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Addictive Sweety Wife

Addictive Sweety Wife



He was the fourth son of the Ling Family, who possessed monstrous power and was as rich as a nation. She didn't mind being mocked by the world. She had teamed up with him in a marriage with no real name. After the marriage, she discovered that her crippled husband was a wolf in sheep's clothing! A wheelchair and a pen, yet he had reached the top of the aristocracy. She had personally witnessed him using a thunderous method to swallow the family that had abandoned him, as well as her! Looking at the divorce agreement his wife had left him, the man in the wheelchair finally stood up with a cold smile. "The whole world knows that I'm a cripple with a weird temper. I can't be humane. If you run away, who else is willing to marry me?" She received a phone call from him across the Pacific Ocean, and her tearful eyes counted the kisses. Liar! " Before the call had even ended, his voice came through the door, causing her to tremble in fear. "Divorce is fine, unless you are willing to testify on my behalf to the entire world that I have done it!" She said, "You said you'd let me go!" He said, "I didn't!" She said, "You said that!" He said, "No!" She said, "The dog said so!" He: "…" Look, he was vicious and vicious, but his little wife wasn't someone to be trifled with either. She dared to call him a dog, so she had to pay the price! He said, "Do you know what dog characteristics are?" She said, "What?" He: "Brave, loyal, and. "I'm not full!" She: "…"
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A pair of warm arms wrapped tightly around his neck.

She retracted her soft arms and unhesitatingly kissed his lips!

Just like that, a mouthful of fresh air was sucked into his mouth, bringing with the soft and sweet fragrance of a young girl.

The man followed his instinct, sucking in everything in her mouth with the same avarice!

He used both arms to tightly grip her delicate body, and forcefully imprisoned her within his embrace.

The strong kiss brought with the power to engulf everything and mercilessly plunder their reason.

After a long, lingering kiss, he forced his eyes open.

In the direction of the light, with just that one glance, he would remember her face forever.

Remember her lips, red and swollen beyond words after her own kiss, and her enchantingly curvy body.

— — I am the dividing line between the beautiful girls saving Fourth Young Masters —

"Fourth Young Masters, we have investigated properly. The little girl who saved you in the Qingcheng half a year ago was actually the only daughter of the Mu Family. "

Zhuo Xi sat in the front passenger seat and turned around, handing over the stack of documents and photos to the man in the back seat.

Not knowing that he had interrupted the man's wonderful memories, Zhuo Xi continued to report, "It has been two years since Mu Family moved to the M City, but her homeland is actually the Qingcheng. At the end of last year, Miss Mu returned home to her homeland and coincidentally met with your matter. "

The man in the back seat said nothing.

A pair of pitch—black eyes stared fixedly at the girl in the photo as they looked at her one by one before looking back at her another.

The atmosphere was tense, Zhuo Xi's forehead was perspiring. Unnaturally, he glared at his big brother Zhuo Ran who was in the driver's seat, seeking help.

Zhuo Ran carefully observed the man's expression on the back seat of the car through the rearview mirror, and then tried to probe: "Fourth Young Masters, last time you were framed by the young, and the young fell into a reservoir. Miss Mu encountered an accident and saved you from the water, and that was only done in an emergency. Furthermore, this little girl fished out a man like you from the water. It's really not easy for her ,so do not blame her for what she had to do to save you. "

It was known to the world that there were Fourthth Young Masters that were the richest in the east of the river. However, of the first generation had a temper that was unpredictable. A stranger was unapproachable, and he was a germaphobe who feared water, making him the hardest to be served!

Zhuo Ran and Zhuo Xi had been following by the Fourth Young Masters's side since they were young, so they naturally knew that when the little girl gave the Fourth Young Masters artificial respiration last time, he also took her first kiss.

Secretly, they were guessing that the reason the Fourth Young Masters insisted on finding her for the past half year was to get even with her!

"Fourth Young Masters, although Mu Family has been here for a short time, her status is not low. Miss Mu is also the only daughter of Mu Family, if you go find her and settle the score, I'm afraid …"

Zhuo Xi stopped midway.

The man in the back seat suddenly lifted his chin, and his black eyes looked at him with a serious and probing gaze, as if he was looking at a monster. He then opened his mouth and asked, "Who said that I wanted to get even with her?"

Zhuo Ran was so shocked that he almost couldn't hold on to the steering wheel.

The last time Fourth Young Masters spoke, when was it?

It had been so long that he couldn't remember!

Facing his subordinate's surprise, Ling Lieslightly narrowed his eyes, his bright pupils shooting out a dangerous signal, but in exchange, Zhuo Xi fearlessly asked: "Then why are you looking for her … "Why?"

Ling Liewas in a good mood as he curled the corner of his lips and closed the photo in his hand. Then, he looked out of the window.

Heavy rain poured down. Even though it was a midsummer afternoon, the sky was dark and misty. The visibility through the dark windows was not high.

"I don't know."

Ling Chen spat out another three words.

The Zhuo brothers were shocked again.

Zhuo Ran suddenly changed directions, and immediately stepped on the brakes!

Following the inertia, the three people in the car rushed forward out of control. Thus, they buckled up their seatbelts, and their sharp foreheads bumped into the leather seat beside the driver's seat. However, they did not break it.

"Fourth Young Masters!"

Zhuo Xi's heart skipped a beat as he regained his senses. While complaining, he unbuckled his seatbelt and went to take a look behind him: "How did you drive?! You clearly knew it was raining, but you still didn't slow down!"

"I …" Zhuo Ran's face was also pale from fright, and he said: "Someone is charging over!"

"This is the high—speed route around the city, who can charge it?"

"There really is someone here! Why would I lie to you? I almost bumped into her!"

"Fourth Young Masters, are you alright?"

Just as the brothers were trying their best to clean up the mess, a tiny white figure suddenly crawled over from behind Zhuo Xi, and quickly slipped into the car!

That agile and agile posture was as though she had practiced it thousands of times!

Streams of water dripped down from her body, wetting the car seat and the soles of her feet. She even crawled to Ling Chuang's side, half curling up. "Hurry up!"

Zhuo Ran looked at them from the rearview mirror — —

Her clothes and long black hair were soaked by the rain, and they stuck to her body. Her figure was very good, at least as a woman, she had the reason to be proud. Her entire body was dripping water, and her face was pale. It was hard to see her expression clearly.

However, her flawless profile, her high nose, and her beautiful curved chin all showed that she was a real beauty.

She had a small bag in her hand, which she clutched tightly against her chest.

Regardless of whether it was from the expression on her face or her tender and tender skin, she was no older than eighteen years old. She looked rather pitiful.

The rain.

At such a high speed.

Blocking a car like this.

What a strange little girl!

Zhuo Xi's mouth twitched, he opened the back door of the car, to check if Fourth Young Masters was injured, it was not convenient for him.

What's more, was the Fourth Young Masters's car something that a cat or dog or someone else could ride on?

Before Fourth Young Masters got angry, Zhuo Xi frowned and grabbed the little girl's collar, preparing to throw her out!

The culprit who had suddenly rushed out to cause them almost a car accident!

"Don't! Sir, there's someone chasing after me from behind. I'll trouble you to just take me outside the city! "

As she said that, she fished out 100 tickets from her backpack and passed it to Zhuo Xi: "Taking a taxi to the city district to take a detour around the city's highway would be more than 100 yuan outside the city. I'll give you 1000 yuan, how about it?"

Zhuo Xi was stunned.

It was first because of her strange methods, and then because of her face. Why did it seem more and more familiar?

Just as the answer was about to come out, Zhuo Xi's mouth was wide open as he looked at Ling Lie.