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Leave Me, Love Me

Leave Me, Love Me



"I'm just his bed antidote, nothing more..." Ruby told herself every night after Ethan, her husband, took over her body. Married because of a contract, she was full of expectation, but he showed all his disgust. "I can do THAT to you, but you're not allowed to conceive my baby." "I will never love you. Don't be so dramatic." "After the contract is void, we have nothing to do with each other." Those words were all he had for her. What's more, she completely knew nothing about him, and when she called him, it turned out to be another woman who answered. From that moment on, Ruby realized they were just strangers sharing one bed. And having been indifferent for three years, she finally asked, "You hate me, but why don't you let me end our contract marriage?"
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In the middle of the night, Ruby seemed to be immersed in a dream.

"Woo" Pain made Ruby open her eyes.

She realized that it was not a dream.

The man, who originally came back only once a week was pressing down on her. In the warm yellow lights, his naked upper body flesh texture was clear, with the slender arm, and he looks extremely aesthetic.

"You're awake?" As Ruby looked at him in a daze, the man's voice was low but cold.

Sleeping with each other seemed not like love, but routine.

The next day, Ruby woken up by the sound of the car downstairs.

She hugged her blanket and sat up from the bed, stunned for about ten seconds, hearing the sounds from the kitchen, she ran out of the room and saw a slender figure working in the kitchen.

The man in casual clothes had a slim waist and long legs. He looked thin but didn't look weak like he did last night.

Thinking about what happened with them, Ruby blushed, feeling a little awkward.

What was she thinking in the morning!

After finishing cooking, Ethan came out and saw Ruby in the nightgown, “Go and get change” He said with a frown.

"Oh, okay." She looked down at herself, then ran towards her bedroom quickly.

After washing up, Ethan was already eating breakfast at the dining table. She came and sat opposite to him.

In front of her was a tempting sandwich and fried eggs, Ruby ate them in small bites. Both of them focus on eating with only sound of knives and forks can be heard.

Ruby was already used to this kind of life.

After eating, Ruby held the plate to the kitchen and kicked the door by accident when she came out, and the pain made her breath deeply.

Seeing that, Ethan took the bandage from the cupboard and gave it to her.

"Thank you." Ruby knew that he was always cold, but there’s still an indescribable feeling in her heart.

If a woman were injured, their husband cared for them and see if it’s serious except Ethan, they are like two strangers living under one roof.

Without saying, he just turned around and put his jacket on.

It’s true that some men were charming and powerful in suits naturally, especially with a slender body like Ethan.

"Remember to wash the dishes. Don't leave them in the sink." By the time, Ethan was already wearing his leather shoes.

There’s only the sound of the gate closing when she reacted.

Ruby kept squatting there. If Ethan's actions before had made her feel sad, then she was so desperate just as chill invades her bone.

She knew that Ethan did not love her because he was forced to get married by his father.

She was required to sign a contract with him when they decided to get married, not just before, but after as well.

It includes that they should split the cost of living, do not have children for four years and divorced once the four years are up.

Ruby had already signed all the contracts, and she naively thought she could arouse his feeling.

Unexpectedly, all that she has done was in vain in the past three years. He was still as cold as ever.

As you can see, he had only said four words in total since last night. He was very restrained in sleeping with each other as if he was afraid she might get pregnant.

It was ridiculous to a marriage like hers.