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Connected by love but separated by fate

Connected by love but separated by fate



When she thought he was the one to whom she’s gonna spend her whole life, a decision of him make her life a disaster. Bella Smith was a girl who was afraid of nothing but she fell in love with a guy whom she will never forget her whole life even if he make her life a joke. Jay was Bella’s first love. He left her because of his family. First love?? True love?? All are fake. When people are selfish and full of greed, love means nothing to them.
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  It is a lovely morning with sun shining and bird chirping outside the window. In country A, state S , it is my 1st day. After 5 years of waiting, I finally get the chance to come to country A. Bella and her mother had just came yesterday from country N.

  Bella: “ Good morning Mom and Dad.”

  Gary Smith: “ Good morning sweetheart. Hurry up and eat your breakfast and daddy will take you outside.”

  “ Okay Dad” says Bella with a smiling face as she was excited to see the beautiful places in sate S of country A.

  Within a few minutes she ate her breakfast and gets ready.

  She wears a beautiful blue one piece dress with her high ponytails. She was nor thin nor thick but with a perfect curvy body. She has a pair of black eyes and long black hair. She was 23 years old but everyone says she looks like 18/19 years old, which sometimes make her a little embarrassed. And also everybody says she looks exactly like her father.

  Her mom and dad were waiting for her in the car. The 3 of them started to visit different places. They were enjoying their time and taking lots of pictures. After some hours they finally returned to their home.

  In the evening, her sister and brother-in-law were coming from state A. So Bella and her parents went airport to pick them up.

  Her sister Ann Smith had recently got married to Steve Lee. They both were in the relationship of 10 years. They met in the college and till today they are still together and also recently married. Today they came to state S was because Bella and her mother had came from country N.

  “ Little sister, you have grown up.” Ann says while hugging Bella.

  Bella: “ And you are quite happy to get brother-in-law..hehehe..”

  They started to tease each other. Of course siblings are what for.

  Ruby Smith: “ Both of you stop your nonsense and get in the car.”

  “YES MOM” They both replied while giggling. After all mom is mom.

  Few hours later they all gathered in the house and talked many things. After all their family are all together after 4/5 years.

  Next day Bella went out with her sister and brother-in-law. They went to beach side. Bella left them alone to be together for sometime and wander alone in the beach area.

  While she was sightseeing, suddenly a view came infront of her. A view where her past lies. It...It is him. Why is he here?...Bella shiver from seeing the man infront of her. The man who destroyed her happy life. The man who teach her how to love but also leave her in great agony and pain. The man who married another woman to come to country A. His name is Jay Wilson.