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New York billionaire Oscar Shawn has been through too much heartbreak and promise not to ever fall in love again as he goes in search of the world deadliest weapon THE CACHE he met Kylie the struggling orphan and just couldn't resist the feeling there he vowed to protect her even with his own life especially from his family.
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  Kaylie woke up that morning feeling inspired despite how well Nicole her best friend tried to discourage her about going for an interview AT COLBY TECH WORLD.

  Kaylie lost her parents when she was sixteen and since then, she has been doing all odd jobs trying to get her only brother Josh through college. She had seen a vacancy for an assistant to the CEO of COLBY TECH WORLD, and despite her low qualification, she was determine to get the job.

  She took a cool shower and dressed in a cooperate black skirt and white shirt, she brushed her hair all back and applied a lipstick on her lips. Kaylie is light skin and could be seen as pretty, her dark eyelid could not go unnoticed and her pink lips could be seen as sexy.

  She took a cab and she stopped right in front of the 40 storey building of COLBY TECH WORLD, she couldn't help but imagine what her life would be like if she became the assistant to the CEO. She would be able to see that Josh her brother gets a decent life, finish college and get a good house where they could both stay until he finally decides to move out. But I guess a girl is permitted to dream.

  When she finally got to the 40th floor where the CEO's office was located she heaved a sigh of fear and walked up to the secretary

  "good morning ma, am here in respect for an interview for the assistant............ "

  "go sit with the others " the secretary exclaimed without even looking at her

  As kaylie sat there with 21 other applicants, she couldn't help but glanced through their resumes, they were all qualified, graduated from respectable institutions but here she was a college drop out, what was she even doing there. She begin to doubt herself as the secretary came forward.

  "because of management of time, it going to be just one interview by the CEO himself and it going to be tough, so get ready"

  "the first applicant can go in"


  as the applicants kept going in,i became really scared, Nicole was right I was not meant to be there, I don't belong here but yet I needed the job badly, cause I don't want my brother to be a drop out just like me.

  "kaylie Marshall!! " the secretary called as I startled up.

  "you are next"

  Her words pierced through my ears like they heard some other meaning, my legs were shaking and so were my hands and yet I took the courage and walked into the office. it was the best place that have ever been to, ranging from the computers to the cushions,to the rogues,to the desk and even the walls were all carefully selected and they were perfect.

  "have a sit! " his voice came through it was only then I noticed him, it was a young and handsome man and yet I was expecting something older and such a young man could handle such a big company, his voice were quite but sharp and authoritative, his face were handsome but the eyes were piercing.

  "are you here for the interview " he ask as I sat down

  "yes sir "

  " Kaylie Marshall, 24years, college drop out, what else can I read from your resume? nothing!! so why are you here? "

  "to get a job as your assistant "

  "then you must be really stupid if there was a flinge of hope for you that you would be employed "

  " am human just like everyother person here in search of a job so why must i be singled out"

  " because you are stupid and lack sense of reasoning, how dare you walk into my office in search of job, now get the hell out of here"

  His voice were calm and yet firece,anyone would tremble at the sound of his voice. I stood up about to leave and then i turn to him,look him in the eyes and spoke.

  "You think those jibirish written in a file are what makes a human qualities, that is why you are miserable and lonely and would remain like that for the rest of your life."

  Not knowing where the courage came from,i stormed out of the office very angry.

  Nicole laughed so hard as i narrated to her the incident of today.

  "I told you!! Oscar colby is a rude bastard and you going there was like wakening the sleeping lion,never to worry a friend of mine just informed me they need a bar tender at their club, i think you should check it out"

  "Maybe i will" i spoke calmly

  "My dad called,he wants to see me tomorrow, so i will be travelling to California tomorrow" she narrated

  " okay. Send my regards to him"

  "Off course i will".

  The next day,as i woke up,i got a text message, it was from COLBY TECH i opened it and it read

  'Congrat you have been offered a job at COLBY TECH WORLD with the post of an assistant to the CEO,you are expected to commence work today being the 13th of july 2020 7am dot,lateness is not condole.

  I jumped out of my bed as i rush to Nicole who was in the shower. As i showed her the text

  " this is a trap don't go" she spoke the moment she finished reading it

  "What if it real,we cant tell untill i go see for myself"

  "And what if the cops are there waiting for you, kaylie you insulted the man and is expecting a job with no qualification come on grow up"

  "He has my address,if he wants to arrests me,he could just send the cops to my house"

  "Okay then,go give it a trial" Nicole spoke as she looks at me with pity,she has always looks at me like that whenever i go find a job and don't get it,i guess it has been like that for eight years now.