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The Kongfu Master

The Kongfu Master



  On pale and haze mainland, the only way to become a warrior is to awake the martial spirit that communicates with the universe and absorbs the anima to practice.Various types of martial spirit can’t be counted. It includes four levels: heaven, earth, mystery and yellow. There are ten classes down each level.
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  On pale and haze mainland, the only way to become a warrior is to awaking the martial spirit that communicates with the universe and absorbs the anima to practice.

  Various types of martial spirit can’t be counted. It includes four levels: heaven, earth, mystery and yellow. There are ten classes down each level.

  The higher level martial spirit reaches, the stronger the speed, ability, and potential of cultivation and more chances to become successful can be got in the future.

  At this moment, Clouse clan, living in Washington City, Land River Kingdom, is holding a martial spirit awaken ceremony.

  A handsome disciple with a prideful face is cross—legged sitting on a dark altar, surrounded by all disciples and elders of the Clouse family.

  This talented disciple, named Sky Clouse, whose father is the elder son of Clouse clan. Jack Clouse, Lord of Clouse clan, is the only one better than Sky Clouse. For this reason, all disciples and elders from all over the country were full of expectations. It came into Sky Clouse’s body and cycled like hundreds of a visible fake huge snake.


  Sky Clouse suddenly roared like a beast. Behind his body, rays of yellow light immediately showed up. When five rays of yellow light appeared, a ferocious struggled white tiger loomed like a king of beasts and brought out a fierce atmosphere.

  All elders and disciples present felt a huge sense of oppression at this instant.

  "This is ..." The elder who was presiding over the ceremony was shocked and immediately reacted. He looked very excited and shouted, "Five yellow lights! Five yellow lights! This is fifth—class of yellow level in Martial spirit! The fifth—class of yellow level in beast martial spirit! "

  Like a thunderbolt, the news was thrown into the crowd and shocked all the disciples and elders.

  "What? Is this fifth—class of yellow level in Martial spirit?"

  "Oh my God, there's a top genius in our Clouse family!"


  Everyone's faces were filled with shock, and they did not expect this to happen.

  It’s important to know that the five—class martial spirit rank in the top in whole Washington City and hard to show up in three years. Moreover, anyone who possessed five or higher class of yellow level had no limitation in his future achievements. They thought that Sky Clouse could only awaken fourth—class of yellow level in martial spirit.

  Sky Clouse was wild with joy and did not expect that he would be able to awaken a fifth—class martial spirit.

  Seeing the shocked gazes of the entire group of disciples and elders, Sky Clouse could not help but rose into his prideful. His gaze swept over and landed on a plain—looking disciple, filled with provocation.

  This disciple was the young lord and the first genius of the Clouse family.

  "Okay, next, Jack Clouse!" The host quickly reacted and yelled.

  Now that Sky Clouse had emerged as the top genius, it wouldn’t be worse than him with Jack Clouse’s talent.

  In that case, with the two top talents, the future development of the Clouse family couldn't be predicted.

  Sure enough, when the host shouted his name, the shocked disciples, elders, and others all looked at the ordinary youth. In their eyes, the expectation was extremely strong and surpassed what they had on Sky Clouse.

  Jack Clouse was a legend not only in the Clouse family but also in Washinton City.

  They thought that Sky Clouse could only awaken fourth—class of yellow level in martial spirit. Jack Clouse, the son of the head in Clouse family, started learning literary at six years old and was famous for this at the age of eight. He gave up on literary at nine years old and practiced martial arts one year later. He could hunt tiger with his bare hands at eleven years old and learned knife skills at twelve. He mastered ten kinds of martial arts at thirteen and at the age of fourteen, he was slashed by the thunder without any harm. Until his sixteen, he created his own knife skill which is listed as a medium—class martial arts and became well—known in Washinton City.

  Once there was a strong practicer who had been called “the king of martial art”. When he heard Qin Nan's deeds, he immediately asserted: "The talent shown by this child is no trivial matter. The awaken martial spirit must be fifth—class of the yellow level, the future achievements are by no means extraordinary. "

  The words of the king immediately had a great effect. Even before Jack Clouse had awakened his martial spirit, he had been declared the first talent of Washinton City.

  As everyone could see, Jack Clouse was dressed in a dark robe with his slightly pale skin. In the eyes of the crowd, he walked over to the altar with a calm face.

  "Huh, this day has finally arrived ...", Jack Clouse secretly said. He took a deep breath, sat cross—legged with his eyes closed and ignored everyone’s attention.

  Rays of white light immediately flowed into Jack Clouse’s body from the altar under him.

  At this time, the disciples and elders around who saw Jack Clouse came into the mood were immediately boiled.

  "I get a distinct that the marial spirit Jack Clouse awaked must make a big noise. "

  "Yes, Sky Clouse has awakened the fifth—class martial spirit. Jack Clouse has better talent than him so that he can awake higher level.”

  "more than the fifth—class martial arts spirit, I haven't even appeared in the Qin family ever."

  “There is not even one martial spirit above fifth—class of yellow level come out since the very beginning of Clouse clan.”

  "Shut up, don't disturb young lord, Jack Clouse. If something goes wrong, can you all take on it?"


  The atmosphere was extremely hot. Apart from the young disciples’ respects, even the elders were full of praise and expectations.

  However, when Sky Clouse saw this, the joy and pride of awaking fifth—class of yellow level in beast martial spirit were instantly flushed out.

  "Hmm, the martial spirit is doomed by god. Anything else can't be counted." Sky Clouse said coldly: "You really think that fifth—class of yellow level in martial spirit can be awaked at any time like something else. By that time, young lord Jack Clouse can only awake second—class of yellow level! "

  As soon as he said this, the disciples and elders around him looked a little despised.

  However, they did not say anything. After all, Sky Clouse is a genius with fifth—class martial spirit at this time.

  Being stared by everyone's disdainful eyes, Sky Clouse calmed down a lot even though he was extremely unhappy. The talent of Jack Clouse since his childhood was amazed by the king of martial art. There was no way that he only awaked three—class of yellow level in martial spirit.

  When he thought of this, Sky Clouse stared at the altar.

  "Jack Clouse, you must awake a martial spirit that is lower than fifth—class, at least, you can't awake more than that."

  Sky Clouse could not help cursing.

  At this time, more and more white light came from the altar.

  Jack Clouse who was sitting on the altar, blushed under his white light. A sharp buzzing voice rang out from his skinny body.

  Everyone breathed almost at the same time!

  He could only hear the sound of a 'bang', and from Jack Clouse's body, a yellow light suddenly rose. In the crowd's nervous eyes, the yellow light rose and stopped abruptly. Then, a large sword wrapped in flames slowly appeared in the yellow light.

  At that very moment, the entire disciple and elder immediately stunned.

  A yellow light? First—class of yellow level in martial spirit? The lowest level in martial spirit? How could this be?

  Even the Sky Clouse who kept cursing was shocked and surprised. Because he never expected that the top genius of Washinton City only awakened the first—class of yellow level, the most garbage one!

  Jack Clouse sat on the altar with his eyes slowly opened and saw all the dull expressions on the audience face.

  "Red flame knife, the first—class of yellow level in martial spirit."

  Jack Clouse whispered in his heart and changed his mind, he retracted the red flame sword that was suspended behind him. He did not show up any desperation or sadness because he awaked the lowest martial spirit. Instead, there was a trace of joy in his eyes, but it quickly concealed by