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You're So Extraordinary!

You're So Extraordinary!


"Brother Qin, I have a little pain in my chest recently. Please give me another two acupuncture methods!" The charming beautiful president said softly. "Zihao, I'm here. Can you give me a massage?" The pure and gentle campus belle asked shyly. "Brother Qin, why am I not big? You have to cook some tonic for me!" Pointing at her chest, the cute little girl said. When Qin Zihao was possessed by the soul of the drug king who had been asleep for hundreds of years, he found that the beauties around him were rushing toward him. The hot policewoman, the gentle campus belle, and the lovely little girl...
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  "Qin Zihao, you're still asleep. Get up!"

  There was a rapid cry near his ear. Qin Zihao felt that the bench beneath him had been kicked a few times, and then he opened his eyes in a daze. He patted his dizzy head and sat up from the bench in the lobby of the People's Hospital.

  Looking at the white lights and the walls around him and the hurried steps in front of him, Qin Zihao felt dizzy. His eyes, which were usually bright, were now full of confusion. He murmured, "What's going on here? What's this place? This..."

  But before Qin Zihao could think about it carefully, a nurse in white ran over and glanced at him with disdain. She shouted angrily, "There's a seriously injured patient. Get up quickly!"

  Then he muttered to himself, "He's just a small intern with no money. If he hadn't offended Director Xie and caused us to be on the night shift, we wouldn't have been called up in the early morning."

  Qin Zihao stood up and staggered to follow her. However, he didn't put the little nurse's irony in his ears. Instead, his mind was stirred at this moment. The two thoughts blended in his head, making him feel dizzier.

  While Qin Zihao was in a daze, he finally figured out what was going on.

  His original name was Qin Zhong, and his name was Zi Hao. He used to be an ordinary pharmacy boy in ancient times. Later, when he was collecting herbs in the mountains, he accidentally found a special herb. After taking the herbs, he found that his body and mind had been greatly enhanced, and even his life had become much longer.

  As a result, Qin Zhong, who originally had no talent, began to madly learn and absorb many famous medical skills. With his own research, he soon became a famous doctor of a generation, and even was respectfully called "King of Medicine". He founded his own pharmacy, the Hall of Medical Fame, and inherited his own medical skills.

  Later, until the period of the Republic of China of the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, Qin Zhong donated all his savings in that turbulent era. He used his medical skills to resist the enemy to save the country and saved countless civilians and heroes. But in the end, he was unfortunately hit by the enemy in the medical treatment at the front line of the battlefield and died at the very front line of the war.

  Perhaps it was because of the strange herb, Qin Zhong, after death, found that his soul did not disappear, but floated in the ground of his country in a daze. Finally, it fell on the young man named Qin Zihao. He integrated with his soul and woke up in this small hospital.

  As for Qin Zihao, he used to be a senior student in the School of Chinese Medicine of Luo City Medical College. He came here to practice in the People's Hospital of Ling City.

  In school, Qin Zihao was one of the best students in the school. He ranked first in both theoretical knowledge and practical practice. However, he was poor, and he was honest and stubborn. He reacted to many teachers and counselor collecting red envelopes to protect unfair things in the school. As a result, he naturally offended people. So the place of his internship was transferred from the originally selected big hospital in the city to this remote small hospital in the county.

  Maybe it was because of his personality in this small hospital. The chief doctor of the hospital, Xie Youquan, was also unhappy with him. He had made many difficulties to suppress him. Not only did he have to do all kinds of heavy work, but he also often deducted his salary for no reason. He was on the night shift continuously.

  In this way, Qin Zihao, who was originally weak, almost collapsed to the limit under Director Xie's deliberate oppression. He almost died of fatigue. Perhaps it was because of weakness that Qin Zhong's soul attached to him and merged with it, becoming a new Qin Zihao, who had the consciousness of the King of Medicine and the common college students.

  "Hurry up, can you be responsible for what happened to the patient?" Seeing Qin Zihao's movements, the nurse in white in front urged him impatiently.

  At this moment, Qin Zihao, who had completely integrated two kinds of consciousness, was fully awake. He did not care about the attitude of a nurse and quickly followed up.

  Soon, Qin Zihao saw a sick bed in the corridor at the entrance of the operating room. As he approached, he saw a young woman lying on the bed. The woman was dressed in a white dress and looked delicate and gentle. Walking on the street, she was absolutely a beautiful woman who always looked back.

  When Qin Zihao saw the woman's face clearly, he couldn't help but be surprised because it was the campus belle of Luo City Medical University, Su Baiwei, who was lying on the hospital bed at the moment.

  Since he entered the university, Su Baiwei, who had always been the campus belle, was almost the goddess of all the boys in the university. Qin Zihao was no exception. Therefore, he, who had no contact with Su Baiwei, could recognize her in the first place at this moment.

  However, at this time, Su Baiwei's cheeks, which were originally white and ruddy, looked extremely pale. Her eyes were closed and she completely lost consciousness. There was a bruise on her forehead. It seemed that she had been hit by a great force.

  Putting away his chaotic emotions, Qin Zihao quickly stepped forward, grabbed Su Baiwei's slender and cold wrist, and began to diagnose it. This was his instinct as the drug king of the generation.

  At the same time, he asked the little nurse in white next to him in a serious tone, "How did the patient get injured? When did he come in?"

  The nurse was stunned. She didn't expect that Qin Zihao, who was usually called back and forth, dared to talk to her in this way. She suddenly got angry and pouted, "What's your attitude? A little intern, you are calling me back and forth. What kind of awesome doctor do you think you are?"

  Qin Zihao didn't expect that the little nurse would still be angry when her life was in danger. He was immediately angry and shouted in a low voice, "This is a matter of life and death. Don't lose your temper!"

  Unconsciously, the momentum of the drug king of that generation was slightly released, which immediately made the little nurse tremble and feel a sense of oppression. She did not dare to lower her temper and hurriedly whispered, "The patient was sent ten minutes ago. It is said that there was a car accident and hit the head."

  "Where is the patient's family?" Qin Zihao asked, "Director Xie is on duty tonight. Where is he?"

  "The patient's family is calling outside," the young nurse replied, but when she mentioned Director Xie, her tone became somewhat obscure. "Director Xie has something to do and has already called him to inform him."

  "He..." Hearing this, Qin Zihao couldn't help but feel angry. Xie Youquan obviously resigned without permission.

  At this moment, Su Baiwei's body on the hospital bed suddenly trembled, and two bright red blood stains oozed from her nostrils. At this moment, her pale cheeks were completely devoid of blood.

  "Not good!" Qin Zihao also finished feeling the pulse at this moment and got the diagnosis results.

  Su Baiwei was in a coma because of the severe hit on her head and her brain was covered with blood. The blood compressed her brain nerves. If she couldn't be removed in time, she might be killed by the emergency patient.