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My  Crazy Love for you

My Crazy Love for you



Unexpectedly, he has reached an agreement to murder someone in exchange with a "psycho". Then, he is afraid, scared, threatened. Like, he's addicted or fell in love with that pyscho Collapsed, crazy, mysterious... Please appreciatethis dark and pure, sweet and sadistic story.
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  In a single apartment, Jane Lovely 22 years old and a Junior in a University, facing her laptop in front of her window with a fresh air coming. She was looking through a group chat and noticed a member who keeps sending same texts: "I wanna kill him" in the group.

  She saw a bunny in its profile pic tho she thought it might be just some jokes among the high school girls or it was only rephrasing a quote from a comic.

  She clicked its profile pic and sended a friend request and it immediately approved. The so-called girl texted her: "hi there!"

  She texted back: hello

  "You said I wanna kill her in the group. Do you really wanna do that?" Jane Lovely said out loud while typing through her laptop.

  It texted back: Mmmm, I do

  "Is she an actual person?" Jane Lovely can't help her curiousity though she really wanted to find out.

  The So-Called Girl texted back with a long text message: "She is my dad's mistress. She always beats my Mom when I'm not around. My Mom didn't want me to worry so she has been hiding that from me until I saw bruises around her back and right arm."

  She was in shock but tried to calm down. She really pity this young girl having a hard time with her family at a very young age.

  "That's ridiculous. Does your Dad know about this?" she phrased while typing through the laptop.

  Now it answered: Useless, even if I told him, that old fart doesn't trust me, But I don't care about that. But one day, that woman even tried to climb onto my bed. She's disgusting!

  She was really shock through this kid's situation and also found out that she was talking to a boy. She vcame to her senses again when the boy sended another message to her: "I wanna chop her to pieces. Do you understand how I feel?"

  Hmmm being seduced by a woman... seems like "Hare"

  Is mostly like a man

  She wondered.