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Sshh. Don't Wake The Humans

Sshh. Don't Wake The Humans

Author:Michael Thaksungnoen


In a post pandemic world where humans have evolved beyond all fear based control structures, two of their species return from unexpectedly revisiting themselves through time travel. The two astronauts had left during the pandemic and are now confronted with learning the reality that humans, albeit themselves, are the aliens they went in search for.
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  There is no "anything" and yet there is everything. For there is no castle, kingdom or queendom and yet each home is kept by both and all. As I became more aware of my surroundings it was like city and nature existed within each other and for each other, at peace, in a calm and in no hurry. With no meetings to rush to, or even gatherings of gatherings, the animals didn't herd for protection and appeared freely dispersed. All was seemingly content as these humans also spread themselves evenly and randomly with an air of belief and patience in all that was created and offered to them here.

  Acceptance was now accepted after centuries of tolerated intolerance. Noticeably there were very few notices, signs or billboards commanding ones attention. In the space of a financial quarter the previous year, governing economic leaders had been consumed by their own greedy capitalist and territorial agendas, crashing markets and devaluing everything including themselves.

  The common people had reconnected with neighbours and as such communities refused to be conscripted to a media driven popularity fuelled war of misinformation and distraction. Ironically the police required policing and in the middle of this same quarter individuals found the faith, responsibility and courage to govern themselves.

  If I wasn't witnessing this with my own eyes, how would I have ever believed that corrupted regulators could deregulate themselves into foreclosure? By triggering previously legislated safe guards and "bail ins" on their Reserve Banks simultaneously, individual governments collectively lost not only the consent of their subscribers and subscription base but also quickly discovered how "non-essential" speculative markets and fiat money had really become to an honest, free trading and sustainable society.

  And here I was, Ruddy, a middle aged man free in a freedom after control had lost all control. Remarried and recommitted to a life worthy of living after the previous decade had torn my paternal ancestry from me. The opportunity to be reunited with a previously futured bloodline, who had also been torn from her paternal ancestry, would be re-approached before the end of the year. For now though it was time to observe the winter solstice of the southern hemisphere and continue admiring the beauty in all that we were always blessed with.

  Last year's combined solar eclipse and solstice event had welcomed the end of humanity's self-isolation and seperateness from source. Science, politics, religion and all things now uncorrupted by a falsified value system were the final unveiling of the dividing and conquering frauds those previously imprisoned by having subscribed themselves consentingly too, while forcibly making it mandatory for others in a perfect contradiction they called a variety of names including democracy and communism to monarchies and republics or faiths. Not only had humans behaved foreign to their environment because of these previous generational conditionings but many times alienated different groups and sections of themselves too.