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Devil's Beloved

Devil's Beloved


He was the president of the Thunder Group. He was cold-blooded and cruel to the outside and was arrogant to the inside, but he spoiled her deeply. "Leiyu, I want to divorce you." "You're pregnant. You want to divorce without a door!" A month later, she handed over the menstruation report that the doctor wrote, "It doesn't mean that you're not pregnant enough and want to divorce without a door!" Ten months later, she handed over her soft and white son and said, "You don't have a door. What do you want to do?" Finally, Lan Xin was angry. "You pushed the window, and you't want to cry." What do you want to get married."
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  The shadow of the closed curtain was very good. Lan Xin turned over and habitually leaned to her side, not absorbing the familiar body temperature.

  She narrowed her eyes and managed to sit up. When she saw the man who had been pestering her for the whole night walking into the bathroom in his night, there was a faint scratch on his strong back. Lan Xin blushed.

  In order to help Thunder Yu help Lan's Group, she had been pestering him for a long time last night.

  Lan Xin suppressed the strong tiredness in her throat and spoke softly.


  The man stopped and turned to look at her.

  Although she had been married to him for two months, when she faced a man who just got up with messy hair and had a good figure, Lan Xin was still a little stunned.

  The perfect outline, the domineering sword-like eyebrows and sharp eyes, and the height of 185 gold. The muscles with the training traces were not too exaggerated. The slightly messy hair was sharp when rushing to the work, which made him look a little lazy.

  His personality was gloomy, and they seldom communicated with each other. When facing him, Lan Xinru could pretend or hide. At present, she had to meet his eyes because she was asking him for help.

  Lei Mingyu pursed his thin lips and looked straight at her with a pair of black eyes. The woman who had been deeply loved, wrapped in a red quilt, squeezed a pleasing smile with a stiff face and said, "What I told you last night, have you considered it?"

  Lei Mingyu's eyes suddenly turned cold.

  Lan Xin pulled the quilt on her body and subconsciously hugged her arms. She didn't know whether it was because the room temperature was too low or his eyesight was too terrifying, but her arms were covered with a layer of bumps.

  "I have a low blood pressure." After a while, he said.

  Lan Xin looked at him doubtfully. She asked him to help Lan's company take charge of the chaos. What did it have to do with the blood pressure?

  "People with low blood pressure will easily get angry when they get up, so don't provoke me."

  After that, he turned around and went into the bathroom. The sound of water rang out, and his handsome figure was partly hidden and partly visible behind the translucent glass.

  Lan Xin clenched her fist and raised her middle finger to the bathroom. She thought, "How great it is to have so much money!"

  Thinking that she still had to ask for help, she took a deep breath and restored her gentle expression. Her mind was also quickly thinking of countermeasures.

  Waking Yu, who came out of the bathroom, wore a white shirt and a new brush, which matched his cold, lonely and arrogant temperament. Ignoring Lan Xin, who was struggling on the bed, he walked to the wardrobe and found a snow-white B seasi hand-made jacket. When he was about to wear it, she said.

  "Tingyu, we are married. We are husband and wife."

  "Oh?" He stopped and raised his eyebrows to look at her.

  With her head down, Lan Xin twisted the bedsheet, and the excuse she had just thought of was that his sharp eyes were staring at her like a fishbone in her throat.

  She cleared her throat and did not look at his eyes, trying to make her voice more gentle. It was said that Lei Mingyu liked gentle women.

  "I think the couple should be honest. Well, and today is my birthday..." The coquetry should be in this tone. Although it was a little disgusting, in order to achieve her goal, she risked everything to do it!

  "So?" His hand, which was tied to the button, paused.

  "Can you give me a gift, which belongs to Lan's..." She racked her brain and tried to persuade him for the last time.

  The first sentence was still calm. As soon as the two words "Mrs. Lan" came out, it became clear in an instant. Lei Mingyu said with a serious face, "I said, I don't want to hear the two words "Mrs. Lan".

  Lan Xinru had wiped out the man's patience. It was a dangerous topic. If she was smart enough, she had better not mention it.

  After being tortured by his attitude of refusing to cooperate for many days, Lan Xin could no longer pretend to be gentle and finally broke out!

  "If you don't handle this matter, we'll get divorced!"

  After all, fishing needed some bait. How could he, Lei Mingyu, enjoy the service she had served without conscience for so many days? Then he lifted his pants and put on a ruthless face?

  As soon as the word "divorce" came out of her mouth, everything went dark before her eyes. The tall man stood in front of the bed and raised her chin with one hand, giving off a cold aura.

  "Say it again?"

  The man pinched her long fingers, showing endless coldness.

  "You'd better take back your words." His eyes were cold and his hand began to exert strength. Lan Xin said that divorce was just a temporary impulse, but the man's reaction completely stimulated her anger.

  "Unless you promise me to help Lan's Group to get rid of the crisis!" She had had enough of anyone who loved to serve this flirtatious man!

  "Lanxin, no one can threaten me. You'd better keep it in mind!" Lei Mingyu pushed her away. Because he was in a good mood last night, he was exhausted by her.

  Seeing that he was about to leave, Lan Xin wrapped herself in the sheet, quickly jumped in front of him, and stretched out her arms to block him.

  "Lei Mingyu, I know that we are just getting married through marriage, and you may have no feelings for me. Now that there is something wrong with Lan's Group, I don't expect you to take Lan's Group to solve the crisis. At least for the sake of me serving you for a few days, please come forward and appease my father. Even if it's perfunctory, it's okay not to make a substantial investment, okay?"

  At this point, Lan Xin felt that there was no reason to refuse this matter as long as Lei Mingyu said a little about the relationship between husband and wife.

  Since she married him, she had hidden her true feelings and tried to please this iceberg according to the "all-round love" provided by the Lan family.

  Not to mention that in order to practice cooking according to his preferences, he abused his ten fingers without any skin, and he didn't say that in order to practice a noble and generous smile, he almost lost his muscles. Not to mention that she was a good girl with blood, flesh, and temper. In order to please the iceberg, she forced herself to pretend to be a gentle and elegant lady.

  Just say that as a twenty-four-pound virgin girl, in order to practice her hard bed skills, a small part of her eyes were very sharp. It was still difficult for her to deal with his needs. Her waist was almost broken because of tiredness. No one could understand this kind of sourness!

  However, it was obvious that she had underestimated Lei Yu's ruthlessness and ruthlessness. He refused her again.

  "What has the Lan family's business got to do with me?"

  His cold and ruthless statement and arrogant expression finally made Lan Xin suppress her emotions for a long time. "If you don't agree, divorce!"

  After he finished shouting, he felt extremely wonderful in an instant.

  "Go to his rich and powerful families and ladies. You're all going to hell!"

  The man sneered and said word by word, "If this is your persistence, okay, let's divorce."

  "Leave now. I've had enough of it for a long time!"

  He turned around and strode away with his hand on the doorknob. He turned his head and sneered, "What a coincidence, I'm the same!"