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The President's Adorable Child

The President's Adorable Child



After five years since the divorce, Sofia Zhen decided to come back. Little did they know that she would come back with a handsome but adorable little boy. "I ...is that your child?" Stella Lin was stunned as she glanced at the boy beside her. "Yes" Sofia Zhen confidently answered without hesitating. She felt Stella's nervousness. "Don't worry, it's definetely not Joshua's child" she smiled and walked pass her together with William.
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  "Ugh ..." Joshua who was drunk that night unconsciously made love with Sofia who was shocked by his actions. He had never paid attention to her these past three years. She was quite happy that the man who she loved unconditionally even if he often hurts her heart would do this kind of thing with her. Her heart was full of joy thinking that this was the moment she had been waiting for. For him to say that he loves her too. But then, not everything we like would go the way we imagined.

  "I love you so much ... Stella" This was the last words he said that night that made Sofia doubtful. Did he only made love with her because he thought she was Stella?. Those words were like knifes that stabbed her heart endlessly. While overthinking everything that just happened that night, she unconsciously fell in a deep slumber.