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Urban Peerless Master

Urban Peerless Master


He was a peerless master, the bloodthirsty king of all the dark forces in the world. Respect the master's order to marry the beautiful president. The president's wife was too cold and refused to fulfill her duty. He had no choice but to go out to look for food, such as the Loli campus belle, the teacher of the imperial sister, the hot policewoman, the sweet air stewardess, the glamorous actress... The house was full of red flags, and the colorful flags were fluttering outside!
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  The tip of the tower, the most powerful building in the world, with a distance of 228 meters, was blowing the strong sea breeze. The three people stood still, but they were full of murderous intent.

  One was Gracie, the King of Spear, and the other was a golden gun. They didn't miss anything. They once killed the president of the country in the parade pattern of a country.

  One was Li Qiyue, the Saber King. Ten flying knives were well-deserved. He once destroyed the largest club of a country by himself.

  One was King of Poison Louis, who was good at poisoning and killed invisible people. He once poisoned a group army of a country.

  Suddenly, a young man in his twenties appeared at the tip of the tower. He was handsome and looked at them with a smile. "The top three killers in the world are all here."

  Gracie asked, "Who is our target? The head of which big country? Why do we have to fight together?"

  The young man smiled and said, "Do you still remember? Five years ago, you worked together to deal with an old man here."

  There was a look of shame on Louis's face. "The three of us joined forces and never survived. That old man is the only one."

  "That old man just passed away." The young man showed a mysterious smile. "Now your goal is his disciple, the leader of the Dragon Spirit Squad in Celestial Empire, Dragon God!"

  The three of them shivered at the same time. "You'd better invite another talent. Dragon God is terrible! He's not human at all! He's the top 20 in the killer list, and the other 17 have been killed by him. Only three of us are left!"

  "If you three join hands, you can even defeat his master, let alone him!" The young man smiled innocently. "If you kill him, you can get not only one billion dollars, but also a generous reward from the Central Intelligence Agency and the six departments of the Yin army. What are you hesitating about?"

  The three of them looked at each other and saw greed in each other's eyes. "Where's the target?"

  "It's far away!" The young man made his move. "It's right in front of us!"

  It was too late for the three top killers to react!

  In just three seconds, the top three killers in the world all fell from the Haoran Tower, which was 828 meters high!

  The young man flicked the blood at the tip of his eyebrows and bowed in the direction of Celestial Empire. "Master, I've taken revenge for you!"


  One day later, the young man stood on the highest peak of Jiang City, the capital of the North River of China. On the top of the mountain, there was a newly-built tomb, on which there was written the tomb of Jiang Hai Heaven, a grandmaster of a generation.

  There was still a group of people in front of the tomb, most of whom were important figures on TV. They were all taking off their hats and bowing.

  After worshipping, a middle-aged man came forward and said to the young man, "Lu Chong, the respected teacher has made a great contribution to the country. He should have been buried in the country. However, your great achievements are all related to the country's secret, so you can't be exposed. It's a pity that the highest chief particularly wants to give you the rank of General! The respected teacher relapsed, but you go very peacefully. Please don't change your mind."

  Lu Chong didn't say a word, and his eyes didn't blink for a moment. He looked at the grave, and there were endless thoughts in his eyes.

  Fifteen years ago, Lu Chong, who was five years old, was tricked out of the orphanage by a begging group. Seeing that his hands and feet were about to be broken and he was forced to beg along the street, his master suddenly appeared. "Kid, I see that your bone structure is strange and your bone structure is excellent. You are a martial arts genius that is rare to see in a hundred years..."

  At that time, Lu Chong thought he had met another liar. He didn't expect that Mr. Jiang really taught him martial arts, which was magical internal strength. Mr. Jiang also invited all the top masters in all fields in the world to teach him shooting, blasting, computer, medical skills, gambling, music, car racing, disguise, tracking... After ten years, Lu Chong became the most omnipotent master!

  Before Lu Chong, his master had taken seven disciples. When they were adopted by his master, they were younger and did not remember their own names. His master named them Zhong Xiao, righteousness, etiquette, and wisdom letters according to the traditional Chinese sayings with the surname Long. Only Long Xin was a girl, named Long Xin. Their comprehension ability was very high, but they did not have Lu Chongbo. Except for internal strength, they all focused on practicing one or two fields. After ten years, they all became the top masters in their fields.

  Six years ago, his master asked the eight people to join the most mysterious organization of the Celestial Empire, "Dragon Soul". The Dragon Soul Eight Dragons ruled all the countries and killed more than a hundred hostile killer organizations, mercenary groups, and countless people. The Dragon Soul was the nightmare of all the underground forces in the world. Even the agent organizations, such as the Intelligence Agency, the Intelligence Department of the Intelligence Army, and Mengad, were in awe of the Dragon Soul, especially the Big Boss of the Dragon Soul, "Dragon God", Lu Chong. They were even more terrified after hearing the news.

