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The Heir Of a Higly-proficient Doctor

The Heir Of a Higly-proficient Doctor


Lin Yu, who had the special skills of the Ghost Valley Taoist sect and the medical skills, entered the human realm to cultivate his heart. He was omnipotent and knew Yin and Yang. He was able to dominate the cities with the medical skills of the Ghost Valley. He was rich and beautiful in the world. With a brick in one hand and a medical book in the other, he beat the beast and saved the common people...
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  On the train, the sound of people was boiling. Although it was not spring, it happened to be the Winter Festival, so the unique Huaxia train was crowded. Although it was not as crowded as the spring transport, the three people sitting in their seats made people feel miserable.

  Lin Yu, who was sitting between the two elegant young women, looked a little embarrassed. Now that the three of them were sitting together, it was already crowded. In addition, the young women on both sides were slightly plump, so the three of them were sitting together, which made it even more crowded.

  The young woman on the left was still holding a little boy of about five or six years old. Although the child was already so old, she had maintained it very well. Moreover, she was at a very old age. In addition, she was wearing a short white dress, and the large patches of snow-white under her pink neck made Lin Yu, who thought she was a gentleman, could not help but look at her from time to time.

  The young woman on the right was a restless person. She twisted her body from time to time, rubbing Lin Yu's body intentionally or unintentionally. She also occasionally winked at Lin Yu, saying some words that could make any man fantasize, which made Lin Yu, a virgin who had never been in contact with women, have an impulse to be beast.

  Lin Yu felt that he had suffered all along the way.

  It was not easy to get to a stop, and someone happened to get out of the car. The young woman, who was holding the child, moved to the opposite side, so Lin Yu did not continue to feel embarrassed.

  "Mom, I want to sleep." The child in the young woman's arms said and fell asleep in her mother's arms.

  The young woman took a coat to cover the child, then changed into a comfortable position to hold the child and try to make the child sleep as comfortable as possible.

  "Big sister, the child must have a bad appetite recently. Look at his thin face, did he see a doctor?" Lin Yu looked at the young woman's child and finally couldn't help asking.

  "Yes, I often don't eat, and I don't like my favorite snacks. I don't know why there is no problem after I go to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor said that the child is fine, and I am so worried." The young woman said with a sad face.

  "I know a little about medicine. Why don't I feel the baby's pulse?" Lin Yu said.

  "Do you know medical skills?" The young woman on the opposite side's eyes lit up.

  "A little. My master is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and he is good at medicine. I grew up with him, so I know some traditional Chinese medicine. If eldest sister trusts me, I can help her." Lin Yu said with a smile.

  "Okay, thank you." The young woman carefully took out the child's hand. Lin Yu stretched out two fingers of his right hand and carefully felt the child's pulse.

  A few minutes later, Lin Yu let go of the child's wrist. He knew very well about the body condition of the child in the young woman's arms, so he suggested kindly.

  "The child's Qi is a little unstable and his Yin and Yang are not in harmony. According to Western medicine, it is a slight hungry disease. Now the disease has not yet been reflected, so it is not a big problem. I suggest that eldest sister find a reliable old Chinese medicine doctor. Two medicines or a few needles are enough. In fact, I also know some Chinese medicine. How about I help the child to acupuncture a few needles and it will be fine in a few minutes?"

  "Oh, no need. It doesn't matter." The young woman shook her head hurriedly. She didn't know Lin Yu. There were so many people selling dog meat and sheep nowadays. Lin Yu was so young that she couldn't connect him with the white-haired old Chinese medicine doctor. What's more, how could there be such a kind-hearted person in this world? What's more, her son was only slightly hungry. How could he be as mysterious as he said?

  "The child's symptoms are not obvious now, but we can't delay any longer. We'd better find an old doctor of Chinese Medicine and have a look."

  Seeing that the young woman was not in a good mood, Lin Yu stopped talking. After all, he and the young woman did not know each other. If he was too enthusiastic, it would be suspicious.

  "Little brother, do you know medical skills?" The young woman next to Lin Yu asked. Her voice was so sweet that people heard her voice. Before they could see her, her bones were half melted.

  Lin Yu shuddered. He was good at medicine. At a glance, he could tell that the young woman on the right had a big butt and blurred eyes. Her eyes were full of peach blossoms. At first glance, he could tell that she had serious hormones. It was no wonder that the woman would lean on him from time to time when the three of them were sitting together.

  Lin Yu was only in his early twenties this year. Although he had traveled around the world with his master and experienced a lot, he was still respectful to this familiar young woman. Because of his special constitution and the Six Floating Veins, he had been weak and sick since he was a child. The most important thing was that he could not break a child's body easily when he was not yet 22 years old.

  Therefore, although the young woman beside him was like a ripe apple, which made people feel an urge to take a bite, he still had to stay away from her.

  In the past few years, if it weren't for the fact that his teacher, the successor of the Ghost Valley, had cultivated the Tai Xuan core meridian of Haotian Taoism to suppress the Six Floating Veins, he might not have been able to survive even 18 years old. Therefore, he had to refuse the woman's good intentions, even though he wanted to do something wrong in his heart.

  As she spoke, the young woman leaned against Lin Yu again. Lin Yu felt a soft sensation on his right leg and quickly moved outward. Then, he suppressed the impulse in his body and calmed down. He smiled and said, "A little bit."

  "Well... Why don't you have a look at my sister? Now she doesn't eat well and doesn't sleep well. She always feels that there is something missing in her body..."

  The young woman's eyes were full of affection. Looking at Lin Yu's tender appearance, she almost wanted to rush over and bite him. This woman had seen countless people, and she could accurately grasp the man's mind. What she said could squeeze the man's mind, and she almost said her empty and lonely mind.

  "Also... I feel uncomfortable here. You can touch it." The young woman grabbed Lin Yu's hand and pressed it against her chest. Caught off guard, Lin Yu's right hand was caught by her. Lin Yu felt that something was flowing out of his nostrils, and he was so scared that he quickly withdrew his hand.

  "Little brother, what's wrong with me? I feel very uncomfortable. Please help me to have a look." The woman's eyes were as sharp as silk, and she was really a little angry in her heart. She thought that the old woman's hint was so bare. Why didn't this guy understand it? He didn't know what to say at all.

  "Chinese medicine pays attention to looking, listening, questioning, and feeling the pulse. I can't see anything from my sister, so I have to take the pulse before I know." Lin Yu calmed down and said.

  "Well, let me feel your pulse." The woman smiled happily. She was at a mature age, and her every move was fascinating. A woman of this age was good at killing men. She stretched out her delicate right hand and sent it to Lin Yu.

  Lin Yu stretched out his hand and placed it on her wrist, feeling the changes in the young woman's pulse. The young woman's charming eyes wandered around Lin Yu's body.

  A moment later, Lin Yu withdrew his hand and frowned tightly.

  "What's wrong? Is there any problem?" Looking at Lin Yu's expression, the young woman's expression became tense, and she became nervous.

  "There's something wrong..." Lin Yu frowned.

  "What's the problem?" The young woman asked nervously.

  "You're 30 years old this year."


  "Then you should be married."

  "We're married."

  "Have you had a child?"

  "A boy, three years old."

  Lin Yu's eyes widened, and his face turned red. Finally, he asked the last question, "You've been married, had a child, and now you're pregnant. Then I'll ask you... Why are you still a virgin?"

  "Ah..." The young woman who was holding the child on the opposite side and the woman on the right side of Lin Yu were dumbfounded at the same time.