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Mommy! I Want This Daddy!

Mommy! I Want This Daddy!



She was framed and poisoned by her sister, slept with a strange man, lost her family inheritance, and was slandered as a dirty woman. A few years later, she came back with a cute and smart little boy, vowing to take revenge on the person who framed her and take back her Everything belongs to her!
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In the charming late night, on the big bed of the Suite of the Coastal(city name)International Hotel, the exquisite body of the stunning girl exudes a seductive radiance under the moonlight. The man made hurried and powerful movements, and the girl's delicate mouth made an indescribably moving coquettish groan unconsciously.

Again and again, the man seemed to be tireless, and after an unknown amount of time, the man finally reached a climax with a low roar, and the girl who had been unable to bear it already fell asleep.

Looking at the little woman's perfect sleeping face under the bright moonlight, the man licked his thin lips contentedly, took out a stack of banknotes from his handbag and pressed it under the pillow, and then got dressed and left.

Allison was awakened by the sunlight outside the window. What appeared in front of her was a messy big bed and a clear indentation on the other side. The bright red in the middle of the big bed was a reminder of what happened last night. A shy look appeared on her face.

"David? Are you in the toilet?"

No one responded, and Allison hesitated for a while. Just as she was about to get out of bed, she felt that the bones all over her body were sore and weak as if they were falling apart, and the pain like a tear somewhere made Allison gasp, and secretly slander David for what he did last night. It's just too much.

Suddenly, the door was kicked open with a loud 'bang'. David pulled Allison's step sister Avery and rushed in aggressively, followed by her stepmother Maria and Allison's classmates. Allison was startled and picked up the bed in a panic. A towel was wrapped around her naked body.

"David? Avery? Mom? You... what happened?"

David's handsome face was distorted by anger, and he raised his hand and slapped Allison's charming little face fiercely.

David's eyes widened angrily: "What happened? I'm going to ask you which man you have been fooling around with all night behind my back!"

Allison was completely stunned: "Isn't it you who was with me last night?"

Avery came over and helped Allison, who was lying on the ground, and pretended to say, "Ah, your face is swollen, sister, are you alright?"

Allison shook off Avery's hand in disgust, and looked at David aggrieved: "David, I didn't, last night we—"

David: "Shut up! You cheated on me and still want to put it on my head?!"

Maria somehow pulled out a thick stack of banknotes from under the pillow, and sarcastically said, "Tsk tsk, it's incredible, my daughter sold her first night for so much money! It must be ten thousand dollars?"

David's face was ashen: "What else can you say? Are you, Miss Allison, that nasty?!"

Allison was about to go crazy: "I didn't! I was deceived. Last night, Avery told me to wait for you here. I saw two glasses of red wine were poured in the room, I took a sip, and waited for you to come. I didn't expect that. I fell asleep when I was so sleepy. If it wasn't you last night, who would it be, and why didn't you come over?!"

David gritted his teeth: "I have already asked Avery, there is no such thing at all, she didn't know where you went after the birthday party last night!"

Allison's voice trembled: "Avery, you framed me? Why did you lie to us?!"

Avery shook her shoulders with an irrelevant look on her face: "My good sister, you can eat rice indiscriminately, but you can't talk nonsense. Do you have any evidence?"

evidence? Avery just brought a sentence, and now that Avery doesn't admit it, where is she going to find evidence! Allison was stunned for a moment.