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Trapped Her in My Love Maze

Trapped Her in My Love Maze


After a night of chaos, she ate and wiped out the mysterious big shot. She became Mrs. Mu, who everyone envied. He loved his wife in front of others, and he loved his wife in the back... "Mu Yibei, we're getting married. You can't sleep in my bed every day! I want a divorce!" Night exhausted, she finally fought back. The man calmly smiled and quickly pressed her against the corner of the wall. "Okay. sofa, bathroom, balcony... choose one?" Six years later. Baby A: Uncle, I see that there must be a catastrophe in the dark of your glabella. Would you like to make a date with a peach blossom to celebrate? Baby B: You're a beautiful young woman with a hot and beautiful face. Don't miss the chance to play this game again. Mu Yibei's black face: Let's go! Let's go now!
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  It never occurred to Sheng Youran that he would be so drunk.

  No wonder it was the best country hotel in Asia. The wine bottles were full of incomprehensible foreign characters. After drinking for two sips, he began to shake three times in a step, and his feet were like stepping on cotton.

  She covered her rolling stomach and stumbled to the bathroom so that she didn't hear the sound of the door opening.

  "President Mu, this is your room. Tomorrow's schedule has been sent to your assistant. Tonight, you..."

  The flattery was not over yet, and the door slammed shut.

  The handsome man who stepped in looked indifferent, and his black pupils were obviously disgusted with the sound just now.

  As soon as he entered the room, he threw the well-made suit jacket coldly on the sofa.

  As he untied the shirt cuffs, he walked toward the bathroom...

  Sheng Youxian lay on his stomach in front of the toilet bowl for a while. He felt uncomfortable but failed to spit it out.

  There was still a little bit of soberness, which told her that it was best to find a way to dispel the wine immediately. She must not let Xie Haojun see her drunken look.

  This room was very expensive. He must be going to give her a perfect engagement night.

  Feeling dizzy, Sheng Youran got up and was about to push the door open.

  Before her hand touched the doorknob, the door suddenly opened and she missed it.

  A soft body fell into his arms, which made Mu Yibei frown. He pulled out his arm mercilessly and shouted coldly, "Get out!"

  "Ouch!" Sheng Youran let out a "ouch" and slid down along his body.

  The hot breath went all the way down his body, and the man's lower abdomen was provoked to a fire.

  If he hadn't heard her fall to the ground with a thump, he almost planned to kick out the woman who shouldn't have appeared.

  After falling to the ground, Sheng Youran's mind was not clear, but his reaction was quick. He immediately hugged the pair of straight and slender legs under the suit pants.

  She unconsciously put her face against his legs and climbed up little by little, muttering unclearly, "When did there be a pillar outside the bathroom..."

  Mu Ybei's face was very ugly. Before her hand reached out to her raised, he lifted her up and threw her on the carpet outside. "No matter who asked you to come, get out before I come out!"

  After that, he went into the bathroom.

  Sheng Youran shuddered at the cold voice. He thought in a daze, "Is Xie Hao-kun angry?"

  Mu Yi took a cold breath and walked out of the bathroom surrounded by a towel. His feet suddenly stopped.

  "Who sent a woman to my room?" He stared at the sleeping woman on the bed and asked coldly with his mobile phone in his hand.

  The strong pressure made the people on the other side of the phone tremble. "Is Young Master Mu suggesting that they haven't been well taken care of?"

  "Mu, what kind of clothes do you want? I'm sorry we haven't prepared yet. Please give us two, no, no, at most an hour..."

  Not them?

  He said with a disgusted tone, "Get out." Then he hung up the phone.

  Who didn't know what would happen to a woman? What's more, she was a drunkard.

  Then, who was she?

  Mu Yibei picked Sheng Youran up impatiently and intended to throw her out.

  Sheng Youran's head leaned directly against his shoulder, and the feeling of not touching the ground made her feel uncomfortable, so she kicked her legs a few times.

  His lower body suddenly felt cold.

  A bath towel was dropped!

  Mu Yibei lowered his head with a sullen face and saw another pair of long and tender legs entangled with his long bare legs, forming a sharp visual contrast.

  The most damn thing was that she jumped up... after kicking, she hooked it!