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Windfall From The Heaven

Windfall From The Heaven


Lin Shen, a poor student who earned his living by scavenging through garbage. Because he had no money, he was scorned by everyone in the school. Suddenly his mom told him that his grandfather was the richest man in the world! Twenty years of poverty was only a test for him! So overnight, he inexplicably became a super rich childe! According to his mother's arrangement, he had to meet several big shots. Lin Shen was going to buy a new suit. When he was choosing clothes, a classmate who despised him threw all his clothes away...
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In the university campus, when a man passed by the trash can, he poked his head in time to time and had a look.

After making sure that there was no one around, he quickly put the empty bottle from the trash can into the bag he carried with him.

"Isn't that Lin Shen?"

At this time, two girls came towards Lin Shen and one of them said so.

The other girl's face turned red immediately. She was Lin Shen's ex-girlfriend, Wang Simiao, and the one next to her was her best friend, Xiaoqi.

The reason why Lin Shen became like this was because of Wang Simiao. Last time when he went shopping with her, she said that she liked a piece of jewelry very much and begged Lin Shen to buy it for her. So Lin Shen took out all his own savings and borrowed some money from others in order to buy the jewelry.

That time, she had spent all of Lin Shen's money. He had no choice but to pick up bottles to earn some livings.

Wang Simiao's best friend then accidentally found out Lin Shen was picking up bottles, so she went back to the dormitory and told Wang Simiao about it. As a result, Wang Simiao insisted to break up with Lin Shen.

"See, I told you he usually picks up rubbish to make a living and you don't believe it at first." Xiaoqi snorted and said, "He looks like a gentleman. I didn't expect that he's such a rubbish picker who is good-for-nothing. How dare a person like that court our Simiao. He's so out of his league!"

Wang Simiao frowned and pulled Xiaoqi to leave here as soon as possible. She was so embarrassed! She really didn't know why she was so blind to have a relationship with such a person before.

Lin Shen didn't expect to be seen by his ex-girlfriend. He ashamedly bent down and was about to leave with a black plastic bag in his hand.

At this time, a white car slowly stopped in front of him.

The sign of the Audi in front of the car made him felt ashamed, especially when he saw Kang Qiang got out of the car. He was so angry that he almost fell down. He only felt that his face was hot, and he felt ashamed.

Kang Qiang was born with a silver spoon. His father was a business man on real estate in the city, so he was very rich.

There was once when Lin Shen hung out with Wang Simiao. Kang Qiang ignored his existence completely and crazily showed his love to Wang Simiao, who was still Lin Shen's girlfriend at that time.

 Lin Shen was not even as good enough as a pile of sh*t to Kang Qiang.

Kang Qiang glanced at Lin Shen and sneered, "Hey, isn't this the top student of our class? How come you are so miserable that you have to pick up the rags on the street?"

Lin Shen ignored him and continued to move forward.

Kang Qiang took out a big box from the car and walked towards Wang Simiao as he hugged and kissed her.

Lin Shen caught a glimpse of that scene. He was desperate and his heart was completely filled with anger. 

Kang Qiang proudly opened the box and shouted, "Simiao, don't you like jewelry? This is bought from abroad by a friend of mine. It's not that expensive. It's only about 50,000. You can wear these first. I'll give you a better one after your graduation!"

Standing next to her, Xiaoqi's eyes were looking straight at it and her face was full of envy, which satisfied Wang Simiao's vanity more. She took the initiative to hug Kang Qiang and kissed him warmly.

Lin Shen was so done. Such a fat man with a greasy face like Kang Qiang, he really didn't know how Wang Simiao could kiss him.

But this also made Lin Shen clearly known what kind of girl Wang Simiao was.

Kang Qiang turned around and threw a thing on Lin Shen's face.


That thing hit Lin Shen's face and fell to the ground.

It was all the jewelry that Lin Shen had bought for Wang Simiao. It looked so unpleasant at this time.

