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I'm His New Love Pet

I'm His New Love Pet


Alice Baker was set up and tied up. She had a one-night-stand with a stranger. She was blindfolded, so she didn’t see his face. All he left was a diamond ring. Misfortunes followed. She was forced to marry the most ruthless and merciless man, Quentin Clark, for her family's business. Two months after her marriage, she found that she was pregnant with that stranger's baby... Alice divorced the husband she had seldom seen and fled the country... She returned two years ago as a photographer. But how came that she kept encountering her ex-husband? Why on earth did she start to work for him? How did she always annoy him? And even though Quentin failed to recognize Alice, he could not help being attracted by her...
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Alice Baker was awakened by the repulsive smell of alcohol around her. She felt that her entire body was weak. It seemed that someone had taken out her bones from her body, making her couldn't use any strength at all.

All of a sudden, stable footfalls came at her step by step and a strong breath that was extremely chilling was getting closer and closer. The room was so oppressive that it seemed that she would suffocate.

She tried hard to open her blurred eyes, only to find that her eyes had been blindfolded!

What was going on?

"Damn it, who tied me up here?"

She stretched out her hands to pull the cloth covering her eyes away. However, when she moved, she found that her hands had been tied to the bed!

All of a sudden, the steady footsteps stopped at the bedside.

The man shook his head because he felt so dizzy after getting drunk, and looked at the woman sent by the guy with his blurred eyes. She only had a short bath towel on her body. Looking at her blindfolded eyes and bound hands, he raised his eyebrows.

He didn't expect that she would be playing a game of imprisonment.

"Who are you?" She struggled to move to the other side out of fear.

She sensed instinctively that the man was standing by the bed and looking at her! An unknown sense of fear spread to every corner of her body, making her extremely frightened!

"Who am I?" He sneered. How could she be lying here naked without knowing who he was?

Because of her twisting, the bath towel on her body fell off slightly. Looking at her panic and timid appearance, he was somewhat interested in her, which was a surprise. There were so many women acting in front of him. However, as for the ones who could act as a pure girl so vividly...

She was the first one!

"Bastard, you'd better let me go! Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude to you!" Alice got up the courage to threaten him angrily.

Who was this man? Was he the one who was staring at her at the birthday party of her junior sister tonight? Ever since she had entered the room, the man who was surrounded by the evil aura and beautiful ladies had been staring at her. Until now, she still remembered that she felt as if she was entangled by a snake amid his gaze!

As his slender and bony fingers slipped lightly on her blindfolded eyes, he spoke in a somewhat bitterly cold tone, "Now that you're laying here naked. Isn't it too pretentious for you to play the trick of making a mistake?"

Under the dim light, only his short and black hair could be vaguely seen. His eyes were sharp and profound. His features were delicate, which seemed to have been carved by God. He exuded a charming, dark, and dangerous aura from the head to toe, making people shudder involuntarily.

Alice turned her head and threw his hand away as she said angrily, "I don't know why I am here! Nobody is playing hard-to-get with you! Let me go!"

Hearing her words, which indicated that she was acting quite hard, he couldn't help but laugh. It probably was because he was driven by the alcohol that he did have been bewitched by this quite special woman tonight.

The next moment, the bath towel on her body was lifted all of a sudden. A chilling coldness blew over her face...

"Ah!" As she was scared, the strange man pressed down on her suddenly. His hard and hot body, which was like a solid rock, made her unable to move at all!

"Bastard! Don't touch me! Get out of here!" She wanted to push him away. However, her hands were tightly tied. Who on earth was this wretched man? Was he the one who had tied her up here?

"It's enough to play hard-to-get once. If you continue doing so, you will look pretentious!" As soon as he finished his sarcastic statement, he broke into her body without any prelude all of a sudden...