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Leave Me If You Dare

Leave Me If You Dare



They were bound to meet again after their coincidental kiss that night. They agreed to sign a marriage contract. They swear not to love each other. Bill Sky, the hottest and the most handsome of SKY Corporation is in dire need of an instant wife to present to his parents. Jane Foster is the perfect candidate. A woman who always wear baggy clothes with matching big eye - glasses. She is a Total Nerd! Little did he know, she is a godess of beauty. Bill Sky is the definition of a Total Freak! As the richest business man as he is, he never had any romatic relationships eversince. He never touches a woman without a contract. He only have 2 rules : No repetition and No asking for more. He has lots of women. Jane Foster knows everything about Bill's sex affairs. That is why there is no chance on earth that she will fall in love with this jerk. She disgusts him! She was cheated once never will she be fooled again. She will rather die than to fall in love with Bill. Never a chance she will put her guard down. They look very charming together infront of their parents but they hate each other everyday. Will they find love? Who will breach the contract first? Enjoy reading.
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In capital Z, SKY Corporation is the biggest company and known for its outstanding multi-billion dollars business contribution all over the world. It says "Going against SKY Corporation is like digging your own grave." Nobody dares to provoke. It's entitled the 'Ruthless King' of all business in the City. One can freely imagine to the scariest up to the wildest the 'man' behind the title. That is no other than Bill Sky.

The brain behind the 'Ruthless King' corporation. The cold, domineering CEO of SKY Corporation.

Being the 1st is the only term in his dictionary. Saying "NO" is an immortal sin to him and deserve to be punished. "YES" means winning and it is the only answer he wants to hear in this world that is why he is always leading on everything. Bill never loses in any business dealings. At the early aged of 5, he had already his own office in the company where his dad, Ed Sky, trained him to be the next successor.

Bill Sky is the only child of his father and mother, Kelly Sky, that is why there is no room for growing and doing like the normal kids. At his very young mind his dad already instilled his great responsibility to the company and to the thousand employees they have. After his study abroad, he managed SKY Corporation and made triple profit in just 1 year and more even high to its 2nd year and to the present.

As for him 'business is everything' and 'everything is business'. Other than that, there is no other rule. That is how he works. He is born a ruler but one can say the most handsome ruler in the planet. He has the overbearing physique that any girls would drool just to think of him. A face of an angel with masculinity. With sharp and beautiful eyes with cold expression. A top-notch bachelor that no one can afford. One can say that he got all the luck in the world. The richest and most handsome that no one can match. Too perfect that all the girls dreamt of sleeping with him just for one night or just to be hugged by him is to die for. That is why a lot of girls tried their luck just to be noticed by him but it just gave them much disappointments.

Many tried but few were chosen. But these few were bound to be just his toys. Of course, as a guy, he needs to release something from the inside that only women can do. He works hard but also fucks harder.

As a great business man of course all his sex affairs are bound with a contract. He never had a romantic relationship with someone. He forbids it. There is no way on earth he would have time for romance, there is no profit in it. It is only for slackers!

He only does one night and no repetition. You are not allowed to ask something more and broadcast anything about it or you will be sued or vanished in an instant. Those few are not just ordinaries, they were also the most prominent in their field of works could it be an actress, models and the most elites.

All of these few want to be with him forever after fucking one night but no one dares to go against the contract and somehow, they were just thankful that they were chosen and be able to experience the Great Bill Sky in bed. As for the present, Bill Sky doesn't have any problem with his so called 'sex toys' and his sex life.

His life is way too perfect under his control until one night at the Sky Villa,

" I'm sorry Mom, I was a bit late. I have some important things do in the office so I cannot leave immediately for our dinner." feeling exhausted, Bill said.

"You really look so tired my son. Come give me a hug." Kelly replied. Kelly is a sweet and elegant woman. She is so loving and very supportive to her only son. She only wants the best for him. She imposed to have a family dinner once every month so she could see her son because she knows very well her son is very workaholic and doesn't find time to visit them if it's not for some occasions like her birthday or her husband's birthday there's no way they can see their son.

"Don't worry you are just in time. Your Dad is waiting for you in the study room. Go and check him out." Kelly added.

" Okay, I'll be heading now." Bill replied.

In the study room, Ed is sitting with a folder in his hand. One can easily tell that he is seriously waiting for his son to enter his study room.

"Dad, I'm here." Bill uttered.

Ed turned his head to him and nodded acknowledging his presence, pointing the sit in front his table.

"Have a seat." Ed said with the serious and sad hint in his eyes.

Right that very moment, Bill already knew something isn't right. He knows his dad very well. He is his father. They share the same temperament. Ed has a very strong personality that can easily intimidate everyone around him. He is the founder and the Chairman of Sky Corporation.

