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Cool Mommy, I Want Kisses

Cool Mommy, I Want Kisses


One night, Germaine Millington came home in disgrace and accidentally heard her bestie call her father "dad", and this filthy family plotted against her together and planned to send her to a notorious domestic abuser’s bed again, just to get the investment! So that night, she was drugged and supposed to be sent to an old man! Fortunately, she went to the wrong room and had a one-night stand with another mysterious man. To run away from this family, she fled the country overnight. But she swore to come back for revenge. Five years later... Germaine came back as the most popular actress with her cute little boy. What? Her former assistant became a "bit actress" and wanted to compete with her? She slapped that vicious girl at the audition without a blink! Well, only that... Why did that handsome CEO who helped her looked exactly like her son?
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A soft round bed in the middle of a dark room.

The repeated sound of heavy breathing resonated across the room.

Germaine Millington was pressed against the center of the round bed by a man. All she could feel was her whole body burning up.

She tried her best to resist him, but her little hand, which was pressing against the man's shoulder, became soft and powerless unknowingly.

Both of their breathing were disordered. Germaine knew what was happening, but she had no strength to move or fight.

By the time everything had ceased, it was already the next day...

Germaine got up slowly. The room was in a mess, and the memories of last night flooded her mind.

On the big messy bed, there was a man with short black hair sleeping with his back facing her. The man's shoulder was very broad and muscular. His muscles were defined. 

Gritting her teeth, Germaine put on her clothes bit by bit feebly...

It was still dawn. 

At the Millington residence.

Germaine held the door and as she walked in, she saw that the lights in the study were still on.

Was her father working all night? Looking down at her weakened body, she held back her tears and wanted to go back to her room quickly, not wanting her family to see her in this manner.

However, before she had gone far, she heard the sound of something breaking in the study.

Then, she heard Mr. Millington roared angrily, "Xavier Group has also stopped investing! D*mn it, has our Millington Group dropped to such low level?"

Germaine picked her finger nervously.  After thinking for a while, she walked over eventually.

Before she entered the room, she noticed that there were a lot of people in the study through the crack of the door. Even Kathleen Luther was in there.

At the thought of the day before, Germaine became furious as she remembered it was Kathleen who asked her out and handed her that glass of wine.

Kathleen was the assistant that her parents arranged for her. She always thought that she and Kathleen, who shared the same birthdate with her, were fated to be good sisters. At least, Germaine treated her as her real sisters.

But now, Kathleen had plotted against her and caused her to end up in this manner.

She had wanted to ask Kathleen about it. Now that the person was in front of her, Germaine was very furious that she wanted to burst into the study.

However, Kathleen suddenly shouted, "Dad, don't be angry. Everything will be fine."


Why did Kathleen call her father, Dad?

Germaine was shocked.

In the study, Mrs. Millington was also persuading her husband, "Didn't you heard what Kathleen said? She has already sent Germaine to Chairman Lee's bed and he has already agreed. As long as Germaine marries him and be his second wife, he will invest in our company. As long as we can overcome this hurdle, our company will be able to recover back to life!"

Mr. Millington had calmed down a little, but he was still dissatisfied. He said, "I'm afraid that Germaine will refuse to get married. You all know that she is very arrogant. How can she be a second wife to a man without a proper identity? Besides, Chairman Lee is in his fifties already and he is a well-known domestic abuser."

Mrs. Millington sneered, "No matter how arrogant she is, it's already a done deal," Mrs. Millington held Kathleen's hand affectionately as she said, "Kathleen is smart. I had been wondering for a long time, although Germaine was clearly born from my belly, but why doesn't she look like me? She even seems to hate me! However, it turns out that she is not my child at all! If it weren't for her biological mother who took the wrong baby, how could I be kept in the dark for nineteen years!"

Kathleen quickly said, "Mom, calm down. I'm back now, aren't I? But I think we'd better make a plan. Germaine is a tough person. I'm afraid she won't agree to marry Chairman Lee. We should think of another plan..." After that, Kathleen looked at Mrs. Millington.

"That's right," Mrs. Millington nodded and said, "Later, your dad and I will go to the hotel personally. Is there any drug left? You'd better feed her more and take her to Chairman Lee's house tomorrow. Lock her up while she is still befuddled!"

In the study, they were happily discussing the big plan after dawn.

Outside the study room, Germaine's body was trembling and she was almost on the verge of collapsing.

Chairman Lee? More than 50 years old? But the back of the man just now was muscular and strong...

Suddenly, with a bang, she accidentally knocked down a vase at the corner of the corridor.

The study quieted down for a moment, and then Kathleen's alarmed voice said, "Who's outside?"

No one answered.

Kathleen walked out of the door and she saw that there was no one outside. However, there was a cat who was sitting in front of the broken vase.

She frowned and turned back to say, "It's the cat that knocked down the vase."

In the room, Germaine was trembling as she looked for her certificate and passport. Then, she made a long-distance call to her good friend who was studying abroad, and the other party picked it up immediately.

"Germaine, isn't it early in the morning over there? Why are you calling me at this hour..." A girl asked.

"Queenie, I'm in a huge problem!" Holding her passport, Germaine's voice was still trembling. She looked at the room where she had lived for nineteen years with tears in her eyes, but at that moment, she felt that the room was like the mouth of a beast, slowly devouring her.

It was morning.

In the earliest flight from Acanon City to Bordeaux in France, Germaine looked out of the airplane window at the shrinking figures of the city and swore to herself...

She would definitely return one day!