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My Handsome Uncle Husband

My Handsome Uncle Husband


Coco Su was an orphan who was adopted by an old geomancer since childhood, and she became an apprentice of the geomancer. One day, she got a pretty tough job, which was to get rid of a 500-year-old ghost in the most luxurious high-end private club. When she knocked on the door, Mason Ching, a super handsome gentleman opened it. Unexpectedly, Mason thought Coco was a "surprise" sent by his naughty nephew. To save a degenerate but innocent girl, Mason hired her to be his private bodyguard so that to avoid her continuing THIS job. As for Coco, hah, it was a considerable job. From then on, the romantic story started...
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At the National Beauty Club.

This was the most luxurious high-end private club in the capital city.

Coco Su looked down at the compass in her hand, which was pointing to the high-end club right in front of her.

There was a hard frown on her little face.

It seems to be here.

One could easily tell that the place was only for very rich people, not at all for her, a bumpkin.

However, it was the first order in her life. Therefore, she must succeed.

Coco observed the people coming at the gate for a while and saw many luxury cars driving into the gate of the club. Blinking her eyes, she thought out a plan.

Haha, I got it.

Go to the bustling area and get a d*mn luxurious car!

When Coco was about to leave, she saw a sports car coming.

It was a red convertible sports car that could make one scream. But the man in the sports car...

Looking at him, Coco instantly changed her mind.

She ran to the middle of the road and waved to the owner of the car.

When the car stopped, the man in a red suit took off his sunglasses and tilted his head to look out of the car.

The man's appearance—

His eyes were slim and charming and there was a mole at the curving corner of his eye. His lips were red and full.

His appearance was very attractive to women.

He looked really charming in his red suit which could attract all women's eyes. 

The man looked at Coco with his charming eyes and whistled jokingly. "Hey, how can there be such a little cutie here? How dare you stop my car? How old are you, little thing? Have you reached 18?"

Nowadays, there were a lot of women who wanted to be with rich or famous men. Some might even wait outside places like this with a purpose to meet rich men by chance.

Young Master Qin was a playboy and often played with women. He could definitely understand all the tricks.

The one in front of him looked pure and vivacious, but he wondered whether she was pretending to be.

If he didn't like women with big breasts and sexy hips who looked like juicy peaches, he could probably have some fun with this type of girl who looked like a premature apple. It was just a matter of willingness.

Coco looked at him with a serious look. "I've reached 18. This year I'm exactly 18 years old. Sir, I have something very important to do. Can you take me inside? Sir, there are some shades at your glabella. I'm afraid there will be a bloody disaster happening to you tonight. I'll help you get through this disaster in order to repay you."

Jose Ching was first startled, then laughed out loud in a weird way.

Some shades at his glabella?

A bloody disaster?


What a joke! The young girls are playing so many tricks nowadays. They even start to pretend to be fortune-tellers in order to accost rich men!

When Jose was looking at the innocent-looking little cutie in front of him, an idea came to his mind.

He smiled naughtily and took out his mobile phone to send a message to a man tagged Paralyzed Face:

[Uncle Mason, I've prepared a great surprise for you. Please don't tell my parents that I'm racing cars with other people. I love you~]

The wave line at the end of the sentence was as coquettish as himself.

One minute later.

Coco got on the car, but she had to please a guest in exchange.

Jose led Coco directly into the clubhouse. He was obviously a frequent visitor there. The waiter knew the relationship between him and the man in the Supreme Suite, so he led Young Master Qin to the VIP elevator leading directly to the tenth floor with a professional smile.

Coco followed him obediently and couldn't help looking around.

The place was so beautiful.

The decoration was luxurious, romantic, and stylish with an antique atmosphere. No wonder it is called the National Beauty, she murmured in her heart.

On the top floor of the National Beauty Club, there were only two Supreme VIP Suites. The one on the east side was seldom occupied. But everyone knew that it belonged exclusively to someone.

The powerful Fourth Young Master of the Qins in the capital city—Mason Ching.