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Miraculous Doctor With Superpower

Miraculous Doctor With Superpower


Eddryll was a poor student in Tian Hai University who just started his internship. Everyone looked down upon him while his ex-girlfriend even betrayed him. His colleagues often mocked him, managing to kick him out of the company. But later Eddryll acquired the Witch Doctor's inheritance from an ancient jade at a night. He was just a nobody before that night, but gradually turned to be a legendary figure. With this magic power, he not only rescued the campus belle, but also attracted a bunch of beauties. The hot female boss, the gorgeous policewoman, as well as the next-door young ladies all wanted to marry him. Wherever he went, he would become a big boss! Whoever bullied him was making trouble for themselves! From then on, Eddryll started his legendary life and the whole world was shaken by him!
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In Tian Hai City of Huaxia Country.

It was a hot summer in August. It was almost eight in the evening, but the temperature was still high.

Eddryll Chen had left work quickly and excitedly made his way to Tian Hai university on his mini electric car.

He was a senior student in Tian Hai University who just started doing his internship. He made plans to meet his girlfriend, Lily Xu, at the school plaza that night.

Despite leaving work feeling exhausted and sweaty, he was still in high spirits at the thought being able to see his girlfriend.

It was Lily's birthday and Eddryll had planned to give her a birthday surprise.

The sun had already set. College students were leaving campus in groups and cheerful laughter and chatter could be heard all throughout campus.

Eddryll drove his mini electric car to where they promised to meet. But just as he parked his car, he was stunned by what he saw.

Lily was embracing a stranger. The both of them were talking and laughing away happily beside a luxurious black BMW car.

"Lily? What the hell is going on?"

Eddryll asked as he held back his anger. Seeing how friendly his girlfriend was being toward the stranger made him even angrier.

"Eddryll, you came just in time." Lily's expression looked natural and was completely shameless. "I called you here today to clear things up. We're breaking up!"


Lily declaration came out of nowhere and Eddryll's mind went blank instantly.

Having regained his thoughts, Eddryll took a deep breath and forced out the words, "Why? Lily, how could you do this to me?"

"Are you blind? Lily is mine now, and she dumped a good-for-nothing like you behind. Do I have to really have to spell it out for you?" The stranger who had been embracing Lily said as he looked with contempt.

The young man looked about the same age as Eddryll, but he was dressed in luxurious branded clothes. Compared to the uniform that Eddryll wore at work, the difference between them was night and day.

The man spoke very loudly. He attracted a lot of glances from other students.

Very soon, some of the onlookers began to recognize the man. "Isn't that Raymond Ou? It's Master Ou!"

This man called Raymond Ou was a well-known sophomore in Tian Hai University. But he was notorious for being a lecherous scumbag.

It was rumored that Raymond has had many different girlfriends. But that was only because his family was filthy rich which he used to shamelessly attract these women.

Eddryll had heard a lot about Raymond's womanizing ways. But he never would've thought that his pure and innocent girlfriend would ever fall for such a scumbag. How could ever he accept this?

"Lily, I want to hear you say it! I refuse to believe that you are that type of woman!" Eddryll's eyes turned red as he raised his voice.

"What kind of woman am I, exactly? Eddryll Chen, take a good look at yourself. What right have you to talk down to me?" Lily snorted coldly, her eyes full of contempt. "You drive a run-down electric car all day and you only have an internship for 3,000 yuan a month. You can't even afford to pay for my make-up. Do you really think you have what it takes to take care of me?"

Lily every word devastated Eddryll.

Soon, Eddryll noticed the looks he was receiving from the other students around and his face became even redder with embarrassment.

"Lily, did you know that I saved up my internship salary just to buy you the phone that you wanted so much. I wanted to surprise you on your birthday. I know you said that I didn't have to rush it because I wasn't earning much... but how could you do this to me?"

Eddryll reached his trembling hands into his bag pack and took the phone out.

"Hahahaha!" After seeing the phone, Raymond bursted out laughing. "How long did it take you to even afford that fake phone? A good-for-nothing like you does not deserve to be with Lily. Such a beautiful woman deserves better!"

Eddryll endured Raymond's taunts. At that moment, the only thing in his eyes were Lily.

Suddenly, Eddryll's heart sank when he saw that Lily was clutching the latest Apple phone in her hand.

With Eddryll's salary, he would've needed to starve for three months to even afford that one phone.

"The best present that you managed to get me was that fake phone. How could I ever bear taking it out in public?" Lily deliberately shook the Apple phone in her hand, and the disgust in her eyes grew. "Look at my darling Raymond, not only bought me the latest Apple phone, but he also bought me all these branded clothes. Can you ever do something like this for me?"

Eddryll saw that there were indeed a pile of famous branded shopping bags in the back seat of Raymond's BMW.

Those branded clothes could have been worth tens of thousands while the BMW was worth millions. The polar opposite from Eddryll's cheap belongings and his electric car.

"Lily, this is not the woman I fell in love with..." Eddryll muttered. For a moment, he felt completely powerless.

Their love journey began from high school in a small town up until Tian Hai University. The promises to work hard and never leave each other forever echoed in Eddryll's mind. There was no way that those promises could have come from the gold digger in front of him.

