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Love is a short word is very easy to spell,but very difficult to define and so imposibble to live with out. Sypnosis: Willow Serenity Hudson a young heiress of large corporations. A daughter of wealthy businessmen. Top World fashion model but despite these facts she was madly inlove with the man on her dreams. She don't know whats got onto her but she decided to find the man on her real world. She puts an advertisement on Internet to find the mysterious man,she even offered a reward to those who can find him. Maybe she's indeed a crazy woman trying to search the man whose only exist on her dreamland. But she will do anything to find him even if she search the UNIVERSE she will. Until one day she accidentally bump at the man whose physically perfectly fit the description of the man in her dreams but a total three hundred sixty degrees different on his character. Would she take a chance on knowing him? Who she will choose? The man on her DREAMS? The man on her REAL WORLD? or BOTH?
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  Chapter 1: Puzzled Dream

  Willow profusely sweating as she woke up from her slumber. She dreamed again.

  That man.

  She always dream about him. A devilishly handsome man. But she has no idea why that man always appear on her dreams.

  It was like a puzzle pieces of dreams.

  That man appears first on her dream in a heavily rainy night. In her dream they were on the park, walking, holding hands together looking at each other eyes with the smile on their faces. Indeed they were happy.

  From then on she dream about him every night, a dream of happy memories of being together. A puzzle pieces of dream from the moment on how they meet and how they embark the journey of being lovers.

  Actually they were always happy in her dream until one night she dream about the scenes that cause her heart hurt so much.

  That man leave her with out even saying goodbye. With out any explanation why.

  Leaving her alone that cause her to be devastated.

  And the reason why she reach to the point that she tried to kill herself with so much loneliness she felt.

  She woke up feeling empty again. Leaving a hollow in her heart that needs to fill in.

  She felt that her dreams are playing a big part on her future.

  She needs to do something about it.

  She needs to...


  She were so engrossed with her thoughts when she heard her best friend shouting her full name.

  " What?"...

  "Earth to Willow! I am asking you if you are okay? You are profusely sweating did something happen? Are you having nightmares?" Kaylee ask her worriedly.

  " No,no I'm okay. Kay, I dream about him again!"

  " Who? Ah..the mysterious man on your dream? Oh, what about it?" Kaylee willingly asked her.

  " This time he kissed me on my dream. It was so surreal. I felt that it was actually happened." Willow told her with a wondering look.

  " If both of you kissed in your dream, then why are you sweating? Aha! Did something happen more than kissing? Are you having a wet dream? Kaylee were about to laugh.

  " Your gross, am not having a wet dream! Silly! I don't know why am sweating like this. Maybe the air conditioner of this room is broken."

  " Owws, really? And excuse me Willow Serenity, we are in the middle of winter season but you still turned on the aircon because you wanted it..Did you not know that I almost die last night due to hypothermia." Kaylee exageratedly complain.

  "Then why are you still alive? And why are you here in my room? We got a separate rooms right?"

  " I wanted to see you baby, as soon you wake up!"

  " Ewww!!! Don't disgust me, Kaylee Evans.!" Willow throw her a pillow on her face.

  Kaylee let out a laugh heartily.

  " I was just messing with you." Kaylee throw the pillow back at her.

  " Did you sleep here last night?"

  " No!"

  " So, what's with the " I almost died last night due to hypothermia drama?"

  "Ah..Yes,I almost died last night if I stayed in your room for more than an hour. The weather is so chilly outside and yet you still turned on the air-conditioner. You are so weird,my friend!"

  " You know what is the reason behind it right? On that weird behavior of mine."

  "Yes  I know, and it's my fault!" Kaylee sadly answered her.

  "Silly!, It's not your fault! It never was!"

  "No, if I don't leave you alone in the park maybe that kidnapper didn't get you."

  "Kaylee Evans, if you say again that what happened to me on the past was your fault. I will surely blacklisted you as my friend. I will never talk to you anymore,understand?'

  "Your harsh my friend! Okay I get it!I promise not to talk about it anymore."

  Willow just gaze at her with a sad expression on her face.

  "I'm hungry let's go down to have breakfast!" Kaylee lively invited her.

  " I just wash my face and take a bath, you go downstairs first and look for a restaurant. Just beep me where you are."

  " Willow I'm starving right now, you take a bath for an hour. If I wait for you I may collapse from starvation. And then I will be in the news headline tomorrow.. "Kaylee Evans the undoubtedly super sexy runway model died in starvation."

  "You're over acting!, don't you know, I will take a quick bath. I promise now,get out here and find a restaurant." Willow push her friend to the door.

  "Hey, Serenity I will give you thirty minutes okay?"

  "Okay!" Willow smiled and closed the door.

  When she was left alone she couldn't help to reminisce the past. She was only ten years old when she got kidnap by a weird man. At that day she and Kaylee went to park nearby to stroll. Suddenly Kaylee had a stomachache. She decided to ran to her house to relieve herself and just get back after. She was waiting Kaylee on the bench when a strange man come at her. Asking for the help for something, she was so naive at that time that she don't hesitate to go with the man. They stopped at the front of black car. The weird man told her to get inside. She naively obligue the man and slide herself inside the car. Then the man sit inside the driver's seat and gave her a piece of cloth telling her to inhale the scent. After inhaling it she instantly lose her consciousness.

  When she wakes up she slowly open her eyes and find out that she was inside the freezer truck. She forcefully knocked the wall of the truck shouting for help. She was freezing but she tried her best to shout for help. Though she feel exhausted due to shouting asking help, suddenly she felt calmness because of the coldness numbing her body. She smiled and closed her eyes as she drifted herself to sleep.