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Princess Drugs Him Again

Princess Drugs Him Again



She was the number one assassin and genius pharmacist in the world, but now she had become a useless coward. Why was she a half human half demon? She could tolerate half man and half demon, but who the hell were those two fiancées? If his fiancé wanted to break the engagement, he could. But he had to give him some silver to break the engagement. Poison Lady wanted to compete in fighting for the dregs. There was no need to compete, she would just sell it for the money. The two kingdoms' princes coming to propose could be considered for their money. Nuptial chapter: A man on a dragon and phoenix bed is pressing down on a woman. The woman in his arms suddenly changes. Looking at the fiery red fox on the bed, a certain man's eyes spouted fire. "Bai Li'er, transform back into me." A certain fox raised its tail and coldly glanced at the furious man with an innocent face, "I'm sorry, I didn't learn the skill of changing back."
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Above the ninth heaven, in the land of demons.

In the Six Realms, deities and demons were the leaders.

For hundreds of millions of years, the deities and demons had not interacted with each other, but today, they were gathered together within this Friend god's Eye, which was capable of exterminating gods and devils.

The weird one eye occupied the entire space, as if it could suck a person in at any time. Under the eye were two pools of water, one white and the other red.

The white pond was giving off cold smoke and the red pond was burning with flames. One ice and one fire were respectively the reincarnate places of the God Realm and the Devil Realm. If someone make them by mistake, he would lose the reincarnate qualification forever.

Atop the red and white Ice Fire Pond, the red—clothed young girl stood against the wind.

The young lady's hair flew in the air, and her clothes were in disarray. There were a few sword wounds on her fair cheeks, and traces of bright red blood on the corner of her lips. Although she is in a tight corner, she still stays her special temperament.

The flirtatious gaze swept coldly over everyone present.

"I, White Fox, hereby swear that I will never forget the grudge of killing my husband. When you see me again, it would be best that all of you vanish into thin air."

Her ice—cold, bone—piercing voice was filled with an apocalyptic decisiveness, causing everyone who was swept by her to be unable to restrain their fear.

Someone in the crowd gulped in guilt.

"It's just a small fire fox, yet you dare to speak so arrogantly. Today, I will destroy you so that you will never be able to reincarnate."

The thick black light followed his words and flew towards the White Fox.

With a "Bang" sound, the black beam of light was hit back into the original path. Someone in the crowd suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Everyone looked at the white—clothed man in surprise.

"Celestial sovereign, this woman cannot be allowed to live."

Zi XiuRan seemed to have not heard that person's words. His indifferent eyes stared at the young girl above the Ice and Fire Pond.

"Ah Li, come back with me."

The faint voice was very soft, but it carried a hint of seduction.

The White Fox turned her eyes and coldly looked at Zi XiuRan. There was not a single trace of emotion in those flirtatious eyes.

"Master, this is the last time I'll call you."

Zi XiuRan frowned, a trace of displeasure appearing between his brows.

"To me, although you do not have the grace to bear children, you have the feelings of education and the righteousness of education. Today, I will repay you completely."

A flame was ignited in the palm of her white, jade—like hand. Her small tender hand instantly turned into a sharp blade of fire. The White Fox raised its palm and slashed at her arm without hesitation.

A large hand grabbed the White Fox's hand, but it was thrown away soon.

In an instant, two pieces of flesh flew in front of Zi XiuRan.

Zi XiuRan stared at the ground blankly, an indescribable pain spreading in his heart.

Her pale face was almost transparent, and cold sweat dripped from her forehead. However, the White Fox seemed to not have noticed as it raised her red—bone arm and shook it.

"Ahh …"

The fiendish red light rushed out of her body, causing the single eye, which was as large as a copper bell, to appear even more strange.

The White Fox gritted her teeth and coldly looked at Zi XiuRan, word after word.

"The blood and flesh that you bring up… I'm returning it, the cultivation base you taught me … I'm returning it also. From now on, we have nothing to do with each other …. "

After that, she turned around and staggered step by step towards the black clothed man who was lying by the side of the Ice and Fire Pool.

The man in black closed his eyes as if he was asleep.

The White Fox curled her lips and stretched out hand to caress that sculpture—like and perfect face. In her charming eyes, there was actually yearning and love.

Reaching out her red bony arms, and she picked him up gently. Her gentle actions made it as if she was holding the most precious treasure in the world.

Standing by the side of the Icy Fire Pond and looking at the two extreme situations of fire and ice below, the White Fox suddenly started laughing wildly.

Her miserable and despairing laughs filled with the sky, floating in the air above the Ice Fire Pond and lingering for a long time

Just when everyone thought that she had gone mad, that fiery figure suddenly leaped into the Ice Fire Pond.

"Ah Li..."

Zi XiuRan rushed to the side of the Ice and Fire Pond, but he only cought a red corner of her clothes.

The bright red dress entered the flames, and the black robe entered the ice then they disappeared together.

"Today, offering my body as a sacrifice, I swear an oath that when we meet again in the future, I will definitely grind all of you to ashes …"

The vow of decisiveness in the air above the Ice Fire Pond, and it would eventually become everyone's nightmare.