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Be Gentle, My Love

Be Gentle, My Love


After a drunken night, Gu Yixue was carried into the bathroom by a strange man. He washed her face, and then ate all the food. A month later, this man married her with a grand wedding. Lu Mieyang, the son of a famous family, the richest and most powerful man in City B. He spent 200 million yuan just to marry her. He said gently in the bed, "Mrs. Lu, if you want me to sleep, I will never sleep with other women. He said that no matter what mistake I made, I will still have a year of love with his wife. I am happy to him wife. After that, I will never know how much love I will die with her." him wife. After marriage." After that, he will be love with her."
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  The feeling of being drunk for a long time made him have a splitting headache.

  Gu Yixue was awakened by a deafening sound of knocking on the door. Before she responded, Mu Yaqin, the stepmother, had already pushed the door open and broke in. She smashed the dress in her hand on her body.

  "Gu Yixue, don't pretend. It has been a week since you returned to China, and the jet lag has not been transferred yet. Get up and dress up quickly. Master Lu doesn't like being late."

  Gu Yixue frowned and sat up. Of course, she did not forget that her father Gu Changhong had come all the way back from abroad to make her come back for a blind date.

  In her memory, her father was an honest and even somewhat timid man. He had lived with Mu Yaqin for a few years, but he had learned how to lie.

  Gu Yixue didn't know who this Master Lu was, but one thing was certain, this person must be rich or powerful. Gu Changhong and Muya Qin were businessmen, and businessmen wouldn't do anything that couldn't be of any benefit.

  Gu Yixue glanced lazily at the long red dress on her body. If she remembered correctly, it should be the latest version of Duan Rui. It had not been sold in the current market, and she had only seen it in magazines.

  In order for her to be able to sell for a good price, Muyaqin really used her blood to pack her up.

  "I see. Please go out." She said indifferently.

  Muyaqin crossed her arms around her chest and stood still. She glanced at her indifferently, as if to remind Gu Yihan that she was the hostess of this family.

  "I don't have the habit of undress in front of outsiders," Gu Yixue said, her eyes calm and cold.

  Muyaqin snorted and left. If the Gu family hadn't relied on Gu Yixue's marriage, she wouldn't have had such a good temper.

  Gu Yixue changed her clothes, without makeup. Her long hair was casually hanging on her waist, so perfunctory that she couldn't be perfunctory anymore.

  She had no interest in this blind date.

  But there was a kind of person in this world who was born to be beautiful. Her muscles were like congealed oil, her eyes were like stars, her eyebrows were black without drawing, and her lips were red without touching. Unfortunately, Gu Yixue was. She wore a long red silk dress, which made her look pure and charming.

  Muyaqin looked at her slowly walking down the solid wooden stairs, feeling envious and jealous. This reminded her of Gu Yixue's mother, Gu Wan, who used to be the first young lady in B City. Gu Yihan and her mother really looked like each other. Mu Yaqin's heart suddenly felt as uncomfortable as if she swallowed a fly.

  Gu Changhong and Mu Yaqin personally sent Yi Xue out.

  At the gate, Mu Yaqin deliberately told her to serve Master Lu well.

  Gu Yixue stopped and looked at her with ice-cold eyes. She asked coldly, "Aunt Mu, what kind of service do you mean? Do you need me to serve her on the bed?"

  Muyaqin felt guilty under her cold gaze, so she didn't dare to speak for a while.

  Gu Changhong hurriedly explained, "Yiyi, that's not what Aunt Mu meant."

  "What does she mean by herself?" After saying this, Gu Yixue opened the door and got into the car.

  The car was a long Mercedes-Benz business car. Usually, Gu Changhong would only be willing to drive it when he went out to talk about business. He could barely hold on to the situation.

  The blind date was in a high-end western restaurant. The waitress took her to a private room at the end of the second floor. Because of the traffic jam, she was late for five minutes. The other party had arrived first.

  "Master Lu is waiting for you." The receptionist said with a smile and then politely left.

  Gu Yixue knocked on the door politely. She didn't open the door and walked in until she heard a low and cold male voice saying, "Please come in."