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Love Me Fiercely

Love Me Fiercely



"What are you doing?" "F * ck …" Just as he finished speaking, he rushed forward like a wolf … After finishing her meal, she smiled as she waved goodbye. However, she did not want to lure the wolf into her arms. She said, "If you eat me, then I will eat you back. This is called not owing each other anything!" But he didn't eat it back. He ate it again, ate it again, ate it again, ate it endlessly. She was angry and shouted, "Dantès, are you done yet?" He said, "It's not enough. This life, the next life, or even the next life, it's not enough. I want to live it for all eternity!"
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Tang Taisi had dreamed of Gu Zijin, and this was not the first time he had dreamed of her, but it was the most realistic one.

An exquisite body, a charming smile, a waterfall of black hair, and an intoxicating fragrance. She was just as beautiful as she was eight years ago. She was so beautiful that made him want to commit a crime.

The desire in Tang Taisi's body soared greatly, he could not wait to embrace her, take off her clothes, and kiss her.

Ambiguous factors wantonly shuttled through the air, and the breath of desire expanded indefinitely in the air.

Tang Taisi kissed as if he had lost his , and just as he was about to enter the main topic, he heard a muffled 'clang' sound come from the side.

Tang Taisi woke up, but he did not want to open his eyes.

Amost he could have her again.

Tang Taisi was a little unwilling, as he tried to enter that dream again.

At that moment, he felt something strange in his surroundings. Opening his eyes, he saw a woman who was back to him picked the clothes which were carelessly thrown onto the ground one by one and put them on.

The woman had a slender and graceful figure, her skin was as smooth as jade, and her black hair was like a waterfall encircling her waist. Every her movement was so beautiful that it was like an art exhibition. Only judged by her back, Tang Taisi knew that she is not a normal girl.

Wait, was this still a dream?

And this woman was … Zijin?

Thinking about this, Tang Taisi jumped up from the bed as if he had been electrocuted, and rushed forward to grab the woman's wrist regardless of he had failed to hang up his body, as he could no longer hold back his agitated voice, and called out …

"Zijin, is it really you?"

As the woman turned around, her face appeared intoTang Taisi's eyes.

The woman had a jade—like nose, red tassel—like mouth, willow—shaped eyebrows, and a pair of eyes that were as deep as an ancient pond on her palm—sized face. Although she couldn't be considered a top beauty, she could still be called … a beautiful woman!

However, such a beautiful face was like a bolt from the blue to Tang Taisi.

"Who are you?" Tang Taisi's excited face became gloomy and sinister.

Although her face resembled Zijin’s about seventy percent, she wasn't Zijin. Because Zijin had already died for eight years ago, and this wasn't a dream either, so … Who the hell was she?

Faced with Tang Taisi's questioning, the woman did not reveal a bit of panic. A faint smile surfaced on her indifferent face, and she said: "Boss Tang does has a good memory. However... I like it. "

The woman's teasing caused the anger in Tang Taisi's heart to soar. He grabbed the woman's arm and pulled her forward, pressing her body close to his.

There was only a black lace bra on the woman’s top, and the gap between her chest seemed that ambiguous.

Abviously, Tang who was in super angry could not to notice that.

"Don't tell me you anything without meaning, let me ask you again, who exactly are you?"

"Does it matter who I am?"

As she spoke, she used her finger to draw circles on Tang Taisi's firm and sturdy chest. After feeling Tang Taisi's physiological response, she smiled charmingly: "Look, you're actually so sensitive? It seems like you didn't enjoy yourself last night, that's fine, we still have time. "

The woman's extremely provocative voice said, and was about to give her red lips, but Tang Taisi suddenly grabbed onto her neck, and then followed with his low and fierce voice …

"Talk, who sent you here? What is your purpose?"

Tang Taisi's threat did not work, and instead made her smile. The smile was very glaring in Tang Taisi's eyes.

"What are you laughing at?"

