taking a close look at him, she asked. “Hello.! Mr. Augustus can I see your i.d please.?”

Augustus looked at her with admiration and there was a slight light in his eyes, he immediately thought of something and said, “Well, I forgot my i.d in my room with my card.”

“Sorry sir, Rules Policy. I need to see your ID. `` She said apologetically.

“Why do you think I would pretend to be Mr. Augustus Carlos.?” He asked curiously.

“I don’t know, sir,” Lisa said.

“Maybe he is a famous man. What do you think.? Ms. Lisa Mathew.?” He asked teasingly.

“Sir, I can’t comment on this. It's a rules policy even if a man is famous or not I have to follow the policy.” She said in a serious professional tone.

“How about this? You come with me and I’ll show you my i.d card I left in my room.” He offered.

She hesitated then said, “Ok sir.”


As he was about to enter the lift. He signaled Lester not to follow. Lester stopped and turned away from the elevator. After the door closed, Lester said to himself,

“What’s wrong with the boss.? Just now when he told me he forgot his card. He was so angry. Before stepping out of the car, he had sent me to bring the key and now suddenly his mood changed. And he’s happily heading in the elevator with the receptionist when he can call the manager for a card and get her fired.”

He scratched his head and looked at the front desk astonishingly.

In The Lift

Augustus glanced at Lisa and asked, “Are you new here.?”

“Yes, it started two months ago.” She replied.

He nodded, “I see.”

On the tenth floor, the elevator door opened. Lisa indicated him to go to the left side with her, he followed. She swiped the car and let him in. He went inside and took out his wallet from his coat and took out his ID with a smile. He has never felt so happy by seeing his ID.

Clearly, he was lying to her so that he could spend more time with her. He showed her the ID, she got satisfied and smiled, “Have a nice stay.”

When she turned around, suddenly her manager came up with a bouquet of flowers in his hand and said, “Mr. Carlos, my apology. She is new here and she didn’t know about you. Please forgive her, she won’t do it again.” Giving her a hard glare.

She knew this kind of glare, she lowered her head and said in a low voice. “I was just following rules policy.”

“Mr. Carlos doesn’t need to follow policy.” He said angrily to her.

“Oh..! It’s alright Mr. Corneto. She was doing her duty. By the way, I’m impressed by her.” Augustus interrupted and then stretched his hand and said, “Hope we’ll meet soon, Lisa Mathew.”

Lisa stared at his hand for a moment. Then her manager elbowed her and she shook his hand apologetically.

After bidding goodbye, Augustus leaned on the sofa and smiled. “I Finally Found You, Lisa.”