Kang Qiang held Wang Simiao in his arms and said sarcastically, "If you want to give a girl a gift, you should give her a decent one. These prices are just 5,000. Who do you think you are giving to, a beggar? For a girl like Simiao, 50,000 is still too cheap for me to give her. I really don't know how you dare to send her a gift like that."

"Well, who would have expected that the price of 5,000 can lead you to such a miserable situation? But since we are in the same class, I will help you with mercy. How about you wash my socks and underwear for me in the future? I will give you the price of 10 for each pair. What do you think? It's better than picking up garbage here, isn't it?"

Kang Qiang then asked Wang Simiao to sit in the passenger seat, and asked Xiaoqi to sit in the back seat as he said with a smile, "Come on, I'll take you to eat some delicious food!"

Lanlan was full of joy. "Simiao, I envy you too much that you have a boyfriend who is so good to you!"

Wang Simiao touched the bracelet in her hand proudly, and her face was full of happiness.

Kang Qiang raised his middle finger to Lin Shen and said, "You can consider about it. Work for me or pick up rubbish? Don't wait until I regret about it in the future, then you come to beg me."


With the powerful engine sound of the Audi, the car had gone for a long distance at a high speed. When it passed by Lin Shen, it deliberately approached the water puddle by the roadside and splashed the water towards Lin Shen's whole body and made him looked like a mess.

Lin Shen held the plastic bag and stood still and looked at the jewelry on the ground. He sighed eventually, but still did not pick it up.

Although it was valuable, his remaining strength still did not allow him to bend down.

Lin Shen was extremely disappointed with this society, but at this time, a phone suddenly rang.

He answered the phone numbly. It was his mother's voice at the other end, "Son, what are you doing?"

Lin Shen was already feeling a little depressed. He asked, "Nothing serious. What's wrong, mom? What's the matter?"

"Tomorrow is your twenty-year-old birthday. I have something to tell you. You must be mentally prepared."

Lin Shen's heart skipped a beat. He hurriedly asked, "What is it?"

"Actually, your grandfather didn't die, and he is the chairman of Lin Capital Enterprise. But our family has a rule that every child must experience poverty and hardship before they are 20 years old. If they pass the test, they can restore their identities on their 20th birthday."

"Over all these years, mom and dad have let you suffer. I hope you understand our actions. I have already saved a sum of money in your bank card, and you can use it tomorrow morning. There is not too much, but you can use it first. If you spend all of it, you can ask me for it at any time."

Lin Shen was completely stunned. What on earth was his frugal mother saying? Why was it so strange?

Just as he was wondering, his phone vibrated a few more times.

Lin Shen took out his mobile phone and saw two unread text messages on it.

"Your bank card is transferred to 1,000,000, and the balance is 1000080 yuan."

Lin Shen was stunned. He took a deep breath and then pinched his own arm. It sure was very painful.

"Son, remember to spend it after dawn. This is the rule and also the ultimate test."

Lin Shen swallowed hard and agreed in a hurry.

He sat in a daze on the chair by the side of the road and calmed down for a long time. His fast beating heart was then slightly calmed down, but he still found it unbelievable.

Right! Lin Capital Enterprise!

Lin Shen quickly picked up his mobile phone and searched for the keywords 'Lin Capital Enterprise' on the browser.

After clicking on the search button, a lot of information immediately appeared. Lin Shen looked at them one by one, and he was stunned.

It was a super large family business, which involved almost all kinds of industries. Its huge family consortium was beyond countless companies' reach. The company's assets were nearly a billion, and it was also a rare existence all over the world!

Lin Shen sighed and said, "That's ridiculous. I just suddenly became the master of Lin Capital Enterprise?"

"How odd... that I'm extremely rich all in a sudden?"

Lin Shen stood up with a lot more self-confidence on his face. His hunched back, which had been for many years, was finally straight with confidence. He clenched his fists tightly and was very excited!