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His Forced Lover: Untold Secrects

His Forced Lover: Untold Secrects


Three years ago, she was abandoned by her fiancé, betrayed by her sister, and thrown into the sea with the child of a wild man. Her life was uncertain. Three years later, she, who had been claimed to be "dead", returned with her son and became enchanting! With every step she took, she could kill a person with a smile! "Let's see how she can abuse all the people who used to bully her!" However, what was wrong with this wild man who was unexpectedly entangled with her? Was she going to give him a baby and a husband? Was he still such a super handsome guy?
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"Fu Yumo, are you still a human? How did Fu Xue provoke you? How can you stab your sister with a knife?"

Her stepmother, Wang Yuxiang, screamed and slapped Fu Yumo's face. Her head immediately buzzed, and she started to feel dizzy. Half of her face was red and swollen in an instant.

"I didn't..." She got slapped back two steps, but her hands unconsciously protected her eight-month-old pregnant belly. "It was not me who hurt her, but she poked herself with the knife and planted it on me!"

But Wang Yuxiang didn't listen to her explanation and kept scolding her. Then, she turned around and picked Fu Xue with full of blood in her abdomen.

Fu Yumo subconsciously looked at the man beside her. Qi Hong was her fiancee, and he certainly would believe her. So, she asked for help in a trembling voice, "Qi Hong, it's not me, but she was the..."

"Fu Yumo, that's enough!" Unexpectedly, Qi Hong didn't stand by her side. Instead, he pushed her to the ground and shouted at her with red eyes, "You are a jealous and crazy woman! Fu Xue and I fall for each other! She is a kind girl. However, you are so vicious and even blame her!"

The two of them fell in love with each other, and these words made Fu Yumo frustrated.

Fu Xue would quarrel with her to this extent today as Fu Xue deliberately showed an intimate picture of her and Qi Hong. Fu Yumo almost went crazy when she saw their entwined bodies getting so close to each other.

Fu Xue shouted and told Fu Yumo that Qi Hong only loved her. At that moment, Fu Yumo did not believe her words, but Fu Xue smiled slyly and said she would know the truth soon.

Unexpectedly, it came so fast. When the doorbell rang in the living room, Fu Xue immediately took a fruit knife and stabbed it into her body. Qi Hong came in without investigating but firmly accused Fu Yumo of hurting Fu Xue. He even admitted his relationship with Fu Xue!

Fu Yumo was powerless, falling to the ground with tears in her eyes. "You... you two b*tch couple!"

"Fu Yumo, do you still have the face to blame us?" Qi Hong ferociously kicked Fu Yumo's belly twice. "Eight months ago, you found a man to sleep with at your cousin's wedding and get pregnant with that b*stard. How dare you call us a b*tch couple when you are clearly a shameless b*tch!"

Fu Yumo's body began to bleed, and her face turned pale. She looked at Qi Hong in disbelief. "What are you saying? Didn't you tell me in person that you are the man that night?"

"Oh, how could it be possible? I don't even want to touch you!" Qi Hong snorted and walked to Fu Xue. After helping her to stop the bleeding from her wound in distress, he looked at Fu Yumo coldly and said with disgust, "Now that things have come to this, I will tell you the truth!"

"I had been with Fu Xue on the wedding day. Fu Xue was naughty and accidentally put medicine in your glass. I didn't expect you to be so stupid without noticing it and drinking all! Out of kindness, Fu Xue found you a cowherd to relieve your drug effect, but you got into the wrong room and were lying naked on someone else's bed when I found you. I was afraid you would call the police and hurt Fu Xue when you woke up, so I said that the man that night was me."

At this point, Qi Hong still criticized Fu Yumo. "After all, you were careless and didn't behave yourself! Thus, you can't blame Fu Xue! We were kind enough to help you to admit as the child's father. Unexpectedly, you turned to the accused and scolded us! You are a thankless wretch!"

Fu Yumo lay on the ground and looked at Qi Hong desperately as if she was looking at a stranger.

These false reasoning!

How could he speak in such an unreasonable manner with confidence!

"You are disgusting and sinful to the extreme!" Fu Yumo's eyes turned red, and she scolded, "You are not human! You are all animals! You are all devils!"

However, Qi Hong and others did not care about her scream. They glanced at her scornfully, picked Fu Xue up, who was injured and went straight out of the hospital. Throughout the process, no one cared about Fu Yumo that had been gushing out of the lower body.

Fu Yumo came back to consciousness through the pain. She looked at her abdomen and could clearly feel that the life inside was passing away little by little, but she couldn't do anything.

"My child..."

Although she didn't know whose child, it was still her child. The child was innocent and couldn't die.

"Who can save me..." Fu Yumo shouted weakly, "Help my child..."

However, no one in the house responded to her. She tried to save herself, but she had no strength at all. Her head was getting more painful and heavier. Moreover, her vision became blurred. Finally, she fainted in the middle of the living room helplessly and weakly.