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Hey, That's My Boy

Hey, That's My Boy


"Buddy, that woman has woken up." Tomorrow was Wen Ruoqing's wedding day, but someone dragged her and sent her to a hotel. Wen Ruoqing woke up and found there was a camera in front of the bed, waiting to shoot her steamy scene with two guys. Wen Ruoqing escaped from the window and fell in the arms of Ye Sichen, the most powerful man in this city. Wen Ruoqing removed Ye Sichen's bathrobe and kissed him... After an erotic night, Wen Ruoqing wanted to leave quietly. However, Ye Sichen stopped her, "No women dared to climb onto my bed. You know what you deserve." Oh hell, she offended the most powerful man. She was screwed! Unexpectedly, Ye Sichen offered her... a marriage certification?!
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Huanyu Hotel, the most luxurious and most high-class hotel in Alsburg.

In room 2201, a woman in red was lying on the bed. She was as red as fire and as pure as snow. She had a natural temptation that seemed to be able to suck people's souls at any time.

The woman on the bed slowly opened her eyes. Feeling the hot impulse surging in her body, her expression changed.

"Was I drugged?"

What made her more shocked was that at this moment, a man was standing in front of the bed, looking straight at her.

There was a large camera in front of the bed!

Even she, who had always been calm, was so shocked that she broke out in a cold sweat.

Tomorrow was her wedding day. She knew that they would not let it go easily. However, she did not expect that they would hurt her so much! How could they be so cruel!

"You are awake? Then let's start." The man smiled sinisterly and approached her, playing with a fruit knife in his hand.

Cold-blooded, cruel and violent.

"Buddy, that woman has woken up." There was someone in the bathroom. The sound of the conversation made her even more scared.

Wen Ruoqing secretly exhaled. Her character decided that even in such a situation, she must not sit still and wait for death.

The next moment, she suddenly jumped out of bed, pulled out the bedsheet, and raised it to the man who was near her. The sheets covered his face.

Taking advantage of this only chance, she rushed to the balcony quickly, thinking that as long as it was not too high, she would jump down.

This was the only way she could escape at this moment.

However, when she opened the window and looked down, she could not help but take a deep breath.

At this height, if she jumped down, her bones would probably be smashed into pieces.

The man looked at her fiercely and said, "This is the 22nd floor. Jump if you can! I took the money today to deal with you and I won't let you escape."

However, the next moment, he saw that she still climbed out the window and jumped down without hesitation.

It was the 22nd floor and she just jumped down like that?

The man rushed to the balcony at a fast speed, only to find that she did not jump down, but jumped into the next room through the balcony. For some reason, the balconies of the two rooms were very close to each other, and the window next door happened to be open.

"Boss, that's Ye Sichen's room." The man who ran from the bathroom suddenly changed his expression.

In the whole Alsburg, no one dared to provoke the Ye family. Ye Sichen, who was cold-faced, was like the King of Hell. If they provoked him, it was equal to asking for death.

The man's expression became even uglier.

There was no light in the next room. Wen Ruoqing thought there was no one, but the moment she jumped down, she hit a man in the chest.

The man should have just taken a shower and only wore pajamas, because of her sudden smash, backing off, tripping, and dragging. The pajamas on the man's body had long been torn off.

Then, Ye Sichen was directly thrown into the bed by her naked, and her body was tightly pressed on his body without any gap.

It was a hot and exciting scene.

The man's breath was a bit cold, but there was a unique and intoxicating smell, which filled her breath and instantly wrapped her up.