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My life is a question

My life is a question



A girl facing lot of problems in her life before and after marriage. How she is coming out from it and leading her life is the story. She born in middle class and variation in love life. Sometimes it will feel good sometimes it will hurt the most.
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In the hospital waiting area, they all heard the sound which is came out from the operation room. Its maternity ward, Susan was half unconscious but heard the newly born GIRL voice crying out loudly. Nurse hurried to the hallway and announced no:206 girl baby was born who’s the attendee please come forward.

Victor rushed in front of her and said politely thanks to all who brought my little angel safely to this world. Nurse smiled at him and he asked is baby and mom doing well!! she said yes. Thank god it’s a relief to hear can I go inside to check on them. Duty nurse replied it will take some time sir for the stitches after that you can go.

Ten minutes have passed.

Victor entered the room and he suddenly noticed the eye-catching thing of the little angel crawling in the cradle. He doesn’t have any words to express his gratitude. When he met with the two big submissive green eyes, shiny skin and pouted tiny thin pink lips. He lifted the little angel, caressed and kissed her in the forehead.

Before he noticed his eyes filled with watery and one droplet fallen on little angel chubby cheeks.

OMG! OMG!!!!.... what to do.

So that little thing felt uneasy but showed a movement of happiness in her face and body. He wiped the tears gently and showed a sigh of relief.

Angel’s mom woke up and wavering a hand at him. He noticed that and rushed to her, he asked in a mild voice “Are you okay” darling. She replied yes. He kissed her thin rosy lips and thanked her for giving him precious little angel. He knows that he is holding his daughter in hands. He brought the little angel near to her and she holds her in one arm for feeding.

One week have passed.

Little angel’s mom’s body trembled once, and she regained the sense of her husband talking about debt money before she admitted in to the hospital. At the time, Her husband entered the room looking at her with a warm smile.

Good morning my angels. We can go to our house today before the evening. She asked what we are going to do about the hospital bills. He replied in mild voice don’t worry darling I will take care of it.

Now Time is half passed 3.

Her Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law is waiting in doorstep for the little angel arrival.

Beep - Beep!

The Car has arrived at the house pathway. He opened the car door and lifted the little angle out with care. When They entered the bedroom and Susan felt that it was a pleasant evening and a pleasant smell.

One little guy arrived with a gentle appearance he is tall for his age. His name is Philip, He showed a tender look and touched little angel’s hand. He shouted in happiness Mom.. Mom.. see our angel is holding my finger big brother Is very happy.

That was the happy moment for them.