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Lying in My Arms

Lying in My Arms


In order to pay for her brother's treatment, Shen Qing had to marry into the He family on behalf of her sister. She always thought that she was married to He family, but she did not know that her nominal husband was the second son, He Yaining. He Yining, the real heir of the He family, the ruthless business tyrant, her sister wanted to marry him in her dreams. When the commercial emperor pressed her down, she was stunned. "Hey, what are you going to do? I am your sister-in-law?" He Yixiao smiled evilly. "Have you really seen your marriage certificate?"
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  "I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose." Because of her mistake, she spat on the collar of the other party.

  This was the second time that she made a mistake today.

  Shen Qiqi felt that she was dead today.

  As a top private stylist, he made a mistake that even an apprentice would not make a mistake. He was afraid that he would be the one to make a mistake in this field.

  The man who was in the form was born with a pair of phoenix eyes. The corner of his eyes was pressed down, the end of his eyes were raised, and his eyes were slightly cold.

  It was said that such a man was cruel and merciless when he was learning from others.

  He Yining's eyes fell on Shen Qiqi's collarbone again.

  There was a flame-sized birthmark in that position.

  The fiery red birthmark was in the middle of the delicate clavicle, charming and passionate.

  "This is the second one you destroyed." He Yilin glanced at her torn clothes, looked up at Shen Qiqi, and narrowed her eyes slightly.

  Shen Qiqi felt an overwhelming pressure pouring down from her back.

  Shen Chun's fingers trembled. "I'm sorry..."

  Just as Shen Qiqi was waiting for the judgment of fate in her heart, He Yining suddenly leaned into Shen Qiqi's ear and smiled evilly. "Are you trying to retain me?"

  His breath suddenly sprayed on Shen Qiqi's ears, and the hormones exuding from him instantly covered the whole area and permeated all the way into her ears.

  Shen Qiqi's pupils contracted in an instant.

  His body reacted immediately. He reached out and was about to push He Yining away.

  The fingers touched each other's chest, and the touch was so warm that Shen Qing withdrew her fingers quickly, as if she was hot.

  Shen Qian took a step back awkwardly, but she forgot that there was a dressing table behind her, and her whole person was attached to it.

  Just as he was about to get up, He Yining leaned over and pressed down on him. The tip of their noses almost touched each other's.

  Shen Qian didn't even dare to breathe heavily. Her lips quivered slightly, her heart beat faster, and her brain went blank in an instant.

  Looking at Shen Qiqi's gradually reddened ears, He Yining smiled gently.

  "The last time." A pleasant voice sounded above Shen Qiqi's head, which almost made Shen Qiqi couldn't believe that she had really escaped.

  "A business king who owns the power of the wind and clouds."

  Ruthless and merciless working tyrant.

  He was the legendary president of the He's consortium.

  The diamond king, Laowu, who attracted thousands of women's love...

  There were too many titles for him, so Shen Chun could only remember one thing: If someone made mistakes in front of him, he would bid farewell to this industry for the rest of his life!

  "I made two mistakes in a row today, but he didn't let me disappear?"

  The tall figure suddenly left. Shen Qiqi, who was only 165 centimeters tall, suddenly felt the pressure ease, so she stood up straight.

  "Mrs. Shen, I still have fifteen minutes." He Yilin kindly reminded Shen Qiqi.

  Shen Qiqi suddenly came to her senses and hurried over to finish the rest of the work.

  After finishing the design, Shen Chun asked uneasily, "How much... are the compensation for the two pieces of clothing?"

  He Yilin looked at her with interest and said, "Since you took the initiative to admit your mistake, you will only charge the cost of 500 thousand yuan per time."

  "What? Two pieces of clothing worth one million?"

  Shen Chun's face turned pale in an instant.

  "What's wrong? Can't you afford it? Or... do you want to pay for it with something else?" He Yunxiang looked at his new style and looked at Shen Qiqi through the mirror meaningfully...