  For others, Jiang Xiangtian was a strange old man, while for Lu Chong, Mr. Jiang was his only relative in this world!

  However, this crazy and eccentric old man just left. He left so suddenly that Lu Chong didn't even see him for the last time!

  Even if he managed to get rid of the three killers who had ambushed Master and caused Master's hidden illness, it would still be of no help. Master would be gone forever!

  The middle-aged man took out a wooden box and handed it to Lu Chong. "This is what Mr. Jiang left for you. He has his last wish!"

  Lu Chong took over the heavy wooden box, turned to the grave, and said in a low voice, "Master, you can leave without worries! I'll fulfill your wish for you!"

  The middle-aged man asked sternly, "Lu Chong, do you really want to quit the Dragon Soul? The chief said that if you don't quit, you will be granted the military rank of Major General. Think about it, you are only twenty years old. Such a young youth will be unprecedented. You have to cherish it!"

  Lu Chong said firmly, "Please tell Chief Wang to thank him for his kindness, but I've killed too many people over the years and I'm tired of it!"

  Director Wang of the Central Police Station sighed deeply. "Over the years, you have killed more enemies than a group army. It's time to take a break! But there's no need for you to quit!"

  Lu Chong said firmly, "I just want to live a normal life and complete my master's last wish!"

  Seeing that Lu Chong had made up his mind, Director Wang immediately changed his face and said, "Lu Chong! If the Chief hadn't signed and agreed, your formal procedures hadn't been completed. What's more, if your master were alive, he wouldn't allow you to leave the other brothers behind. You are still the core of the Dragon Soul. If you quit, we'll take it as a long vacation!"

  After he said that, he left with the group of big shots, leaving no chance for Lu Chong to refute.

  Lu Chong sighed and opened the wooden box. Apart from a strange piece of black spar, there was only a letter inside.

  After reading the letter, Lu Chong's face changed completely. "Master, is there any master who can trick me like you?"


  The next day, at half past eight in the morning, Lu Chong came to the front of the Heaven Sword Tower located in the downtown of Jiang City.

  Heaven Sword Tower on the 36th floor was shaped like a sharp sword in the sky. The silver curtain was shining like the cold light of a sword under the sun.

  Lu Chong looked at himself in the window of the building. His hair was black and thick, his forehead was full and smooth, his eyebrows were as black as a sword, his eyes were clear and bright, and his nose was tall and straight... Since he could rely on his face to eat, why should he rely on his talent!

  It's too hard to eat relying on the talent of killing people. It's better for him to be a gigolo boy and have a soft meal!

  He was not joking. There was only one last wish from his Master, which was to let Lu Chong marry his granddaughter, Jiang Xueqing.

  Jiang Xueqing was the owner of the Heaven Sword Tower and the president of the Heaven Sword Group, while the Heaven Sword Group was one of the four major business groups in the North River province. It was engaged in mobile phone network and security project, with a market value of more than 10 billion yuan. If it could marry Jiang Xueqing, it would save hundreds of lives from struggling for hundreds of lives!

  If Lu Chong married her, he would come over to treat her as a toy boy!

  Lu Chong was only 20 years old, so it was a long way for him to get married. Besides, he despised the man who ate the soft food very much, but he had to obey his master's order because his master had done him a great favor.

  Lu Chong was walking towards the main entrance of the Heaven Sword Tower when his phone suddenly rang.

  It was Long Xiao, the third-in-command of the Dragon Soul Eight Dragons. He said, "Boss Dragon God, you really want to marry Jiang Xueqing! You have to think about it carefully. Once you enter a rich and powerful family, you will become a passer-by! If you become a burden, you can look at your father-in-law, mother-in-law, and wife's face every day. Don't feel wronged. You are not as free as our brother who kills a girl. Maybe our master is joking with you!"

  Lu Chong knew that it must be Lil Eight, Long Xin, who invaded Jiang City's police monitoring system. The seven guys were laughing at him on the screen.

  He didn't have time to argue with these guys. "I know our master better than you. He didn't make a joke this time..."

  Long San yelled, "Boss, don't think too much about it. If you go one step forward, you'll feel lonely; if you go one step further, you'll be happy..."

  Lu Chong said with a smile, "You're going too far."

  Long Ren laughed and said, "Boss, if you marry Jiang Xueqing, she will be the president of the Heaven Sword Group, and she will be busy every day. Aren't you lonely if you want to guard the empty room alone? Boss, take a step back and turn back. Long Xin is waiting for you to give her happiness!"