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The CEO's Beloved Sweetie

The CEO's Beloved Sweetie


"Don't get me wrong. It's not that I lack a father, but that my mother lacks a husband." The little boy explained to Maxton Wilson, who was extremely shocked. Six years ago, he slept with a woman. The next day, the woman was still there, but he felt that she was not like the person from the previous night. Could it be that the mother of this child is the woman who slept with him? Maxton followed the child and saw his mother, Emery Martin, a delirious yet beautiful woman. As the two interacted, they became familiar with each other. At the same time, the truth of six years ago also quietly surfaced...
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In Los Angeles.

On the scene of the world's top hacker competition, the host's hands, which were holding the microphone, were trembling. "The result is out!"

At this moment, people around the world were paying attention to this match. Whether they came to the scene or the audience in front of the live broadcast, their eyes were focused on it.

"It's contestant No. 9! No. 9!" the host announced excitedly, saliva flying everywhere.

No. 9?

Was he kidding?

No. 9 contestant, Alfred Wilson, was only five years old this year!

He was the youngest out of all the contestants this year.

He removed his hand from the keyboard, took off his headset, took out a lollipop from his pocket and put it in his mouth.

He was surprisingly good-looking. His little face had not yet grown up, but he was already a monster who could bring disaster to the country and its people.

The TV microphone of the reporters was in front of them, and the cameras were flashing.

"Hey, kid, do you know that you have won the championship?"

"You're eating candy? You're still eating candy and you're the champion. Don't you think you're cool?"

"Little cool boy, why did you come to participate in the competition?"

In the face of the reporters' ridicule, admiration, or excitement, the little boy remained calm. However, when he heard a certain question, a faint smile appeared on his thin lips.

Getting close to the microphone of the reporter who asked, the boy's eyebrows became a little more determined.

"Are you asking me why I'm here to participate in the competition?"

He spoke!

Was he going to answer this question?

Everyone's attention was drawn.

"Because I want to be found by someone."

Not looking for someone, but being found by someone?

The reporters looked at each other and continued to ask, "Who is it? Kid, who are you going to be found by?"

"My father."

"Your father? Who is your father?"

Facing the camera, the little boy calmly smiled and said, "My father is Maxton Wilson."

At the same time.

At the international business summit, at the entrance of the exhibition center.

A black Maybach was parked steadily.

In the car sat a man with a graceful temperament and a stern look. His handsome face was full of eyebrows, his thin lips were tightly closed, and his whole body exuded an aura that prevented strangers from getting close to him.

His slender fingers were holding a black mobile phone, and a strange email appeared on the screen.

The content was a photo of a five-year-old boy with a line of words: I am your son.

"Boss! Please look at this!"

Davian Johnson, the secretary, handed over the tablet computer anxiously, which was the live video of the world's top hacker competition.

The little boy, who had 80% of his appearance, smiled proudly at the camera and said, "My father is Maxton Wilson."

Looking away, Maxton's thin lips curled up as he tapped his finger on the phone's screen. It was the boy's face.

"Within an hour, bring him here."

"Yes, sir!"

Davian hurriedly responded and opened the car door to get out.

What was going on?

Did his boss have an illegitimate child? And the child was already 5!

This illegitimate child even participated in the world's top hacker competition. He even won the championship! He even announced publicly that his father was Maxton.

Davian squeezed himself and smiled bitterly. Was he dreaming?


An hour later.

There were still 20 minutes before the international business summit began.

In the lounge.

Alfred was not afraid of strangers and stood upright.

Maxton walked towards him step by step with his long legs.

He looked down at the little thing in front of him.

"You said you're my son?"

Because the difference in height was too great, Alfred had to raise his head and speak.

"Yes, my name is Alfred. It's you." He paused and sneered. "I'm your son."