Bill felt so odd upon seeing his father state right now and can't help feeling annoyed he uttered, " Dad, let's stop beating around the bush, what is it?"

Upon hearing his son's words, Ed raised the folder from his hand and give it to his son. "See it for yourself."

Bill immediately took the file and read it.

Right that very moment he was shattered. He paused and look at his father, assessing calmly just like in the business "panicking is no use', then he said "Let's get an immediate surgery then abroad" holding the medical record of his father which state the detection of tumor in his brain that grows rapidly, he was upset but, there's no way he will show it in front of everyone especially to his father.

Just when Bill was about to dial his secretary on his phone, Ed stopped him and said, " You are not getting older Bill, you need to have a successor. I cannot die peacefully if you are not settled. It's time for you to get a wife." As expected, his dad will smoothly cut the chase using his medical condition.

" No one will die Dad, my secretary will arrange your surgery soon. As for my wife, you are well aware that I don't have time for it. " Bill firmly retorted.

"Listen to me son, I know you are me. You devoted your time for work and shouldered a big responsibility for the company but look, look at me, I'm sick Bill. My life is not in my hand now. I can die today or tomorrow. But I'm happy because there's you! You've proved you worth a long time ago and I am proud of you. We are very proud of you indeed, but you are our only son, we cannot just let you work in this lifetime. Have a life son!" Ed just don't want to give his son a chance to make brief excuses.

"I already have a life, and I'm happy with it, everything is under my control dad, too much worry about me will cause you harm." Bill replied.

"We'll then if you already knew worrying about you will cause me harm then do what I say. And you know pretty well that I will not take 'NO' for an answer." Ed continued.

"You only have 2 choices son. You choose your wife or we will choose your wife. It's up to you! You know Jane Foster, she is coming back next week from abroad. She is the daughter of your Mom’s best friend and Uncle George. They are prominent family. She’s also an achiever like you, I think and your mom that she is quite a match. Think about it, if you cannot introduce us your woman this week consider Jane Foster as your registered wife. I will use all my power to register your marriage legally. I don't have the luxury of time Bill. Once and for all I want you to see settled before I die. I want to see how my grandson looks like. Do you understand?" Ed knows very well that no one can threaten his son. In the business world, the person who dared end up always kneeling at him.

Ed just took his chances using his medical condition and as a father he is true to his every word to his son. He would refuse to die if he had to but it's beyond his control anymore, he cannot just watch his son being married to his work.

Ed regretted that he trained his son extremely into managing his business to the point of setting aside true emotion such as 'love'. He couldn’t see any weaknesses of his son and never did he bring a woman or introduced someone to them in his 28 years of existence.

"Okay! To end this argument, I will bring you my woman two days from now." feeling a little bit annoyed he didn’t want to go far to this discussion and wanted to end this as soon as possible.

He is the ruthless CEO there is no way he couldn’t handle this very simple matter. Just to make his father happy he would end the argument and satisfy him with his answer. At the back of his mind, he is thinking ahead who will he bring to his parents. Of course, he couldn’t choose within his sex toys.

Satisfied with his son's answer Ed finished the discussion with a smile forgetting his illness. "We will be looking forward to it son after 2 days you may consider Jane Foster."

Jane Foster, he just saw her when he was 11 and she was 8. She was a good pianist indeed. She performed on every family’s gathering and all his relatives including his mom and dad were so amazed by her talent. No wonder they like her very much to the extent that they want this girl to be his wife. ‘No way!’

As far as he remembers her, she’s so dumb clumsy. He hated the fact that she was the reason why his favorite toy robot broke into pieces. This toy robot played a very special part in his heart since it was given by his late grandfather when he was 5 years old. His grandfather is the only person he considered as his best friend. He spoiled him a lot secretly. When his grandfather died, Bill was 6 years old at that time. Young Bill cried the whole night hugging his toy robot to sleep. It took him a year to accept that his grandfather wasn’t with him anymore. Until now, when thinking of him makes him feels sad.

After the incident he never seen Jane Foster again and he never wanted to see her again. He bears this hatred in his heart for a long time toward this girl and now they want her to be his wife. ‘Fucking No Way!’. He cursed.

He just left with 2 days.’ There is no money can’t do. ‘He thought. He can pay with any amount of money just to get rid of this troublesome Jane Foster. He has nothing to do with her.

After the dinner, Bill went to ‘Luxury Bar’ to have a drink. He called his two cousins, Marcus and Gab to accompany him. He is never been frustrated like this before. He thought it is just a simple matter but turns out to be a complicated one. He is Bill Sky, he closes multi – billion-dollar business dealings almost every day.

How on earth his going to let this matter interfere his life? ‘No fucking way!’