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His Silent Bride

His Silent Bride


I was born to be mute, and my family went bankrupt. When I lost confidence in life, my brother 'helped' me by drugging the most powerful CEO, Fu Yanchen. I carried his baby, and he had to marry me without other options. Since then, he and every member in the Fu family hated me. But they loved my child, Fu Zixi. Fu Zixi was the dearest thing in my life, and also, in their life. So they forced me to leave my son and husband. When I was hesitated, I saw Fu Yanchen dating with Fu Zixi's tutor, Jin Yaxuan. I decided to do my best to make Fu Yanchen and my son happy, so I...
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  A flame lit up in the darkness.

  The weak flame of the lighter flickered, reflecting Fu Yanchen's reserved and cold face.

  The room was filled with the smell of smoke.

  Su Ming put on her clothes and got out of bed. She limped out of the room and gently closed the door.

  Behind him, his eyes were cold, indifferent, and not a little bit warm.

  She felt it, but she didn't dare to look back.

  He didn't love her. He had no choice but to marry her. She knew that she didn't dare to ask him for mercy in his eyes.

  Back in the secondary bedroom, she tiredly opened the bathroom door, stood under the shower, and rushed for a long time.

  He didn't like to take any measures, but she was allergic to rejection drugs, so every time after that, she would wash it for a long time.

  She couldn't be pregnant again. This time, he would definitely not stay...

  The cold water made her whole body numb, but at times like this, she was always sobered up. She could clearly see the part of her life.

  Walking out of the bathroom, she changed her pajamas and sat back on the bed.

  The light was so bright that it hurt her eyes. The red certificate next to the pillow was broken and stuck again. Even their cold photos were full of cracks.

  Su Ming brushed the marriage certificate with her fingertips. She closed her eyes and recalled his cold voice at that time: sticky.

  For the first time, she broke down. She was hysterical and tore their marriage certificate into pieces.

  He still had a cold look on his face, and only three words were left.

  They stuck together.

  Su Ming held the marriage certificate tightly in her arms and closed her eyes.

  It was a dreamless night. When she woke up again, it was already the next morning.

  Looking at the time, Su Ming suddenly woke up.

  Fu Yanran's action was a little fierce last night, causing her to be a little tired and overslept.

  At this time, she should get up quickly to make breakfast.

  Su Ming got up quickly and began to prepare. A soft thing covered her legs.

  She lowered her head and saw her son Fu Zixi holding her leg and intimately rubbing her.

  "Mama, look for



  Su Ming smiled softly. She cleaned her hands, took off her apron, picked him up, and kissed his little face.

  [Good morning, her baby]

  She walked back to his baby room with Fu Zixi in her arms. He was nearly two years old now. He was white and tender, and he was very smart. He often ran around with his short legs. He was very cute.

  Su Ming held him in her arms and changed into a wet and wet nightdress. She picked up the children's clothing and put it on for him gently.

  Fu Zixi was naughty. He crawled up and down on the bed again. It took her a lot of effort to catch him and let him wear his clothes obediently.

  After putting on his clothes and taking him to wash, Su Ming put the little guy down.

  But as soon as she landed on the ground, the little fellow ran out again and said with a smile, "Mama, I'm hiding from the cat."

  Su Ming gave him a wry smile and chased after him with his jacket. After turning the corridor, he met a figure.

  It was Fu Yanchen.

  He held Fu Zixi steadily, and there was a rare softness on his reserved, jade-like face.

  Glancing at the coat in Su Ming's hand, he looked at Fu Zixi and said, "Fu Zixi, put it on."

  "No..." Fu Zixi's soft voice sounded. He grabbed Fu Yanran and said, "I want... Papa's clothes..."

  Listening to his words, the servants next to him couldn't help laughing.

  However, Su Ming looked at him nervously. He was stuffing Fu Yanran's collar into his mouth.

  She came forward to grab Fu Zixi's little hand and shook her head quietly.

  The little fellow stuck out her tongue at her. She was very naughty.

  Fu Yanchen put the little fellow on the ground and helped Su Ming get dressed for Fu Zixi.

  "Young Madam, the porridge you cooked..." The servant exclaimed, and there was a faint smell of burnt in the air.

  Su Ming was shocked and immediately got up and ran to the kitchen.


  She ran so fast that her abdomen hit the corner of the table. A scream was heard, which was like an old, worn-out cell phone. It made a hoarse and weak sound, which was extremely harsh.

  The man looked at her and frowned.

  Su Ming quickly covered her mouth and limped away from his sight.

  She was mute and could not speak.