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Lifelong Spoiling to You

Lifelong Spoiling to You


She was framed by her sister and lost her family honor. Even her fiancé was also taken away! Xia Xiaoxi swore to revenge! She wanted to make revenge with her best friend. Huh? Who was on the marriage certificate? She married her best friend's uncle Mo Yeting! Who was Mo Yeiting? He was a rich and powerful man! It was said that he was a gay! Who cares! But what if he beat the scum first? But what about the divorce? It should be on the schedule, but Xia Y loved him so much. Didn't he have a crush on her? Didn't he want to
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  In Z City.

  The bar was full of people, as if it was going to lift the roof.

  Under the stimulation of alcohol and music, the indulged men and women became more and more decadent and happy.

  On the bar, Xia Xiaoxi was already drunk, and the continuous noise covered her big voice.

  "Hey! Go to hell! Go to hell with his childhood sweetheart! Go to hell with his fiancee! All scumbags and bitches will die!" Xia Xiaoxi picked up her glass and drank it all.

  Gong Yu Chen, who was next to her, put an arm on her shoulder. "It's okay! Lil Xi, we are married. I will protect you in the future. Oh, no, my husband will protect you in the future! I will help you to beat that b*tch couple to death!"

  Xia Xiaoxi burst out laughing, and suddenly she slapped Yu Chen's face. " Nanfeng, Nanfeng, you said that you wanted to marry me at the age of eight! Don't you know that you will be struck by lightning if you lie too much?"

  Gong Yu Chen picked up Xia Xiaoxi's hand and shook it. "Have you drunk too much? I am not your Nanfeng, I am Gong Yu Chen! I am now your husband! We have just registered, have you forgotten?"

  Xia Xiaoxi rubbed her eyes. "Oh? So it's my little Gong Gong."

  "Don't call me Gong in the future, and you should call me husband, understand? Tomorrow! Tomorrow I'll take you to the b*tch couple and leave their marriage certificate in front of them!"

  "Okay!" Xia Xiaoxi slammed the table.

  Gong Yu Chen still wanted to say something, but his mobile phone in his pocket rang in a hurry, and the screen showed: Big Devil, uncle.

  "Wait a minute, I'll answer the phone." Gong Yu held his mobile phone in a trembling voice and picked it up after several times. "Hello, uncle, uncle, uncle, I'll tell you a piece of good news. I'm married!"

  "Gong Yu Chen, did you drink?" A deep man's voice came from the other end of the phone. "I don't have time to care about you now. Did you take my ID card and return it to me!"

  "What certificate?" Gong Yu Chen answered in a daze.

  "I've drank so much! Where are we now?"

  "Where?" Gong Yu Chen's brain was empty. Seeing that these two people had drunk too much, the little brother was worried that they would make trouble here, so he responded in a hurry, "Sir, this is the Jiuyue Bar."

  Gong Yu Chen giggled. "Did you hear that? It's the Jiuyue Bar!"

  After hanging up the phone, Gong Yu Chen threw his phone on the stage and continued to drink with Xia Xiaoxi.

  Twenty minutes later, several black Rolls-Royce commercial vehicles parked at the door of Jiuyue Bar. The waiters at the door hurriedly came over and opened the door, and a tall figure came out of the car.

  Mo Yeting, the current president of the Sheng Si Group, was also the heir of the Sheng Si Group. In China, the Sheng Si Group was the most powerful one. Mo Yeting was the richest man in the world!

  In many people's eyes, this man was omnipotent.

  A grey windbreaker called him slender, and his handsome face was flawless, which made people want to enjoy it. His deep eyes were so deep that they seemed to be able to capture people's souls. They could not be forgotten at first glance.

  Mo Yeting, who had an emperor's spirit, immediately became the focus of attention as soon as he entered the bar. Many women saw him immediately raise his hormones, but they had no choice but to retreat because of his indifferent aura.

  One of the bodyguards first discovered Gong Yu Chen on the bar counter. "Young master, the young master is there."

  Mo Yeting walked towards the bar and found that Gong Yu Chen was already lying motionless on the bar. There was a girl beside him who was drinking with her back to him. He frowned and gave the bodyguard a wink.

  The two bodyguards immediately went forward to lift Gong Yu Chen up. After being drunk, Gong Yu Chen was taken away by the bodyguards in a daze.

  When Xia Xiaoxi found that Gong Yu Chen was missing, she immediately looked around and looked around. When she turned around, she saw Mo Yeting in a windbreaker.

  His slightly narrowed eyes instantly widened. "How could there be such a man in this world!"

  Her sword-like eyebrows and star-like eyes were deep and bottomless, as if she would fall into his whirlpool if she was not careful. Her facial features were perfect, as if they were carved by an artist.

  "Hey! You! Stop!" Xia Xiaoxi stumbled down from the bar with a goblet in her hand.

  Mo Yeting looked at Xia Xiaoxi, and his eyes, which had not been focused on her, instantly focused on the girl who was staggering toward him.

  That face fell into his eyes.

  There seemed to be some fluctuations in his dark eyes.

  He stood still and looked at the girl coming towards him.

  Xia Xiaoxi leaned on him all of a sudden because she couldn't stand it.

  "You're so handsome. How about you sleep with me for a night?" Xia Xiao'er patted Mo Yeting's face with one hand as she spoke.