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Bullying Daddy's Endless Love

Bullying Daddy's Endless Love


It was said that the president of the Li family was mysterious and cold, and no one had seen his true face. Until the little woman who schemed against him appeared, it was normal for Mr. Li to go shopping with women. He was cold and gentle, and he was definitely a crazy woman who loved his wife. The little baby saw that his mommy was about to be taken away, so he pinched his little waist angrily. "Daddy, do you want to be shameless?" Someone smiled and said, "No one wants to be shameless."
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  "Help my mother, help my mother..." A dazzling light shot over, and she rushed to a car on the road desperately.

  The black Maybach suddenly stopped, and the car just grazed her little body.

  She felt a pain in her body and fainted.

  In the Maybach, the driver turned his head and looked at the handsome young man in the back seat who slowly raised his head from the file. "Young master, it's too dark. I may have bumped into someone."

  Li Lingye stepped out of the car with his long legs and bypassed the car. His eyes fell on the little girl in front of the car. It was estimated that she was only five or six years old. If her little face was not covered with tears, she would be like the little princess in fairy tales, who was delicate and beautiful.

  Looking at the little face, he involuntarily bent over, picked up, and subconsciously curled up into his arms like a kitten. "Save my mother, save my mother..."

  12 years later.

  City T.

  In the magnificent five-star hotel, a luxurious Bentley drove over. When she saw that it was finally a single man who got off the car, she quickly followed him.

  A man in his fifties was a little bald. He was a little old, but it didn't matter if he was white and delicate. He could borrow it.

  "Please come in." The waitress, who was wearing a high-cut cheongsam with big white legs, smiled and made a gesture of inviting the man to come in.

  Bai Jingjing immediately nodded to the waiter, and then walked calmly with the man, as if she was with the man.

  After entering the hotel, the man went to the counter, and Bai Qingwei went straight to the elevator.

  The management of this hotel was very strict. Not everyone could come in.

  So, she could only take advantage of a man to come in.

  She checked and found that Li Lingxuan was living in the presidential suite of this hotel tonight.

  The elevator went straight to the top floor.

  Bai Qingwei opened her backpack, took out a thin iron wire, quietly hooked the key of the presidential suite, and then flashed and walked in.


  As soon as she entered the presidential suite under the dim light in the corridor, she couldn't see anything.

  He could only use his feelings to quietly walk through the living room into the bedroom.

  Bai Jingjing had checked the layout of the hotel's rooms beforehand, so she soon arrived in front of the bed.

  As soon as she got used to the darkness, she saw the silhouette of a figure on the bed.

  His long figure was the same as Li Lingxuan's.

  It was Li Lingxuan.

  It was the Li Lingxuan that she had never seen after saving her 12 years ago.

  Although no one told her that it was Li Lingxuan who saved her, she still remembered his face. In the past few years, she had seen Li Lingxuan many times in the news media, but it was the second time for her to walk into his life.

  Bai Jingjing took a deep breath, and then took out the second tool she prepared tonight, a spray-like device, and the water vapor directly sprayed to Li Lingxuan, who was lying on the bed.

  In the black market, she spent 200 yuan on it.

  It was said that as long as she breathed, she could be sucked into the spray, and then as long as she was public, she would definitely be eaten by beasts.

  Moreover, the drug's effect was not only cruel but also fast. It would definitely take effect in 30 seconds.

  Bai Jingjing raised her hand quickly and quickly began to undress.

  "Li Lingxuan, isn't he going to marry her? Isn't he the one who is going to marry her?"

  Since he dared not marry her, she would sleep with him.

  Since the night she was six years old, the moment he saved her and held her in his arms, her biggest dream in her life was to marry him and give him a child. Unfortunately, he said he didn't know her, and he didn't even see her.

  Then she would come to see him and sleep with him.

  She would not disturb the life he wanted. She just wanted to give birth to a child for him.

  In this life, she only gave birth to his child, and then lived with the child.

  In the hazy darkness, the white skin was particularly eye-catching in the quiet night, clear and beautiful.

  When her white and slender mouth was about to reach the man's lips on the bed, she suddenly felt that her neck was tightened and one of her hands grabbed her neck tightly.