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Alice Vega has had a hard life as well as lonely. she doesn't trust anyone really and not easy to get close to right away. Alexander mills is opposite from Alice he has had a great life and hasn't had it to hard however he isn't a brat or anything like that he's a good guy one day Alice gets taken by a spy agencies and Alexander is her trainer and partner smut and dark subjects will be in this book
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Third person pov.

Alice sighed softly as she got ready for school. Her black hair covering her blue eye letting her black eye only be seen. The girl dreaded this say a new school and city. She now life's in California thanks to her jobs it tends to help her. She dressed in combat boots black ripped jeans and a black T-shirt along with her leather jacket she wore a lot mostly to hide scars of her past. She went downstairs and began preparing breakfast. As she did so she heard a sound coming from her living room she stopped cooking and went to the living room only to have her mouth covered and someone try to grab her feet. "come with us miss." A voice said it was deep but also soft. She struggled and kicked one of the people in his crotch Area making him go down with a grunt. "I understand why our boss wants you now..." The guy groaned as two more people come in they helped grab Alice and put her in a limo. She didn't know what was happening but she was in the back of the limo the windows were tinted and her hands where tied up at the moment. Soon they pull up to a tall building and pull Alice in. They didn't seem to try and hurt her of course but she still hated it. Soon they went into a elevator and headed to the very top floor.

Alice's pov.

I look around I'm in a grey office and white. Soon I here the doors open behind me and see a young boy walk in with a older gentleman. "Hello miss Vega." The older gentleman says. He has a couple grey hairs and he is British. He is also in suit. The young boy has brown hair and brown eyes. He's a bit taller then me and is wearing ripped up jeans and a blue t-shirt with Sneakers. "Why am I here what do you want?" I ask. the older gentleman looks at me. "well Vega. I want you to be come a spy." He says. I look At him with a 'what' kinda look. He Chuckles. "Let her hands free." He says. The men that had me let go and untied my hands. I look at the older gentleman. "Your perfect for it and won't need to much training honestly." The older gentleman says. The boy looks at me. "I'll be your partner." He says. I raise my eyebrow and thank for a couple of seconds. "Well I guess so..." I say. The older gentleman smiles. "Great. This is Alexander like he said he'll be your partner." He patted the boy on the back. "Hey I'm Alice." I say. He nods and extends his hand for me to shake which I do so. "nice to meet you partner." He says. "Ok I'm Jerry however you can call me jer." The older gentleman says. I nod and shake his hand. "very well nice to meet you both. You both know my name is alice." I say with a small smile and they nod. "yes." Alexander says. "great so what now?" I ask. "Now Alice we go to train you a bit and see what you can do." Alexander says. I nod. "ok. Well I can use a gun I'm pretty good at hand to hand. I can hax and pick locks as well." I say. Alexander looks at me then at Jerry. "Jer you did exstemly well picking her." Alexander say. Jerry nods and Chuckles. "I am aware Alex. Now go train her and bound your have to understand each other and work together to be good partners." Jerry says. We both nod. 'bounding is not gonna be easy for me.' i think to myself.

Alexanders pov.

She seems interesting. I start walking to the training room with her and look at her. "Ok so this is the training room." I say and open the door revealing a large room with all kinds of work out aquietment and training aquietment. She looks at me and nods. "ok then." She says and takes her leather jacket off. "Great lets begin." I say. She nods.