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【暂停】Love Me Like That

【暂停】Love Me Like That


Her deep love was in exchange for that he gouged her heart in person. In a fire, she became a charred body, then he knew that the loss of her was such a pain...
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It was raining heavily.

Ashley Mo kneeled on the nail plate, and the whole person kneeled and was pressed by the two Grannys. The water under her body was not clear whether it was rain or blood.

"Ashley Mo, let me ask you one more time. Are you willing to sacrifice your heart?"The cold male voice broke the raining sound and broke Ashley Mo's mind.

Ashley Mo slowly raised her head and said, "Your Majesty, do you must take Ashley's heart?"

"Yes, otherwise, Asteria's disease is not cured, and Asteria's illness can not be delayed."Ellison Nanong was looking at Ashley Mo in the rain, all of whom are despicable. "Didn't you say that if I want it, no matter what is it, as long as you have it, you will give it to me?"

It was Asteria Mo, again. Ashley Mo had not spoken yet, and the two Granny pressed her body with force. Suddenly, the pain in her knees like bone-broken. The sharp spikes of nails had been tied to the bone through the muscle.

As she bit her lip, Ashley Mo said in a trembling voice:"Your Majesty, Ashley is not unwilling, but I can't."If it is offered, she will die.

She's really going to die.

Her body had no longer afforded any trouble.

But if she died like this way, she would not be leaving at peace.

"Your Majesty, don't be hard for sister. It must be the royal doctor. I just have a headache. I can bear it when it hurts. I don't need to bother Ashley sister." When it came to Asteria Mo, she was holding the umbrella leisurely walking across Ashley Mo towards Ellison Nanong.

"Asteria, it's raining days. Don't you feel headache? Who allowed you to come out?"Ellison Nanong rushed into the rain curtain in a flash, holding Asteria Mo in one hand and rushed into the room with the umbrella.

As the rain was weaved, the image of grace stabbed Ashley Mo's heart. She pursed her dry lip and slowly lowered her eyelids.

If she was not immobilized by two mammys, she must hand cover her ears and never want to hear Asteria Mo's voice in her life.

Who really disgusting was Asteria Mo, not her.

However, the more she hated the voice of Asteria Mo, the more Asteria Mo would torture her, "Your Majesty, I heard that you've heard the doctor's words for Asteria's heart blood. So I rushed in a hurry. I can't bear it..."

Assteria Mo said, her hand touched her forehead.

"The head hurts again?" Ellison Nangrong lightly rubbed the forehead of Asteria Mo with her fingertips.

"I... I can endure it." Asteria Mo Chuu said pitifully.

"No, I can't bear the pain on you. I have to make you cured." He said when released Asteria Mo, then rushed to Ashley Mo like an arrow. His brocade cloud boots immediately trampled on kneeled Ashley Mo on her thigh on the nail plate. "Ashley Mo, will you offer it?"

Ashley Mo even heard the sound of the bone being stabbed by nails. His image become more and more vague, although he used be the apple in her eyes. A thought flashed rapidly in her mind. Does she still can not escape from her fate?

If she really can't beat it, let it go!

But she really can't let the man go.

In a trance, she whispered:"The emperor wants Ashley to offer my heart blood, it is definitely no problem, but Ashley has two requests."

"Ashley Mo, how cheap are you? All over the world, except you, everyone has the qualifications to speak to me, but you don't have it."Ellison Nanong stepped on one of Ashley Mo's other thighs.

Ashley Mohn raised her face and approached Ellison, whispered, "Your Majesty, did you say that I am a b*tch? Then Ashley will let you know how great i am tonight. This is the first request of mine. And I got the second as well. As long as you agree, Ashley will offer."

"Well, if you repent, I will crush you." Ellison Nangong said coldly. He stretched out his big hand, the Ashley Mo was brought into the eaves under the roof, "Hiss... Hiss..." After several voices, Ellison Nanong forcefully entered the body of the woman pinned on the wall...