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Who are you

Who are you



About a child separated from his parents due to an intentional accident.He lives 15 years of his life in nightmares remembering that day only and due to this,he becomes anti social.His only aim was to discover what had happened about his past that he couldn’t remember...Just to discover that he was living a lie
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  “Mom I’m fine,you don’t need to worry about me all the time.We talked about this a lot of times now remember?”said Carlton in a horse voice.

  Once again it was another nightmare that had come.Leaving him helplesss and out of breath.He had a dark expression on his face.He looked like he had just escaped death and hell fire blaze.

  Carlton’s mom did not even heed to her son’s words but just wiped his delicate face with a cold wet towel.she had worry written all over her face.Her son has been having it bad for a while and she couldn’t help but get worried.


  A few hours later a car parked in front of the house.Carlton made his way towards the car with a speed of light,and because he was trying to avoid his mother’s goodbye kiss.He was old enough for that now,why did his mother want to embarrass him with a kiss in front of Jerry everyday,he thought to himself

  “Carl you know that I understand you more than all your dumb friends,don’t be embarrassed with a snuggle from your mom in front of mom”said Jerry as he chuckled