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The Healer's Legend

The Healer's Legend


Vann Yip, a wild boy growing up in a mountain village, was raised and taught medical skills by a powerful master since childhood. One day, he went down the mountain to help his master find some medicine, but accidentally scratched the car of a beautiful CEO, named Aurora An. Feeling sorry, he agreed to help cure her grandpa for compensation. Facing everyone's contempt, Vann overcame all odds and succeeded in curing Aurora's grandpa. From then on, with a strong belief in saving more people's lives, Vann began his journey from loser to medical legend. During this process, Aurora, the iceberg CEO, was gradually attracted to Vann. And even a campus belle also fell for him... However, how could a nobody, Vann Yip, attract a bunch of beautiful women? With his magic needles, his extraordinary martial arts? Or with his...
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On the winding road around the Green-leaf Mountain.

Vann Yip was depressed and kept kicking the stones under his feet.

A stone crossed a strange arc and hit a passing car.

Vann heard a harsh braking sound, and a white car suddenly stopped in front of him.

Then, a strong man in a black suit came down and went to the place where the car was smashed by the stone. The white paint came off, revealing the black iron. Obviously, it was the result of the stone's hitting just now.


The strong man suddenly became angry. He glared at Vann with the fire burning in his eyes. And Vann was at a loss.

Vann touched his head and said awkwardly, "Sorry, I didn't mean it."

The logo of the car was four circles holding hands one by one. Vann had seen it in the Green-leaf Sect. At that time, his Master Hanson, who was the junior of his master, told him that it was Audi.

"Boy, do you know how much you will pay for smashing this car?" The strong man said angrily.

"Sorry, sir, I don't know," Vann answered honestly.

"You're still pretending not to know? I'll kill you!" The strong man bristled with anger. Without hearing the explanation, he threw a punch at Vann.

Frowning slightly, Vann slightly leaned to one side and easily avoided the punch.

The strong man was stunned and was about to launch another attack. At that time, a girl got out of the car.

"Pierre, what happened?" The girl was about 20 years old, with her hair tied in a ponytail. She was wearing a khaki shirt and a white skirt, revealing a pair of slender long legs.

At this time, she frowned slightly and looked Vann up and down carefully. It seemed that she was doubtful.

"Miss An, we don't know where this guy came from. He smashed our car!" The strong man pointed at the place where the car was smashed and gnashed his teeth with hatred. As if he 'd eat Vann alive right now.

If it wasn't for Miss An had got off the car, the strong man would have rushed to Vann and beat him until he couldn't take care of himself.

The girl took a look at the car and said, "Pierre, it seems that he didn't do it on purpose. We still have something urgent to do. We should hurry on our journey."

Then, she sighed and expressed her worry. She said to herself, "I don't know if I can find Doctor Loomis on the Green-leaf Mountain this time. If not, my grandpa's illness..."

The strong man comforted her at once and said, "Miss An, Old Master An will be fine."

The girl smiled bitterly and was ready to open the door and get in the car.

"B*stard, you're lucky this time. I hope we won't meet next time!" The strong man glared at Vann and said coldly.

"I advise you not to go. If you go, it will be in vain. Doctor Loomis will not go with you." Feeling sorry for smashing the car, Vann kindly reminded them.

It was coincidental that the "Doctor Loomis" they mentioned was Vann's master.

Dr. Loomis was now taking care of his master Samuel on the mountain, who was also the junior of his master. How could he have time to go to treat the Old Master An?

''Otherwise, he wouldn't let me look for the medicine.'' Vann thought.

Hearing this, both the strong man and the Miss An stopped.

"Boy, do you want to have a fight with me?" The strong man looked angry. "You scratched our Miss An's car, and we didn't claim for indemnity. You should appreciate but not curse that we couldn't find Dr. Loomis?"

"Sir, every word I said is true, and there is absolutely no curse in my words," Vann explained.

"Haha, boy, I can tell that you're here to stir up trouble. It seems that I should teach you a lesson. Then you'll know who I am."

The strong man sneered and attacked Vann again. This time he used all his strength. He was confident that he could knock Vann down with one punch.

''I kindly reminded you. It's okay if you're not grateful, but you shouldn't start the fight." Vann frowned and decided to teach him a lesson.

