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His Lovely Sweetie

His Lovely Sweetie


On the other hand, outside the room, there was a large number of people. As for the other three, they all knew that they were not from the same sect. They all knew that they were not from the same sect, and they all knew that they were not from the same sect. They all knew that they were not from the same sect, and they were not even from the same sect. They were not even from the same sect. They were not even aware of the fact that they were from the other sects. They had not heard of the three sects. They had all been waiting for
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  It was spring in Country M.

  A grand wedding of the rich and powerful will be held here.

  The bridegroom, Long Yuchen, the prince of the Long Group with a net worth of hundreds of billions, is 26 years old this year, and the bride, Pei Yan, the famous pearl of the Pei family, 20 years old this year, the two powerful families joined hands , It is a sensational international business alliance.

  The wedding was held in the largest church in M Country, and everything was ready.

  At ten o'clock, the wedding was carried out as scheduled. At the top of the church, there was a flower stage built with 99,900 colorful red roses. It was the place where the new people would exchange their vows. The priest was ready.

  As a member of the bridesmaid, Qiao Yiyi was very excited. She walked at the back holding Pei Yan's 6 meters long long long long veil, which made the whole wedding romantic and beautiful.

  When the guests sat down, the scene was quiet, and the wedding music rang out.

  The clean red carpet stretched all the way to the front. On the top stood a man in a classic black suit. His cut-out trousers wrapped his two proud long legs. His tall and straight body was like a medieval prince. His face was as handsome as a sculpted prince and his outline was clear. His straight eyebrows were like swords, his tall nose was like a mountain, and his sexy thin lips were thin.

  His eyes were as bright as black obsidian, and his eyes were as wide as the abyss. He couldn't see the end of the abyss, and he was looking at his bride, with a meaningful smile on his face.

  The six bridesmaids were sending the bride to a place three meters away from the stage. They were all standing in a word next to each other, preparing to pray to the new couple and witness their most sacred moment.

  Pei Yan smiled. In the haze, seeing the man's handsome figure, her final dream was about to succeed.

  She took a deep breath and stood face to face with him.

  On the scene, the wedding ceremony went to the climax.

  Finally, the highly respected priest began to swear in English.

  A holy and blazing sound rang out.

  When he finished reading, he looked at the bride, Pei Yan, and asked, "Miss Pei Yan, would you like to marry Mr. Long Nanchen?"

  Pei Yan did not hesitate at all, and her voice was full of joy. "I'd like to."

  Then, the priest began to read again. He turned to look at the noble man next to him and asked, "Mr. Long, would you like to marry Miss Pei Yan?"

  Everyone was holding their breath, waiting for the two men to exchange their vows.

  At this moment, a male voice with a low magnetic tone like a cello sounded, "I don't want to."

  This sentence, even in English, was enough to make everyone on the scene understand. The next second, all the people present were shocked.

  Pei Yan suddenly lifted her veil and looked at him in shock. "Nanchen, what did you say? You don't want to marry me?"

  Long Shinsheng did not say anything more. He took out the box with the diamond ring from his pocket and sneered, "However, since today is my wedding, I have to complete it! It's just that my bride is another person."

  Like everyone else, Qiao Yiyi was stunned. She covered her mouth with her hands and her bright eyes widened. God, what the hell was the groom going to do? Why didn't he marry Ayan?

  As soon as the groom finished his words, his deep night sky-like eyes swept over the shocked guests, followed, scanned the people around, and finally landed on the side of the bridesmaids and six people. All the bridesmaids couldn't breathe, and all of them were stunned and didn't dare to meet his eyes.

  So did Qiao Yiyi. She didn't understand why the groom looked at the bridesmaids.

  The groom stepped aside with two arrogant long legs and walked towards the bridesmaids step by step with a strong aura.