"Boss Tang, it's only one night thing. Everyone is just looking for a partner and having fun, you think too much?" After she said that, she took off Tang Taisi's hand that was tightly grabbing onto her neck and picked up the cheongsam on the floor, putting on the buttons one at a time at a time, then put on the 8 cm high heels,and picked up her handbag, walked to the table and wrote down numbers on a written note, then said to Tang Taisi: "Although Boss Tang's technique isn't good, but I can still enjoy your face. So if there's anything you need, you can give me a call. As long as I am free, I will come over."

Tang Taisi didn't even give Shen Xiangsi a glance as he directly spat out a single ice—cold word …


"Boss Tang, you …"

"Don't let me say it a for twice."

When Tang Taisi said this, he immediately grabbed a vase on the table and threw it towards the woman. The vase flew past her ears and smashed onto the wall, and at the same time, a muffled sound was heard and the water in it split out.

This sudden turn of event caused the woman's body to tremble and her eyes to be filled with fear. However, she forcefully suppressed this fear and pretended as if nothing had happened. She spread out her hands and said, "OK, but I will never forget last night for the rest of my life!" She turned and left, not caring about the veins on Tang Taisi's head bulging out.

As soon as the woman left the room, all her disguises collapsed immediately, and just as she was holding onto the wall and gasping for breathing, the phone in her bag suddenly rang, scaring the woman out of her wits. She glanced at the tightly shut door, then stumbled out of the room as she opened the bag and flipped open the phone, only to collide with a man who was walking towards her.

The bag and things in the bag was grounded to the floor,and she put everything into her bag so quickly and pick up the phonecall.

"Xiangsi, where are you? Are you out? If you havn’t come out, I'll call the police? "

"Three minutes."

After saying that, the woman quickly walked towards the elevator, leaving behind a name card. On it was written —

Shen Xiangsi, the lead lawyer for Jiang Shujing Lawyer's office!

After Shen Xiangsi left, Tang Taisi lit up a cigarette. With the help of the nicotine, he calmed himself down and tried to recall just what kind of absurd thing this was.

… ….

24 hours ago

China, Yan City.

A light rain was falling from the sky.

A desolate and strange atmosphere enveloped the entire Ming Qing Garden. The gravestones were erected against the background of the pine and cypress trees. Tlthough the scenery here was beautiful, the gloomy atmosphere made people want to escape, and this was a mausoleum garden. To be precise, it was the best mausoleum in the Yan City.

At this moment, Tang Taisi, dressed in a black suit, was standing in front of a tombstone. From the picture on the tombstone, one could tell that the owner of the tombstone was a woman, and that she had a delicate and pretty face, with clear and pure eyes that gave people the feeling that she was an angel that did not touch the earth. Gu Zijin.

Today was the eighth anniversary of Gu Zijin's death, so Tang Taisi's was upset.

"Zi Jin, it's been eight years. How are you doing over there? Sorry, I haven't come to see you for a long time, because I've been too busy these past few days. Only because I have to be a little busy to stop myself from thinking about you. Zi Jin, do you know how much I've missed you? "

Tang Taisi stooped down to kiss the woman in the photo, and when he raised his head, he unwittingly saw the woman in black, hurriedly walking away. The woman was wearing a black hat, and the black veil that hung down from the hat covered half of her face, but it was this part of her face that made Tang Taisi's blood boil.

"Zijin?" Tang Taisi gasped, at the same time, he chased after the lady.

Countless paths, tombstones and cypress trees were scattered across the complex and complicated cemetery, so it didn't take Tang Taisi long to lose sight of the woman. He stood in his original spot looking around, and shouted loudly: "Zijin, Zijin, is that you?"

But... No one responded.

Tang Taisi stood in place for a very long time before he finally gave a silly smile, and said: "I must be crazy to be able to see Zijin."

Tang Taisi shook his head and left.

He did not know that a pair of cold eyes were following his figure until he completely disappeared from her sight. Only then did she walk out from behind the hidden tombstone, and the corners of her mouth hooked into a sly smile. She turned around and left.