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Lovely Days With Mr. CEO

Lovely Days With Mr. CEO


"Sweetheart, come here and let me kiss you." "No, no, I can't do it on the desk..." He was the president of Lu Enterprises, and he was decisive and ruthless. He was called as a cold-faced Shura, but he only doted on a woman deeply and spoiled her. She was shackled by this overbearing man, and she was tortured by him every night. However, after the truth of that year was revealed, Su Yiyan rubbed her sore waist and glared at the man in front of her angrily, "How dare you come to see me!" "If you don't have the courage to meet me, why do you want me to meet you?" Lu Yun raised his eyebrows. “......”
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  Su Yanyan, who had just experienced the process, held her sore waist, and her hand suddenly touched the warm skin.

  With a sudden pause, he felt a chill down his spine.

  The scene of last night's rustling came to his mind.

  Su Hanyan's mind was blank, and her petite body couldn't help trembling.

  Even her lips were white.

  She turned her head stiffly and looked sideways, wanting to see the face of the man beside her at this time.

  However, at this time, he suddenly moved.

  Su Yiyan was so scared that she jumped out of bed and stuck to the bedside. In the darkness, her heart was beating very fast, as if it was going to rush out of her throat.

  The man didn't seem to wake up, he just turned over.

  At this time, her head was in a mess, as if she had been hit by a strand of hair. She suppressed the panic in her heart, and groped in the darkness with her hand, finding her clothes.

  After confirming that it was her clothes, she put them on casually. She moved gently so as not to wake up the man next to her.

  After Su Yiyan put on her clothes, she walked out of the room with her hands on the wall. Her legs were sore and trembling.

  This man didn't know how to control himself at all last night, and he had never stopped asking her for help.

  At this time, Su Yiyan only wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible. As for who the man was, she was so panic that she forgot to see him.

  She left so hastily that she didn't notice that she had left a work card in her room.

  The words "Zheng Shishi" were written on it.

  The corridor of the hotel was luxurious.

  Su Yiyan held the wall engraved with the roses, and her memory was getting clear bit by bit.

  Yesterday, she helped her friend Zheng Shishi take over the class.

  Unexpectedly, she met her younger sister and her classmate together. Her younger sister Su Yun's sister brought a glass of juice for her to drink.

  She continued to work after drinking, but she didn't expect that her body suddenly became very hot and dry, and her head was dizzy. She staggered into a room...

  Then, the rest of the memories went blank.

  Su Hanyan's face also turned a little pale.

  Then, she slept with this strange man.

  Su Yiyan bit her lip and felt a little pain in her brain.


  In the private room of the Dihao Hotel, Lu Yunqian woke up soon after Su Yiyan left.

  The man opened his eyes and looked at the messy and messy marks on the bed with a touch of red. He couldn't help frowning slightly.

  About last night, he only remembered a few sporadic fragments.

  The girl was shy to resist, but he couldn't control himself...

  Her scent was sweet and soft, and the faint fragrance on her body tempted him to sink again and again like poppy.

  Lu Yunqian had no doubt that if she was still lying beside him at this time, even in a state of soberness, he would also be unable to control himself...

  At this time, the phone on one side rang.

  "Boss, where are you now?" The person over there asked carefully.

  "Yesterday, did you drug me?" Lu Yunqian asked in a displeased tone.

  Otherwise, he would not be delirious.

  "Boss, you're wrong. We originally wanted to cheat that guy, but I didn't expect you to drink that glass of wine..." The other party wailed.

  "Ha," Lu Yun said with a sneer, "you'd better pray for your own luck."

  "Oh, don't be so mean, Boss Zi, I'm still not your good buddy..."

  Lu Yunya hung up the phone directly. He looked away and saw the work card falling next to him.

  He picked it up.

  "Zheng Shishi..." The man's magnetic voice was a little coy, and his obsidian-like eyes flashed a smile.