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True love infinity!

True love infinity!



Young love into eternal love after a lifetime of mistakes. Facing evil and being protected by God. Ins and outs of births and deaths. Break ups and heartaches until finally happiness. From the beginning to the end theres never a dull moment. You are in for a great ride, just hold on its going to be great.
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Navigating through high school, trying to figure out what Tinas young body was trying to tell her. Tina was a 17 years old girl, she's a very plain. She was raised in a devout christian home with very strick parents. Tina was also very naive in the ways of the world. She had never been romantically involded with anyone. So naturally when she started dating Kyle she did not know what to expect. Tina was a virgin and had only ever kissed two guys before Kyle. She really liked him and was very scared of the feeling she had when he kissed her. Their first kiss set her on fire. She had never felt that kind of heat in her body before. It scared Tina to the point, that the only thing she knew to do was push him away. Kyle was 18 years old and very experienced. Tina was approached by one of Kyles previous conquest, Valerie. Valerie told Tina some really bizarre information. She informed Tina that Kyle was hung like a stud horse. Valerie was very obscene with the information. Valerie even went so far to tell Tina that she had previously been with several teen boys and some very grown men and if Tina was really a virgin, she should really reconsider letting Kyle be her first. Tina and Kyle were both seniors in high school so they both had a lot of the same classes. They started dating almost at the beginning of senior year. After the new information Valerie gave Tina, she became very afraid of Kyle she knew she really really liked Kyle, but Tina could not get over what Valerie told her so she never allowed herself to be alone with Kyle again. Little did she know, her heart was was really telling her to stay away. Tinas heart was already taken. She had been best friend with Jack since seventh grade. At that time Tina knew she loved him but she only thought it was a best friend kind of love. Tina and Kyle we doing more and more as far as experimenting. Kyle kissed down her neck and put a hicky on her neck. she was able to hide it from her parents, but not Jack. When he saw the hickey he became very upset. He really could not understand why. So he threatened Tina. Jack told her if he saw that kind of behaviour out of Tina again, he was going straight to her parents. Tinas first thoughts were he is one of her best friends there is no way hes going to tell on her. Also Jack has never been known to be a snitch. So what was his point. Why was he so angry. Why would he threaten her. All these thoughts were going through her mind. Never once did she think it was because he was jealous. So Tina pulled Jack to the side and tried to understand his mood. Jack made up several excuses and finally admitted, I was saving you. Saving me from what. Jack said "I was saving you for myself,"Tina was blowed away. She was also really confused. "WHAT!!!! Jack you are my best friend. Why are you saying this to me"? Jack explained that he was waiting for the right time. He wanted to know that Tina was actually ready for a real relationship. He was also waiting to make sure that Tinas stricked parents would not make it hard on him. Jack said he would rather be Tinas friend than nothing. He knew if he moved to quick that her parents could give him a hard time. So after explaining Tina understood his actions. But now Tina already had a boyfriend who she really like and was very attracted to. Kyle was very popular but not as popular as Jack. Jack had girls falling all over themselves just to be noticed by him. While Kyle was handsome but very skinny and tall. Jack was on the short side, but had the body of a Greek God. Jack had sandy blond hair with blue/green eyes that changed colors according to the clothes he was wearing. He was absolutely gorgeous. Jack knew his goodlooks attracted many girls and also women. Tina always knew that she was not in his league. She never allowed herself to think of him in that way. Tina was a loyal and true friend to him. Thats why he blew her mind when he confessed this to her. She did not know what to do. After Jacks confession he started coming around everyday. Kyle, Tinas current boyfriend stared getting worried. He wanted to know whats going on. Tinas honesty was one of her best qualities. Her stricked parents taught her that lying was a sin. That all liars would have their part in the lake of fire. Tina really feared the wrath of God so she told the truth no matter the outcome. So when Kyle asked her Tina told him that Jack confessed to her that he liked her more than a friend. He wants to have a relationship with me. Kyle grew very angry, so all this time you have told me he was just a friend you have been lying. Tina told him no. She really did not know and only found out after he put the hicky on her neck. Kyle said I want to ask you a question. Do you plan to have sex with me? Tina said I would really like to graduate a virgin. It was January , it seemed like a very long time to May, it was a very long time to wait. Little did Tina know, Kyle had already started seeing someone else. Tina had enough on her plate full trying to navigater her relationship with Jack. She had no clue that Kyle was cheating on her. Tina really like Kyle, but she loved Jack. Once Jack told her his feelings she could not stop thinking about him very differently. She was worried that their friendship would suffer if they did not work out. Jack was very persistant and told her that he knew she was the one and nothing could change his mind. Jack asked Tina do you remember the promise you made me in eighth grade. Tina was clueless. He said you promised your virginity to me. Tina vaguely remember something about this. She had completely forgotten about this promise. Tina laugh and told him I though we were joking around. Jack said do you think I am joking now. He was so serious when he said this she knew he meant it. Tina promised not to have sex with Kyle. The next day when she gets to school Kyle was hugged up with another girl. When he saw Tina he just dropped his head. Kyle knew that Tina was always honest with him. Tina asked him from the start if you start to like someone else just let me know. Kyle seen the look on Tinas face , he knew he betrayed her trust and there would never be another chance for him with her. Deep down Kyle was hoping that Tina would fight for him, he soon found out that she had to much class and dignity to put herself in that situation. Tina looked at him and smiled. She looked at her best friend, Paula and said lets go I'm no mood for a show. So the two best friends left and went to class. Tina told Paula that Kyle just made it easier for her. That the choice was always easy, Kyle had done nothing to get broken up with over. The decision was simple. It was time time to give Jack a chance. Tina always knew she was attracted to Jack. She knew they would be the couple that others envied. So she told him things were over with Kyle. Tina really wanted to give a relationship with Jack a real try. Tinas was thinking about his past. She was thinking about how many different girls he had. He was so experienced and she had none at all. This thought made Tina very nervous. What would he think of her. She knew nothing at all. Tina always knew that she really wanted Jack to be her first.