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My annoying but innocent wife

My annoying but innocent wife



Hated by her stepmother and stepsisters, and also cheated on by her boyfriend and best friend, Serah lost meaning to life and had no one to rely on until Forbes Wesley, the most eligible bachelor and billionaire came along. Forbes, who came in disguise to Serah's family as a poor person to ask for her hand in marriage, got his proposal granted instantly since he was considered as a nobody by them and never in their wildest dreams thought that he will be the well known billionaire and bachelor but later on, her family ended up in regrets once they found out the truth about his identity.
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  “Serah! Serah! Serah! Serah’s stepmother shouted her name. What are you doing up there? Quickly come and wash the plates and tidy up the house” she said. Serah is the only daughter of her mother in the Winston family. Her father married a second woman who treats Serah no differently than a servant, meanwhile he has two daughters from the second woman that are treated totally treated as princesses in the family. The Winston family is neither rich nor poor but they come from the typical average family. Her father, John Winston doesn’t really care about her because before her mother died, they both fell out of love with each other and he clearly developed a hatred for her mother. Serah never knew the real reason for the hatred because her father refused to tell her. No one outside the family ever knew about her existence and identity because she was never recognized as one of the family and she never went out together with her family. As long as the outside world is concerned, the Winston family only has two daughters. Serah just recently graduated from Godfrey university with first class honors. Although she barely has time for herself due to the numerous workloads in the family, she still excelled excellently academically.

  “Father, I want to go and visit my friend Kiara” Serah said. Her father looked at her coldly, “Since when did I start caring for your whereabouts. As long as you come back before night fall to do your chores, I don’t care about what you do outside” he snorted at her and walked out of the living room. Serah sighed in her heart “Well, I’m used to this. I’m not really surprised about the cold treatment”, she thought to herself. Serah went upstairs to get dressed and a few minutes later, she walked out of the house towards her friends’ place.

  Knock! Knock! Knock! On getting to Kiara’s place, Serah knocked continuously on her door but no one answered the door. Serah put her hand inside her handbag to bring out her spare key. Kiara gave her one just in case of emergency. Immediately she opened the door, she started hearing weird sounds coming from the far end of a bedroom. It turned out that the people inside were so engrossed in what they were doing that they didn’t hear someone knocking at the door some moments ago.

  She followed the sound and appeared at the door of a bedroom. She was about to turn around and go back so as not to disturb them in what they were doing but at that moment she heard a sound from Kiara “Yes! Jersey keep going. Yes, baby!” She froze instantly at the spot. She didn’t want to believe what she just heard because Jersey has been her boyfriend for five years since college whom she loved so much. Tears started flowing out of her eyes. She couldn’t believe that her best friend and boyfriend, the two people she cared the most about, could do this to her. In order to make sure that her guess was correct, she quietly opened the door without any sound only to see two very familiar figures entangled in the sheets together. As she was about to close the door back quietly, the door creaked. The two people engrossed in their activity immediately looked up upon the sound. On seeing her, they both immediately separated from each other and quickly dressed up.

  “Serah, it’s not what you think. I…I….” Kiara stammered uncontrollably. “It’s not what I think? Do I look blind to you? Are you suggesting that what I just saw now didn’t really happen but my own imagination? You know, if it was someone else that told me about this, I wouldn’t have believed them because I trusted both of you so much. I just realized that I was a big fool for trusting you both” Serah said coldly. “Okay, yes I admit it. I have always been in love with jersey for a long time but he always only had eyes for you. I’m sorry for my actions but I don’t regret it one bit. I deserve his love more than you because you can’t satisfy him like I do” Kiara replied back.

  “Serah, I’m sorry. I have long been deprived of sex and anytime we want to go further, you always give me an excuse that you want to wait till we get married. I have needs for goodness sake Serah. Please, can you forgive me? Jersey asked smugly. Serah looked at the two people in front of her coldly and turned towards jersey “I don’t give second chances. That you cannot wait until marriage means that you don’t love me enough and I won’t waste my time on someone like you. From today onwards I have nothing to do with you and I hope you never appear in front of me again.” Then she turned towards Kiara “From today onwards he’s yours. You can only take something I no longer have a use for. I will take this as my act of paying you back for all those years of standing by my side. Starting today I no longer owe you and neither do you. We are even”. She walked out coldly after saying that.

  Once outside, she started crying out loudly. Serah held her tears when she was with them because she didn’t want them to think that she was weak. She sat at a corner of the road and cried to her hearts content. After weeping for a long time, she got up from the corner and walked along the road aimlessly like a lost soul. After walking for quite some time, she stopped in front of a restaurant and walked in to order something. Although her family doesn’t like her, her dad sometimes give little sums of money for her upkeep just to compensate her on her mother’s behalf because he once loved her mum. Serah’s mum and dad once loved each other before but all of a sudden her father started hating her and her mother. This is because, her stepmother Chance made her dad believe that her mum loved someone else and was having an affair behind his back which Serah never knew about since no one told her and she was too small at that time to understand. Later on, her mother was alleged to have been involved in a fatal car accident and died on her way going to the man’s house to elope which was an accident arranged totally by Chance though no one knew about it, only her step mother. Since then, her father had been treating her coldly without any care for her and leaving her as a punch bag to her stepsisters and step mother since she was little.