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My Awesome CEO Daddy

My Awesome CEO Daddy



Cheng Liyue has been drugged by her husband and his mistress to spend a night with a stranger. Take this as treat, her husband divorced her and took away all her properties. She had to go abroad where she gave birth to the stranger's son. Four years later, she has become an outstanding designer and she backs to the heartbreaking city with her son. But she is still humiliated by her ex-husband's family. Till her baby son finds some connection between the richest man in the world with her...
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She felt as if her whole body was being roasted on fire.

She twisted her body like a snake, as if was bundled by something. She slightly opened her eyes and grasped an arm to get up, but her mouth was smothered by a man’s kiss.

She wanted to resist, but the man left her no chance. His palm was wandering around her soft body, igniting the girl’s most original flame, finally Cheng Liyue compromised.

Immersed in the man’s vigorous attack, the room had nothing more than gasps and groaning of hormones.

She wanted to cry for help, but a strong masculine scent came into her nose, overwhelming her.

Early morning. Golden sunlight shone through the royal curtains, illuminating all the decorations of the luxurious room. On the bed, the slim figure of a girl could be seen in the gold—edged quilt. She forced herself to wake up in her mind.

Just outside the splendid door, she saw her husband Lu Junxuan's sinister and fearsome face, as well as the shocked expression of her mother—in—law and sister—in—law by his side.

"Junxuan..."Cheng Liyue rubbed her eyes. When she mess of room, her mind went blank for a moment.

This wasn't her room. Where was she?

"Where am I, Junxuan?" she asked the sullen man at the door.

Lu Junxuan sneered, "You still have the nerve to ask me where you are, tell me, which man did you spend the night with?"

Cheng Liyue squinted her eyes as she tried to recall what had happened last night. Her last memory was drinking with Junyao in the coffee shop.

Just then, she saw her sister—in—law Lu Qingya and mother—in—law Chen Xia enter after Lu Junxuan. She spoke to her daughter beside, "Qingya, take a good picture of your sister—in—law and her lover."

"I...I didn't..." Cheng Liyue shook her head fiercely, trying to explain.

At this time, her mother—in—law Chen Xia came to the front of the bed and pulled up her long hair. "Take the picture clearly." Chen Xia said to her daughter.

Lu Qingya took pictures in interest as she sneered, "Sister—in—law, you were very happy last night!"

Cheng Liyue painfully lowered her head. As she looked at the scars on her chest that she didn’t know when she got them, a few shameful scenes appeared drowsily in her mind. She thought that it was just a dream...Obviously not.

She anxiously looked at Lu Junxuan's handsome face, only to see his cold and terrifying, sharp eyes staring at her, "Very good, Cheng Liyue, you have only been married for half a year, and you dare to cheat? I don't care who you were with last night, I want a divorce!"

After these words, he didn't look at her at all before leaving in big strides, filled with disgust.

Cheng Liyue's face instantly became deathly pale.