Therefore, Vann took a step forward and grasped the strong man's wrist as quickly as a flash of lightning. He kicked the strong man's feet as fast as the wind. The strong man screamed and fell to the ground on one knee.

"You're too weak!" Vann said.

Vann snorted and said, "If you are sick, don't fight with others!"

"What... what did you say? Who is weak? Who is sick?" The strong man struggled to get up and widened his eyes. He couldn't believe what he heard just now.

"From your pulse, you are seriously ill. Did you suffer from a serious internal injury when you were young? Besides, you can't sleep at night recently. You have many nightmares, often feel dizzy, often lose your mind, and feel very annoyed? If you have all these symptoms, congratulations, you are already badly ill!"

In fact, Vann had already discovered the problem with his health. After pinching his wrist and checking his pulse, he confirmed the situation more accurately.

The strong man stared at Vann with his eyes wide open, as if Vann was a ghost.

''Yes, he was totally right. He knew me more than myself!'' the strong man thought.

He was sure that he had not told anyone about this, because if he told it to others, he might lose his job, however, Vann knew it just for one sight.

''Vann is a miracle doctor!''

Vann could even know that he had suffered internal injuries before. He must be a miracle doctor!

What he said was d*mn accurate...


"What did he say?"

''I was already badly ill?''


The strong man directly knelt on the ground. He pulled Vann's leg and cried, "Miracle doctor, save me! Please save me!"

"I'm not a miracle doctor. I'm just a wild boy in the mountain!"

"No, you are a miracle doctor. It's all my fault that I can't figure your out, miracle doctor, please save me!" The strong man cried, holding Vann's thigh and refusing to let him go.

Vann shook his head helplessly and said, "Fortunately, your sickness was discovered in time. Months later, there will be no way to cure it. Later, I will prescribe a set of medicine for you. You go to the pharmacy to get the medicine according to it. Keep having it for half a month and you will recover."

"Miracle doctor, will that really work?" the strong man asked.

"Of course, what's the necessity of lying to you?"

Vann explained, "The internal injuries you have suffered before caused the hidden disease. And the hidden disease caused these symptoms. Although you are badly ill, you can still be cured with medicine."

The strong man was so moved that his face was filled with tears. And he even wanted to hug Vann and kiss him.

He had been suffering from the hidden illness all year round. And he had visited all famous doctors, but still not recovered. This time, he came to look for Dr. Loomis with Miss An, and also wanted Dr. Loomis to treat him by the way.

"We didn't find miracle Dr. Loomis, but met another miracle doctor!"

It couldn't be happier!

After leaving the prescription, Vann left at once as if he had met the plague. He didn't want to stop for a moment, so he turned around and went down the mountain!

"Sir, please hold on!"

Vann had just taken two steps when the girl stopped him.

"You still want me to compensate?" Vann turned around and frowned.

"No!" The girl smiled awkwardly. "My name is Aurora An. May I know your name, sir?"

"Vann Yip!"

"Mr. Yip, nice to meet you. I'd like to ask you to treat my grandfather. Can you help me?"

"No! I have something else to do!"

After that, Vann turned around and wanted to leave.

"Savior, you saved me, and please save Old Master An as well." The strong man hugged Vann's thigh again and did not let him leave.

Vann was completely speechless. Curing the disease was different from doing the business.

Seeing that Vann was hesitating, Aurora took the chance and said, "Mr. Yip, you said that you have something to do. How about we drive you to do it? This way, you can be faster. After it is done, you can also help my grandfather check on his illness. What do you think?"

Pierre's attitude was the best proof for Vann's excellent medical skills. How could Aurora let go of such a chance to save her grandfather?

Vann looked at the strong man who hugged his thigh and then looked at the Aurora who was exactly sincere. He hesitated.

Vann was not familiar with Tradicine Province, so it was not easy for him to find medicine. If someone could be his guide, it would be much easier for him.

Moreover, he had smashed the car, so curing her grandfather could be for compensation.

Thinking of this, Vann promised, "My business can't be solved at once, so I'll go with you first. However, if I cure your grandfather, we're even. You can't ask me to make compensation for your car anymore."