  Leaving this sentence behind, He Yining stood up and left in a carefree manner.

  Shen Qiqi was so angry that she couldn't say a word.

  As the head of the He family, he actually...

  The phone rang. Shen Qian looked at the number and felt a sudden pain in her heart. She quickly picked it up. "Hello, aunt, is there any news from Zhanbo?"

  There was a long silence on the other end of the phone. After a full minute, he said tiredly, "The police said that it has been forty-eight hours of effective rescue. I'm afraid that there is no hope for him to survive."

  Boom—Shen Qiqi felt her mind went blank.

  Lin Mengya's body went limp and she collapsed on the carpet.

  "Zhanbo is dead?"

  How did he say that he would die?

  Didn't they say that they would spend the rest of their lives together?

  Didn't they say that they would get engaged when they came back this time?

  "Liar, Zhanbo, you big liar!"

  Shen Qian didn't know how she walked out of the door.

  By the time she came to her senses, she realized that her entire body was soaked.

  She stretched out her hand to wipe her face. She did not know whether it was rain or tears on her face, but she had already blurred her sight.

  Shen Qian wanted to cry and vent her anger.

  But at this moment, she realized that when she was in extreme pain, she couldn't cry at all.

  Shen Qiqi stumbled forward. In the heavy rain, there was only desperate voice in the world.

  He Yining saw the staggering figure on the side of the road and instantly recognized the woman who was in the shape of him. She suddenly felt a twinge in her heart. When she was about to pass by her, she suddenly said, "Stop the car."

  The pure white Rolls-Royce stopped steadily, and the window fell down. In this rainy day, his handsome face looked more like a god who was otherworldly.

  He Qingning noticed that the woman in the rain did not notice her at all. She could not help but press her eyes.

  No one had ever ignored him like this.

  "Get in the car." He said with a faint anger. Was this woman a fool? How could she not know how to open an umbrella in such a heavy rain?

  When Shen Qiqi heard the sound behind her, she stood up mechanically and turned around.

  When she saw He Qingning's cold and beautiful face, she didn't know why her tears, which she had just suppressed, were broken in an instant.

  Shen Chun's lips trembled, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

  Although she knew that he was just a stranger to her.

  However, Shen Qian especially wanted to talk to someone about it at this time, because in this world, she didn't even have a person who could talk to her.

  Even if the other party was just a stranger, she couldn't help but say, "He's dead. He can't come back... He can't come back... never come back..."

  Before he finished his words, he was already choked with sobs.

  He Yining looked at Shen Qing, who was suddenly as fragile as a piece of thin paper. A gust of wind might be able to break her into pieces.

  He didn't know why his anger dissipated in an instant.

  He Yilin opened the car door for Shen Qiqi in person, and her tone suddenly softened. "Get in the car."

  Shen Qian, like a drowning person, suddenly grabbed the last straw and got into the car without any hesitation.

  Shen Qian curled up in her seat and cried like a child.

  She was so afraid of loneliness, and she was so afraid that a person would bear the darkness.

  He Yining narrowed her eyes and said to the driver, "Let's go to the Jing Hua Manor."

  The driver was stunned for a moment and then calmed down immediately. He drove quickly toward the Jing Hua Manor.

  When Shen Qing came to her senses again, she was already in a villa in a huge manor.

  Looking around at the exquisite and simple west European style rooms, Shen Qiqi recalled that she actually got into a strange man's car and went to his home in the most sorrowful situation...

  Shen Qian subconsciously stood up straight, grabbed her bag, and was about to run away in panic.

  "What's wrong? You owe me money and want to run away in such a hurry?" A distant and indifferent voice said.

  Shen Chun suddenly turned around and saw He Yining walking toward her while wiping her hair in her white pajamas.

  His short black hair, which had just taken a shower, was messy and obedient, which made He Yining more unruly and domineering.