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I Can See You Through, Babe

I Can See You Through, Babe


After being mercilessly dumped by his girlfriend, he accidentally got a mysterious mask... The "Super X-ray vision" could see through everything, including the hidden antiques, the hidden disease in his body, the best quality in the waste... And there were also the good and evil in his heart!
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  "Why don't you understand? Childe Cao is the God of Wealth of our company. He took a fancy to Xiao Qin and asked me to help him. Xiao Qin volunteered... Your girlfriend ran away, what does it have to do with me?" Wei Cheng said coldly to Guan Yi.

  In Guan Yi's view, Wei Cheng in front of him was completely different from Mr. Wei, who was calm and easy to get along with.

  Guan Yi came from the countryside and lived in a simple and honest country. He had never known that there was a "deception" in this world, so he often suffered losses. He was born simple and honest, and he always remembered what his father told him that a loss was a blessing.

  As a foreigner, he was able to stay in the Hai Province after graduation because of the recommendation of his girlfriend Sha Xiaoqin. After entering the smooth auction company, he had almost been working all year round for three years, and his monthly performance was the highest in the company. He worked hard, just to repay the trust of Boss Wei, and gave Xiao Qin a new life.

  Last night, Wei Chengli promised to promote him to be the Second Manager, and also gave him a raise. With the promise of promotion and salary, he dared to take out all his savings and pay the down payment of the house...

  He wanted to buy a house, get married, marry Xi Xiaoqin, and then save money to buy a car. It was his greatest hope to have a family in a big city like Hai Province. It seemed that this hope would soon come true, but Wei Qian had lit up the fire in the backyard!

  Cao Rui was the young master of Dong Huan Group, while Dong Huan Group was a big customer. Wei Cheng, like his father, was the "God of Wealth". Xi Xiaoqin was Wei Cheng's secretary. Last night, Wei Cheng said that he wanted to ask Xi Xiaoqin to go with him for social engagement...

  As soon as Xi Xiaoqin came back, she broke up with him!

  "Is she willing to do it? If you didn't make a note for Cao Yin, would she be willing to do it? Give her secretary, the daughter of an old classmate to a big customer as a mistress, this is something that a turtle can do..." Guan Yi slammed his fists on the desk, held the table and roared.

  At this moment, Xi Xiaoqin came out of the secretary room, which had been closed all the time. She calmly said to Guan Yi, "I just volunteered!"

  "You are shameless!" Guan Yi saw that Xi Xiaoqin's eyes were burning with anger, and all the muscles in her body couldn't help but tremble because of anger.

  "I've been following you in college, and I've been following you all these years. I've been living in a bad luck for eight lives!" Xi Xiaoqin chattered on and on as if adding fuel to the fire.

  On the other hand, Wei Jian was still fanning the flames. "If you don't have money and ability, how can a woman bear hardships with you? Wake up, boy!"

  His fists, which were pressed against the desk, were rattling. The heavy blow just now made his knuckles bleed, and the anger in his heart had reached the critical point.

  "The God of Wealth, isn't it? Cao Rui is the God of Wealth of Wei Liang, the man who can give you a rich life... I am the piece of paper that you throw when you use it, am I right?" Guan Yi roared and raised an unknown opera mask in front of him, ready to throw it at him.

  At this moment, the Tao drama mask was stained with the blood on Guan Yi's hand. Two rays of golden and purple divine light projected from his eyes, which were shooting into Guan Yi's eyes.


  Guan Yi, whose eyes were pierced by the two rays of light, threw the mask out of his hand.

  Just as Wei Cheng and Xi Xiaoqin were hit by the Tao-made mask and called the police, the colleagues and security guards of the office rushed in and made a mess, Guan Yi seemed to have no idea what was going on around him.

  Although his mind was still clear, the world he could see was dark, and a strange pattern appeared in front of him.

  Three huge eyes were arranged in a triangle, each of which was surrounded by a mysterious line and nine strange symbols.

  "The setup of the Super Vision system has been completed. The host's degree of fit will be 20 percent, and the energy reserve is zero..."

  A mysterious voice that seemed to come from ancient times echoed in Guan Yi's mind...

  "What the hell is this?"

  While Guan Yi was still in a daze, these strange things suddenly disappeared again. In front of him, there were also eight big words, "Please be honest and resist strict."

  After staying in the police station for a long time, Guan Yi was released.

  "Young man, don't be so impulsive in the future. Can't you just say something nice... Now that you broke people's things and hurt people, you have to bear the legal responsibility." An old policeman sent Guan Yi out of the police station and warned him with great earnestness.

  He walked on the street like a walking dead. His mind was in a mess. His girlfriend ran away, lost his job, paid all his savings, and paid the down payment... and the strange illusion that seemed real and illusory just now.

  Everything was like a dream. If it was a dream, he really hoped to wake up early from this nightmare.

  "I'm going to marry you tomorrow!" His phone rang, and this line of colored bell was set up by Xi Xiaoqin for him...

  Listening to this somewhat ironic and harsh singing, Guan Yi took out his mobile phone and was about to turn it off. However, the number displayed on the phone made him hesitate.

  The person who called was his former colleague Xia Jian. They used to be partners, and Old Xia could be regarded as more than half of his master who led him in. It was obvious that Old Xia had heard some news and came to comfort Guanyi.

  Seeing that Guan Yi just lowered his head and drank wine without saying a word, Xia Jian gave him a order and said, "Don't just drink, have some food!"

  "You kid! You are too honest... I know who Wei Cheng is, don't you? Mr. Cao has a crush on Xiao Qin, how can he let go of this opportunity to please Mr. Cao! I have told you long ago that a good client came to me, and I will give you more introduction fee. It's true that the money is earned when you earn it!"

  In Xia Jian's philosophy of dealing with things, Guan Yi didn't agree with him, but he didn't say anything. He was still drinking hard.

  Xia Jian comforted him for a while and asked tentatively, "Now that you've understood everything, what are you going to do? Why don't... come to Haiyuan and follow me!"

  The Haiyuan Auction House he belonged to was a little famous in the industry. Although the brand was not well-established, it was very powerful and had a strong background.

  Guan Yi didn't think much about Xia Jian's invitation and nodded directly. Now he still had the right to choose? If he hurt Wei Jian and threw his things, this fat man would pay him 100,000 yuan!

  After chatting for a while, Xia Jian mentioned one thing to Guan Yi. "Little Guan, I heard that you have a good relationship with Mr. Min now. Did you mobilize him to take out some collections for auction?"

  Looking at the expectation in Xia Jian's eyes, Guanyi understood a little... If they wanted to enter the Haiyuan Auction House, it would be impossible without a meeting gift. And Xia Jian wanted the customer in his hands.