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She wants it all

She wants it all



Amy and Lynn are best friends. John and Lynn are lovers. Jessie is Lynn's twin brother and he secretly loves Amy but Amy is in love with John. John and Lynn plans a little get away for their group and things get hot and heavy before they turn deadly
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  It was a warm and sunny day, 5 year old Lynn was playing in her front yard with her twin brother Jessie. There was a for sale sign in the front yard of the house next door with a "sold" sticker stretched across it. A big van pulled up and out popped a man a woman and a little girl holding a teddy bear. She looked sad, she ran to the front of the van and hugged her mother. "Mommy I don't like it here I don't know anyone I'm so sad" her mother told her everything would be fine and she would make friends. She then looked over at Lynn and Jessie, "look honey there's some kids over there, wave" the little girl waved and then rubbed her face into her mommy's clothes. Lynn stood up and went to the edge of the yard and said "hi I'm Lynn what's your name?" The little girl looked up and said "my name is Amy" Lynn then asked her if she wanted to play, Amy got down and went over to play. Every day for the next 11 years Amy and Lynn hung out they became best friends more like sisters. They did everything together they even picked out the colleges they wanted to go to together and surprisingly they both got into the same one.

  Jessie also stayed close to his sister and her friend for a few years but when they were 10 they didn't want to hang out with him anymore so he found his own group of friends however when he turned 13 he realized he had feelings for Amy. He found himself standing outside of his sister's room on nights they had sleepovers at his house waiting for Amy to come out so he can speak to her in the hallway. He would do little things like hold the door for her and ask her if she wanted any snacks when he went to make himself something. It got to the point where his sister kept calling him a weirdo and then Amy started calling him a weirdo as well Jessie realized he didn't know how to approach the situation so he stayed in the background just watching as she grew, dating different guys never looking his way. By the time they were 16 Jessie was a star football player and Amy and Lynn were cheerleaders. Jessie had also built the confidence to finally ask Amy out on a date. He was walking up to her to ask her if she wanted to go out for ice cream after school and someone else walked up and asked her first he lost his chance. Amy and Lynn we're now dating basketball players so Jesse ask out one of their cheerleader friends.