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My Doctor Wife

My Doctor Wife


Christian is the officer of the army while Anna is an intern at the hospital. They used to have different lines of their lives but involved together with a paper of marriage contract. He signed it as there is only one love in his heart but dead; She signed because there is no love in her heart and she doesn’t believe in it. They benefited from this contract to comfort their parents’ anxiety. However, a drunken night smashed the deal and they crossed the line. Before they could realize their true mind towards each other, life knocked them again. Anna found her got pregnant while Christian got a more shocking news----his ex-girlfriend came back from death!
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In a summer morning, the temperature is still high, the sunshine came into the room through the curtains, and the large bedroom is covered by a layer of warm light.

Anna Nan was awakened by the cold. She was sleepy and cursed herself for having forgotten to turn off the air conditioner when she went to bed last night.

So sleepy was Anna Nan that she closed her eyes to fumble for the remote control on the bedside table, but accidentally touched a sleeping body.

Christian Gu is a light sleeper. He woke up as soon as Anna Nan groped. The sky was already bright. Her small hand groped in front of his chest, but he threw it off impatiently. He never has the tenderness toward women.

Christian Gu rubbed his eyebrow and sat up from the bed. The first thing he saw was a mess on the ground. It's the hangover and excessive fatigue made his reaction slow the half clap than usual. Suddenly, he thought of something and was awake.

Turning head to look at his side, he was not surprised to see Anna Nan with no clothes on, and those clearly blue and purple marks on her white and frosty body.

A face that hated by both man and God was suddenly as cold as ice.

Anna Nan was in drowsiness when she felt the movement besides. She thought of the strong and hot flesh wall that she had just touched with her hand and subconsciously realized something was wrong.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and felt the anger beside her. She sat up at once.

A glance at Christian Gu.

His eyes were deep and cold, and the furrowed brow showed his great anger.

“Anna Nan!”, the naked man sat on the bed, coldly squeezing out the two words from his mouth!

Anna Nan only felt the shivers ran over her.

Suddenly, Anna Nan looked down at herself. She found that she didn't wear any clothes so she was completely in panic. Pointing at him for a long time, she couldn't say any word, "You, you, you... I, I, I ... We ..." What happened to us!

Before she could ask the question, her raising wrist which pointed to him was severely pinched by him. The man just yanked her off from the bed with a little strength.

Anna Nan staggered and her knee was bumped against the low cabinet beside the bed. She was so painful that she almost cried out on the spot.

No sooner had she stabilized herself than was hit by her clothes, accompanied by the voice of the man with no emotions, "Get out of here!", he said.

Christian Gu was angry. He was going to ask her what was going on and why they slept together. However, when he saw her naked body, his blood rushed into his brain and he got angry at themselves. Why he did such a stupid thing when he was drunk?

And how she stepped into his bedroom and slept with him?

"I ..." No matter how stupid Anna Nan was, now, she knew what had happened. She was filled with injustice and embarrassment, but she didn't know how to say.

How could she explain something that she was also confused?

"Get out!", Christian Gu denied her any chance to defend herself, throwing her with her stuff out of the master bedroom.

The large bedroom was quiet again. Christian Gu sat on the ground in misery. He held his head and could not find any excuse to forgive himself. How could he get drunk and ...

How can he be worthy of her now?

He had promised her that she would be the only one in this life.

This was the last thing he could do for her.

How could Anna Nan feel good when Christian Gu tortured in his heart?

In theory, she and Christian Gu are legal couples. It's normal if this happened, but the key is that they are in a marriage of convenience. There was an agreement before the marriage. Their marriage was just a cover to make parents happy, each of them got their needs. If one day, one of them had a real relationship, the other would have the right to divorce at any time.

For half a year of their marriage, the two have always had a tacit understanding of respecting each other as guests in public but respect each other as "ice" when there are only two of them. Christian Gu is a busy, in fact, Anna Nan has seen him only a few times. Even if the two are at home, they live in their respective bedrooms like now, had never crossed the line.

Yesterday, she was blue and drank too much wine! When she went home, her mother-in-law just came to his house to deliver some things and she took it for granted to take her to their master bedroom.

She forgets what happened later, only dimly remembered Christian Gu was very gentle last night, he had been muttering a name. As she had lacked the love of her parents since childhood, she always has no resistance to such gentleness, let alone she was deeply drunk.