"I was only with you because I didn't know any better. But I realized it all now. I'm a beautiful woman. Why should I waste my youth away being tied to a poor fellow like you? Only someone as capable as my darling Raymond can ever make me happy! Face it, Eddryll Chen. We were never meant to be together!"

Upon listening to Lily's words, Eddryll fell into despair. The girl with thick make up on on her face and who was wearing a mini skirt was no longer the pure girlfriend he used to know.

"Now get lost, scum! You're out of your league. I'm warning you, never to come near my beloved Lily ever again. I will make sure you regret it if you do!" Raymond said proudly and kissed Lily's face as if to proclaim his victory.

The bystanders looked on at Eddryll with pity, as if they were looking at a some miserable creature.

They all knew how intimidating Raymond could be. In the past, another student had his girlfriend helplessly snatched away by Raymond too. Afterward, he even sent a group of thugs to beat the poor guy up. All that student could do was giving up eventually.

Eddryll took a deep breath as his eyes went cold. He said in a quiet tone, "Lily Xu, I hope you won't regret your decision today."

Lily was taken aback by his words. She thought that for sure Eddryll would beg her not to break up with him like a miserable dog. After all, it would be absolutely impossible for him to be with another beautiful woman like her ever again.

She never expected Eddryll would have accepted it so easily, let alone to have declared his vengeance so openly.

After Lily regained her composure, she fired back, "What did you say? Why would I ever regret leaving you? You're destined to be a loser for your whole life! The only regret I would've felt is if I had continued staying with you!"

"Haha, his threats are empty as anyone could have said that. Eddryll Chen, let me tell you this. I've seen many people like you. A nobody like you couldn't even dream to get back at me! Let's leave this fool. Get in the car and we'll get a room together, haha!"

Raymond insulted him one last time mercilessly and left with Lily in his BMW.

Eddryll was left standing there all alone. He ignored the gazes and whispers of the other students and headed to his dorm as he was totally heartbroken.

That night, he drowned himself in alcohol until he passed out. Then he was carried to his bed by his roommates and fell asleep.

From his slumber, Eddryll suddenly felt a warm sensation on his chest. It was the ancient jade that he had worn on his chest since he was a child.

The ancient jade's warmth was intensifying and Eddryll began to gain his consciousness.

Suddenly, a loud voice roared in Eddryll's mind that only he could hear.

"Disciple Eddryll Chen, receive this Witch Doctor's inheritance!"

Following this mysterious voice, countless medical knowledge was passed into Eddryll's mind. This involved ancient and mysterious Witch Doctor's secret acupuncture techniques, as well as Witch Doctor's divine eye technique that seen through everything...

These medical techniques kept transferred in and soon merged into one Eddryll's memory as if they were inseparable.

"My medical knowledge can ascend you to heaven. Cultivate it well and you'll be rewarded definitely!"

The mysterious Witch Doctor's voice continued to seep into Eddryll's mind. At the same time, the ancient jade on Eddryll's was getting hotter.

If Eddryll had opened his eyes, he would've seen that his family's ancient jade had melted!

The ancient jade turned into a majestic stream of air which flowed into Eddryll's body and slowly flowed through his bones and limbs.

Eddryll's muscles and bones were gently nourished by the energy and gradually became stronger.

His bodily flaws and scars were also refined until they were flawless.

"Receive my Immortal Energy. From now on, you have transcended. Don't disgrace the reputation as a Witch Doctor!"

The sound stopped abruptly. Eddryll's body suddenly felt lazy and as an indescribable comfort washed over him, he fell sound asleep again.

"Wake up, Eddryll. You're going to be late for work!"

A familiar voice came. Eddryll opened his eyes and saw the sunlight shining through the windows. Beside the bed was a plain looking and slightly tanned boy shaking him by the shoulders.

That was Benjamin Huang, Eddryll's best friend at the university. Due to his soft nature, he was often teased by his classmates.

"What time is it, Benjamin?" Eddryll asked hurriedly.

"It's almost eight o'clock."

Having heard the time, Eddryll immediately jumped out of bed. He had just lost his love last night and he was not about to lose his job too.

His work began at nine in the morning but Eddryll's departmental manager required his staff to arrive a half hour earlier every day.

This meant that Eddryll had to leave home for work before eight thirty in the morning. Otherwise, he had no doubt that his questionably perverted manager would kill him.

Eddryll had complained about his manager to Benjamin before. Which was why he was worried that Eddryll would be late.

"Hmm?" Eddryll suddenly recalled what happened last night and reached out his hand to touch his chest.

"Was the dream last night real?"

His family's ancient jade that he had always wore on his chest had disappeared completely.

Even after a night of heavy drinking, Eddryll did not feel tired at all. His mind was very clear and his body was filled with energy.

Eddryll felt an overflowing excitement in his heart. He really felt that he was somehow different from before.

"Looks like the Witch Doctor really did pass down his knowledge to me. With these magical powers, why should I be sad over that gold digger? Lily Xu, I will make sure that you regret you decision!"

At that moment, Eddryll felt completely free.

Looking at Eddryll who was suddenly staring at the wall, Benjamin couldn't help but feel sympathetic for his friend. He thought that Eddryll had lost it after the breakup.

Eddryll quickly regained his senses and gave Benjamin a relaxed smile. Then, he was ready to head to work.