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Hey, My Bossy 'Uncle'

Hey, My Bossy 'Uncle'


"On that night six years ago, you ordered someone to kidnap me, didn't you?" The man glared at him and said in a cold tone, "Where is the evidence?" The woman was delicate and playful, fearless. He reached out his hand and took the handsome little girl near him to his front. "Isn't he the best evidence?" The woman raised her eyebrows and her eyes were full of slyness. "Son, do you think he can have such a handsome baby like you?" The little fellow rolled her eyes in disgust and said with a proud face. "This uncle, you don' such a powerful black face. I know that he will not be so good at once." I." I will not talk about him."
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  In Paris, there was a city that made countless people have dreams and ambitions. Whether it was the Sh storms Square, the beautiful Xiangxiu Great Way, or the famous Purte Tower and Louvre, all of them were just a foil to it.

  In the sky, the thunder and lightning thundered, and the heavy rain poured down, adding some horror to this beautiful city.

  At the end of the city, in an abandoned factory, a passionate drama that would appear in movies was happening.

  "Haha... Bitch, didn't you expect that you'll have this day?" An arrogant male voice rang out in the dim space. His eyes locked on his target like a leopard, and he looked like he was determined to obtain it.

  The woman, who was blocked in the way, glared at him coldly and angrily.

  "You b*stard, how dare you drug me!" The woman shouted and her momentum was like a rainbow. When her voice fell, her feet went weak and she leaned against the wall, gasping for breath.

  Lightning and thunder arrived, and the whole space seemed to be daytime in an instant.

  Looking around, it was all black-clothed men who surrounded her tightly. It was a situation where she could not escape even with her wings in her arms.

  The man, who had gained the upper hand, raised his eyebrows and looked at the prey in front of him with satisfaction. He said in a cold tone, "Phantom Diyi, tonight, I will make you kneel down and beg me to satisfy you."

  "In your dreams, I am afraid that you have become a wisp of soul at that time." The woman's body was tightly wrapped by the night-traveling cloak, and she was very graceful.

  Unfortunately, her face was covered by a delicate mask, so no one could see her face.

  "Your tone is not small, but you have to have the ability. Don't forget, what you need now is to be possessed by a man, not to yell at me." The man licked his lips and swallowed his saliva unabashedly. His eyes were staring at her with lust, as if he wanted to strip her naked.

  The woman smiled contemptuously. "K, don't take yourself too seriously. Even if I'm trapped here, you can't touch me at all."

  Before her voice died away, four black shadows rushed over as if they were to prove her words. Before the other party could react, they had been rescued.

  "Damn it, she ran away again. Hurry up and chase her. If you don't cut her off for me, you don't come back." K shouted angrily and kicked his subordinate beside him.

  But it was not easy to catch up with the four shadows of the illusion. Not to mention people, they didn't even see a residual shadow. The speed was amazing, and ordinary people couldn't compare with it.

  "We must get the antidote as soon as possible." In the presidential suite of the hotel, a handsome man glanced at his companion with a serious look.

  "Don't waste time. Except for men, there is no solution to this medicine." Another cold man raised the corners of his mouth slightly, who seemed to be looking forward to a good show.

  "The problem is, which man is worthy of our boss?" This was the only one with a little bit of exposure at the scene, who was out of tune with the other three.

  "Yu, do you have a candidate?" The handsome man turned his eyes to the man who was typing the keyboard.

  "Yes, it's the president of the Xiaoguang Group." Yu said and put away the notebook in her hand. "Whether it's appearance or background, it's the best choice."

  "Okay, Lei, you take him here with me, and Feng and Yu stay here to watch the boss." The handsome man turned his eyes to the man who was also in the sunshine.

  "No way! Shen, you really need to find a man for Big Boss!" Lei looked at him in amazement with an unbelievable face.

  "What, do you have a better way?" God glanced at him coldly.

  "No," Lei replied dejectedly.

  On the terrace of a luxurious villa area, a man was holding a cup of wine. After two black shadows, the cup fell to the ground, but the person had disappeared.

  When he showed up again, it was the presidential suite of the hotel.

  "Who the hell are you?" The man asked in a cold tone, and his eyes were as sharp as a king. He glared at the tightly wrapped men in front of him with anger.

  However, no one answered his question. Instead, they tied him up and threw him on the bed. Then, they closed the door and left.

  "It's so hot." A woman's mist came into his ears, followed by a soft and boneless hand that climbed on his neck.

  "Get out!" The man shouted coldly before he could even see clearly the other party's appearance.

  But not only did the woman not want to leave, but she also put her whole body on him. "No, you are so comfortable."

  The warm fingertips reached into his collar, and his breath intertwined with it, but he did not remove the delicate mask on his face.

  "Shameless." When the man cursed this sentence, his face turned red like pig liver, and his eyes were full of great anger. He wished he could kill all the people in this place.

  The woman didn't care about his abuse, but kept putting fire on his body, and ripples appeared wherever her finger touched.

  "Damn it, what the hell do you want to do..." Before he could finish his words, his lips were blocked by the sweetness of the other party.

  Her kiss, with a hint of shyness in haste, was more of wild demand, as if it wanted to integrate his whole body into his body in a hurry.

  With the heat of passion, a phoenix in a fire slowly emerged on the woman's back, which was particularly enchanting.

  The man's mouth curved into a cold smile. From the resistance at the beginning to the anger now, his mentality had changed dramatically, but more importantly, he wanted to kill her.

  After the passion, the bloody phoenix behind the woman also faded away until it disappeared.

  "Tell me! How much do you need for a night?" The woman took out her wallet and despised him condescendingly.

  "You can't afford to pay for my night. From now on, you'd better be ready to be chased and killed by me, because I will never let you go easily." The man was angry. He had been staying in a high position for a long time, and he couldn't wait to tear off the mask on her face. Look at her carefully, what an ugly face she was.

  The woman spread out her hands indifferently. "Okay! I'll wait for you to ask for my life. Don't let me wait too long."

  "Remember what you said, we will definitely have one day of life and death." The man gnashed his teeth and said tough words, but he was still imprisoned on the bed. He had no confidence in what he said.

  "I advise you! Let's first practice our own bed martial arts!" The woman said with a charming smile and walked out arrogantly in front of him.

  The man was so angry by her shameless behavior that he shouted, "Damned woman, come back if you dare."

  "Sorry, goodbye!" The woman didn't even turn around. She just waved her hand and disappeared behind the door.

  "Shit." In the suite, cursing kept coming out...