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Love Me Then You Are Mine

Love Me Then You Are Mine


Mo Xiyue got dumped at her own wedding! As revenge, she turned around and picked a strange handsome man to get laid. Going home the next day, she found that she had been arranged to marry, and the man was the one-night stand yesterday! He was arrogant and indifferent, had a quirky temper, and never close to women. 'This is completely different from the one he was in bed yesterday!' She yelled in her heart. But he fell in love with her at first sight, not only taught her to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend, but also obeyed her in every possible way. Mo Xiyue couldn't help but ask him why. "How can I go to your bed without making you happy first, my dear wife?"
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At the festive wedding scene, there was a sense of luxury.

However, there was a particularly eye-catching sign at the door, which said, "The ex-lover and the dog are not allowed to enter."

Mo Xiyue, the original bride of the wedding, stood there, looking at the word "ex", and her eyes were red.

Were they referring to her?


Mo Xiyue, dressed in a white wedding dress, broke into the wedding ceremony.

At this time, the priest was solemnly asking, "The groom, Gu Anjue, are you willing to marry the bride, Mo Shengyun?"


"He doesn't want to!" Mo Xiyue shouted loudly and interrupted Gu Anjue, "I am the bride of this wedding! Just last month, he proposed to me!"

Hearing that, everyone's eyes fell on Mo Xiyue.

However, her eyes were fixed on Gu Anjue, full of hatred, resentment, doubt, and confusion.

When he saw Mo Xiyue, Gu Anyue's handsome face instantly became extremely cold. His thick eyebrows were raised, his nose was straight, his deep, dark eagle eyes were sharp and fascinating, and there was no trace of a smile on his thin lips.

Even if he was sitting in a wheelchair, his whole body displayed a cold and arrogant aura that people dared not get close to, which did not affect him in the slightest as the focus of the crowd.

"Xiyue, are you crazy? You are wearing a wedding dress and causing trouble at my wedding!" Mo Shengyun, Mo Xiyue's younger sister, shouted.

At that moment, Mo Shengyun was wearing a luxurious wedding dress, standing next to Gu Anjue, with a smug smirk in her shocked expression.

"Stop dreaming. I'm the one that Anjue likes. It's always been me!" Mo Shengyun said.

"Like you?" Mo Xiyue laughed ironically, "Where were you when his legs were paralyzed in the car accident? Where were you when his company was on the verge of bankruptcy? When he was doing rehabilitation, where were you?"

When those words fell, Mo Xiyue looked at Gu Anjue again and asked, "When no one cared about you, you relied on me, and you promised that you would marry me when your leg injury recovers! Just last night, you said that the two of us would have a grand wedding today, and that you would not treat me badly! But now..."

"Xiyue, are you..."

"Shut up!" Mo Xiyue shouted angrily, still staring at Gu Anjue with red eyes.

She continued to shout, "Now, your leg injury is almost healed, but you treat me like this? You made me your ex without saying a word, and asked me to wait at home foolishly for you to marry me?"

In the face of Mo Xiyue's complaints, Mo Shengyun's expression was cold and disdainful.

There was not a single Mo family member who would speak up for this sister who had lost her biological mother and who was not favored by others!

"Xiyue, how can you put all the blame on me and my husband?" There was a bright smile on Mo Shengyun's beautiful face. "It's clear that you are the one who cheated first. Those reporters who have nothing to do are staring at our Mo family everyday, and I paid a lot of money to buy those unsightly photos of you in the nightclub!"

Then, Mo Shengyun added, "You're just treating my husband as a cash machine. Aren't you going to let him find true love?"

"What are you talking about?" Mo Xiyue was furious. "Mo Shengyun, are you slandering me?"

"I knew you would come. The video is ready," Mo Shengyun said, nodding to the staff on the left side of the stage. "See for yourself! Don't you dare to admit what you've done?"

As soon as the voice fell, an unsightly video of male and female having s*x appeared on the big screen. The man and the woman were intertwined, completely naked. The movements were intense and the voices were filled with ecstasy.

The man on the screen was Mo Xiyue's friend, while the woman turned her face to the side, so she couldn't be seen clearly.

However, people who were familiar with her could tell that the woman was Mo Xiyue.

Mo Xiyue was completely confused. When did she do that kind of thing?


The video was fake!

"Are you satisfied?" Gu Anjue, who had not spoken all this time, suddenly spoke.

His voice was cold and ruthless, with a hint of mockery. His eyes fell lightly on Mo Xiyue's face, which was full of lethality.

"Mo Xiyue, I warned you a long time ago that you should stay away from that man, but you only said that it was just friendship! Now, do you know why I didn't marry you?" Gu Anjue asked coldly.