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Lucky one

Lucky one

Author:Miss Vi


She was very young and smart, but she needed to learn everything in the hard way. Lots of people can say that she was antisocial, but the true was that she couldn’t find the right one to accompany her in her journey called life. She was always surrounded with people, but no one could touch her heart. To cover her sadness she was always with smile on her face and this give her the name “ Happy smiler”
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  She was young and beautiful, smart and crazy, but lonely. In the school needed to move different classes until she find friend. Her family wasn’t rich so she needed to work to support her mum. Her dad was bastard who let them alone With her sister and brother... he just left one day and never come back.

  Faye her best friend help her to find a job in small coffee shop only in the evening so she can still go to school and may be this was her biggest mistake in her life...

  As he was serving in the coffee... he Enter... the most blue and beautiful eyes she ever seen ... she lost her mind immediately from that day for her was only him “ Paul”.

  He sat on the table and wave to her. For a moment she forgot that she is the server. Her heart was biting so fast , her hands was shaking and her legs didn’t want to move.

  “Excuse me?! Am I going to be served today or should I come tomorrow?!” He was talking to her with so rude voice that make you jump and come back to the earth.

  “ Yes of course sir what would you like?!”

  “ Your phone number and whiskey on the rock”

  She was shocked. She couldn’t move! Try to say something but just let with open mouth.

  “ Are you going to serve me today or what?!”

  She didn’t say a word just turned her back and run to the bar.