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Italian Men

Italian Men



Dainelle Jones is just your average girl. She graduated college with a biology degree, and plans to go to grad school the following august to finish her studies to become a physical therapist. she was a part of sorority in college, with her best friend, Scarlet. Dainelle doesn't realize whats is going to happen during her summer vacation in Italy. But she won't ever be that average girl again. ------------- Nicola Rosi isn't your average man. He never went to a public school in his life, always home schooled by a tutor. He was born into a wicked way of life and is content with it. Always being feared and getting to tell others what to do. Until he stumbles upon a certain girl who changes his perspective of life.
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  Buzz buzz buzz

  Buzz buzz buzz

  I groan as I roll over to grab my phone to get it to stop buzzing. Once I pick it up it says I have a missed call from Scarlett. My eyes widen as I hop out of the bed and hurry to the bathroom. I do whatever I need in about five minutes, still looking like shit. My hair isn't tangled but it's frizzy and my eyes have huge bags under them that I didn't get to cover up.

  My clothes are now thrown all over the floor ahile I'm trying to look for an outfit. It's not in Florida, especially today, so I was trying to find a pair of my jeans shorts. After having long five minutes I found them and quick led switched them out with my spandex. I take off my t-shirt and slip on a baby blue tank top, and I tuck that into my shorts.

  I run to the room across from mine and see Rosetta sleeping on her bed. I walk over to the three year old and gently pick her up. I pull out an outfit for her to change into later, but for now she'll stay in her pajamas.

  I grab my phone and purse as I run out of my room. I quickly grab a granola bar for breakfast before I slip on my white converse. I run down the stairs of my apartment complex and see Scarlett in her car.

  "Shit I'm so sorry!" I apologize once I get Rosetta in her car seat. I quickly get into the passengers seat and buckle up as Scarlett starts to drive.

  "You're lucky we packed your bags and put them in my car yesterday," Scarlett says as she turns off my street, "I see Rosey is sound asleep."

  "Yeah I just carried her down, I didn't want to wake her up," I tell Scarlett as I open my granola bar.

  "Just be gratefull that the airport isn't that far from your aptartment," Scarlett says, "otherwise we'd miss our flight." I roll my eyes as Scarlett speeds up a little.

  "Momma?" I turn around and see Rose rubbing her eyes as she looks out the window.

  "Hey baby girl," I smile as I look back at my daughter, "are you hungry?"

  "No momma," Rose says as she looks at me, "where we?"

  "Going to an airport. We're going to fly in a big plane," she tell her and she yawns. " Go back to sleep baby girl."

  "Not tired," she mutters as her eyes slowly close. Her head starts to fall down but she jerks back awake and rubs her eyes once more.

  "Try to sleep baby," I tell her. "We've got a long day ahead."

  "Hey Rosey," Scarlett smiles whe she sees that Rose isn't going back to sleep, "are you ready to fly in a big plane?"

  "Hi Aunty," Rose whispers as she fights her eyes from closing, "momma."

  "What babe?" I ask and see her head hanging down. Well at least she's sleeping again, "is Lagon coming or not? Logan is Scarlett's boyfriend from two years.

  "He's coming in a couple days," Scarlett tells me. "He has a huge project he's working on." He's some type of engineer that builds all sorts of machines. He's also a genius so he has always been my go to for help.

  "I thought he finished it?" I crack my neck as I ask because it's stuff from sleeping wrong.

  "He has to finish for someone else in the department who comes up too drunk to think," Scarlett almost screams in annoyance.

  The rest of the way to the airport Scarlett complains about how awful her boyfriend's job is. Oh! She also complained about how she only gets to see him after five every night. Rose stays asleep the whole ride there, even with Scarlett practically screaming. Scarlett then starts to talk about our last trip to Europe. We went to Europe after we graduated high school, we went to France, England, Spain and Italy. That's where I made a decision that would effect my future- not in a bad way- and how I would live my life. In Italy, the night before we left, we went to an over the top bar. Considering we were both eighteen we didn't have to sneak in. A extremely handsome Italian man asked me to dance when I first got there. One dance led to a drink then the cycle continued. Scarlett — this was before Logan — had already left with another guy, so I left with this man.

  I don't remember his name nor do I remember anything else. I remember waking up with no clothes and the man next to me. I wanted to scream and push the man right off the bed but shock took over me. I scrambled out of bed and threw my dress on fast. Embarrassingly enough I went to put on my panties but they were... well ripped. I still blush thinking about it, but I tossed them in the bin. I saw a used condom in the waste bin, which was disgusting. Yet I was glad we used protection. Except it didn't really work because I found out I was pregnant right before I went off the college.

  "We're here day dreamer," Scarlett says as she parks in a lot labeled "E". I snap out of my thoughts and get out of the car and open the back seat door. I unbuckled Rose and pull her out of the car seat, accidentally waking her up.

  "Sorry baby," I whisper as she lays her head on my shoulder, "can you walk?" She shakes her head no and I sigh. I manage to get my carry on back pack on my back and put Rose's tiny back pack on her back as well. Scarlett pulls out four suitcases from her trunk, along with her carry on bag.

  "Ready to have the time of our lives in Italy!" Scarlett cheers as we walk through the parking lot.

  "Shh," Rose whines as she buries her face into my neck, "quiet Aunty Scar."

  "Be nice Rose," I say and she doesn't even move as a response, "don't scream Scar, people will just continue at your crazy self."

  "I'm just excited to go back to the most beautiful place on earth!" Scar smiles ans starts to walk faster, "now hurry up!"

  "Patience is a virtue!" I call after her but laugh as she continues to run towards the actual airport.